Carolyn Hax: Facing down a gluten-free gladiator

For concision and precision in describing Barack Obama&rsquos abruptly ambivalent relationship with his singular &mdash truly, his single &mdash achievement, the laurels go to Rep. Stev

Carolyn Hax: Facing down a gluten-free gladiator

For concision and precision in describing Barack Obama&rsquos abruptly ambivalent relationship with his singular &mdash truly, his single &mdash achievement, the laurels go to Rep. Steve Scalise (R-La). After Obama&rsquos semi-demi-apology for thousands and thousands of canceled insurance procedures &mdash an meant and predictable consequence of his campaign to liberate Americans from their childish options of &ldquosubstandard&rdquo insurance policies sold by &ldquobad apple&rdquo insurers &mdash

U.S. Attorney Ronald C. Machen Jr.

Whilst walking to the Woodley Park Metro station not too long ago, I spotted a brilliant pink indication for D.C mayoral prospect Jack Evans on a gentle pole. Below the applicant&rsquos identify, the poster mentioned just: &ldquo#faculties.&rdquo To which I responded: #facepalm.

Evans, or more most likely his marketing campaign workers, has also developed symptoms proclaiming &ldquo#positions&rdquo and ­&ldquo#safestreets,&rdquo presumably to catch the eyes of younger voters savvy to social media. If the messages realize success, nonetheless, I&rsquom guessing it will be for the improper purpose &mdash since they show no understanding of how &ldquohashtags&rdquo really perform.

I don&rsquot suggest to choose on Evans. His indicators are part of a significantly a lot more pervasive trend. (Do they even make prospect podiums with out hashtags on them any longer?) Modern advertising&rsquos use of hashtags has reached a position of desperation.

Ronald K. Goldman, a former tennis winner who turned head of K-B Theatres, his family&rsquos after-dominant, now-defunct chain of Washington area movie houses, died Nov. 13 at his brother&rsquos home in Bethesda. He was 70.

The lead to was thyroid most cancers, stated his brother, Robert K. Goldman.

Ronald Goldman, one particular of the best tennis players to emerge from Washington in the sixties, was one of the nation&rsquos leading-rated men&rsquos gamers and won invitations to international tournaments. He was inducted into the athletic corridor of fame at his alma mater, Georgetown University. He gained a legislation degree before becoming a member of the household&rsquos theater business in the late nineteen sixties.

The K-B chain took its name from Fred Kogod and his brother-in-regulation, Max Burka, who began the company in the mid-1920s. Kogod was Mr. Goldman&rsquos grandfather. Above the many years, K-B turned a single of the area&rsquos greatest independently owned chains, and its MacArthur Theater in the District turned a notable exhibitor of British films and &ldquoart movies.&rdquo

By the late 1970s, K-B was wholly owned by the Goldmans, with Ronald Goldman as main executive and his father, Marvin, as president. Ronald ultimately took above and carried on the tradition of exhibiting and distributing European films in the United States, notably the French strike &ldquoThe Return of Martin Guerre&rdquo (1982). As K-B confronted competitors from theater conglomerates in the eighties, the Goldmans began selling off the MacArthur and other theater properties.

The Goldman family marketed most of the K-B theaters in 1992 to David Krasnostein, a lawyer from Australia, and Florida-primarily based investor Jack Burstein. The new proprietors suddenly shuttered operations in 1994.

Mr. Goldman kept possession of two Annapolis multiplexes for a number of a lot more several years and owned a multiplex in Calvert County, Md., at the time of demise.

Ronald Kogod Goldman, a indigenous Washingtonian, was a 1962 graduate of the non-public Sidwell Close friends College in the District, a 1966 graduate of Georgetown and a 1969 graduate of American College&rsquos law school.

He experienced been divided for about a decade from his wife, Nancy Bailey Goldman, who life in Myrtle Seaside, S.C. Besides his spouse and his brother, survivors include two children, Melissa Goldman of Oakland Park, Fla., and Chris Goldman of Myrtle Beach front his father, Marvin J. Goldman of Bethesda a sister, Caroline Goldman-Cassagnol of Santa Fe, N.M. and a grandson.

Early in his job, Mr. Goldman was govt producer of blaxploitation films that integrated &ldquoSweet Jesus, Preacherman&rdquo (1973), starring Roger E. Mosley &ldquoThe Black Gestapo&rdquo (1975), with Rod Perry and &ldquoBrotherhood of Dying&rdquo (1976), showcasing ex-Redskin Roy Jefferson.

Mr. Goldman employed Jefferson and a bunch of other Redskins to act in &ldquoBrotherhood of Loss of life,&rdquo the story of Vietnam War veterans who return to their house in the South and battle the Ku Klux Klan.

&ldquoI knew some of the Redskins, and I believed they had marquee worth and have been almost certainly as very good actors as the actors in &lsquoSuperfly,&rsquo &rdquo Mr. Goldman informed the Washington City Paper in 2005, &ldquoso I figured this would make some income.&rdquo He held the budgets limited, and his initiatives seemingly paid off.

&mdash Adam Bernstein

BEIRUT &mdash Seven Islamist Syrian rebel teams merged Friday in the newest in a string of consolidation tries, reiterating that their endgame is the environment up of an Islamic point out.

The new Islamic Entrance &mdash formed as the beleaguered opposition ­presses for funding from the Persian Gulf &mdash provides jointly tens of thousands of fighters, perhaps creating it the greatest rebel drive in Syria if the announcement is followed up by unification on the floor. The group, nevertheless, conceded that the merger will be gradual.

The repeated efforts to unify Islamist factions have occur as the military opposition to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is being concurrently squeezed by al-Qaeda-linked ­forces from the Islamic Condition of Iraq and Syria and by Assad&rsquos troops, which are backed by militants from Iran and Lebanon&rsquos Shiite Hezbollah movement. For the earlier 7 days, the rebels have been battling to repel a govt offensive in the hills in close proximity to the Lebanese border that is threatening important source routes. ­Clashes continued in the spot Friday, according to activists and fleeing refugees, who have surged into Lebanon.

&ldquoIt was essential to face this unity of theirs with a unity of our very own,&rdquo Abu Eissa al-Sheikh, leader of the new entity, said of Assad&rsquos forces as he introduced the team&rsquos development on Al Jazeera. &ldquoThis impartial political, military and social formation aims to topple the Assad routine .&thinsp.&thinsp. and develop an Islamic state.&rdquo

The team incorporates Jaish al-Islam, which was shaped in September, as properly as the potent Tawheed Brigade and the Salafist Ahrar al-Sham. It notably does not consist of Jabhat al-Nusra, an al-Qaeda-connected team that was portion of the Islamic Alliance, also announced in September, that Friday&rsquos announcement appeared to supersede.

Omar Abu Yasser, a spokesman for Jaish al-Islam, explained the new group will &ldquohelp positively in organizing donations.&rdquo

&ldquoThe door to be a part of is open up to all the jihadists who want to combat the Syrian routine,&rdquo he included.

The announcement follows an abnormal screen of general public dissatisfaction by Saudi Arabia this thirty day period with regard to U.S. policy in Syria. Its suggestion that it would go it on your own in backing the rebels prompted an crisis fence-mending go to to the kingdom by Secretary of Point out John F. Kerry.

In an analysis released final month, Yezid Sayigh, senior associate at the Carnegie Center East Middle in Beirut, described the surge in Islamist unification initiatives as &ldquodriven by the expectation of exterior funding.&rdquo

Charles Lister, an analyst at IHS Jane&rsquos Terrorism and Insurgency Centre, mentioned the new Islamic Front appeared to be mainly an try to centralize militarily and politically, but he extra that &ldquoit is very very likely that this transfer will consequence in additional funding from Gulf states.&rdquo

Lister described the group &mdash which he approximated will provide jointly at the very least 45,000 fighters &mdash as an &ldquoextremely substantial advancement&rdquo that further undermines the Western-backed Supreme Navy Council and its political arm, the Syrian Opposition Coalition.

Its development is also predicted to elevate concerns about the relevance of U.S.- and Russian-brokered peace negotiations amongst the Syrian government and the coalition, as the latter&rsquos presently-limited influence proceeds to erode.

Sheikh, the group&rsquos chief, currently heads Suqour al-Sham, an additional Islamist physique becoming a member of the Islamic Entrance. Abu Omar Hureitan of the Tawheed Brigade will be his deputy, and Zahran Alloush, the head of Jaish al-Islam, will guide its armed forces division.

Ahmed Ramadan contributed to this report.

Tailored from a latest on-line discussion.

Pricey Carolyn:

My sister-in-legislation just lately identified, not by talking to a physician, but by her possess selection, that she is allergic to gluten. She minimize it out of her diet program and promises that she feels one,000 % much better. I&rsquom really happy for her, but .&thinsp.&thinsp.

I do not believe I am allergic to gluten. And I&rsquom obtaining extremely resentful of her declaring that almost everything that&rsquos incorrect in my life is because of to consuming it. If I&rsquom fatigued, it&rsquos since I didn&rsquot slumber effectively very last night (and again, my sleeplessness is not thanks to taking in gluten!). If I have the sniffles, it&rsquos since I&rsquove been all around individuals with colds, not because of to my diet plan. I have tried out telling her firmly that I don&rsquot have a gluten allergy, and my partner also advised her to knock it off, but practically nothing appears to make a dent in her crusade.

What can I do or say to get her to go away it by itself? If it can make a variation, I think it&rsquos silly that she self-identified, but I haven&rsquot stated so to her, and if she truly feels far better, then, wonderful.

Gluten Police

Resentful? Not just irritated?

She found a hammer, so everything seems to be like a nail, and that issue may predate even gluten. If it assists, you&rsquore finding up a hammer your self: an impatience with what you understand to be nutritional fads.

To offer with an individual&rsquos fixation, your choices are constrained to riding it out, steering clear of it/her, batting it away with light humor &mdash or getting it severely. Why not, right? It&rsquos just foodstuff. Listed here&rsquos a hyperlink I found helpful, ( ), talking about gluten and generating a good scenario for going straightforward on the self-diagnosers.

Yet another why-not-proper? suggestion is to quit telling her &ldquothat I don&rsquot have a gluten allergy,&rdquo given that that&rsquos just fighting 1 false certainty with yet another. You haven&rsquot been tested either, presumably, so try this tack as an alternative: &ldquoI listen to you, and realize you really feel strongly and want to support. I feel this matter is coming among us, though, far more than my diet program comes in between me and good health. Is there something I can say to put it to rest for good?&rdquo

May possibly not help, but at the very least you&rsquoll have a &ldquolast word&rdquo on the document, releasing you to say things like, &ldquoThis is me strolling absent from this conversation topic .&thinsp.&thinsp.,&rdquo preferably with a smile and a wave, as you go away the place.

Hello, Carolyn!

How do you locate the line among compromising and settling? When is it really worth placing in effort and power to tackle difficulties and when is it much better to just walk absent? I&rsquom pondering about this in relation to intimate relationships, but it also looks applicable to function, platonic friendships and loved ones interactions.

Compromising vs. Settling

The key to a good decision: a clear-eyed assessment of how effective the &ldquoeffort and power&rdquo will be, how long you&rsquoll have to hold at it, and how open you are to the concept of preserving that level of operate indefinitely/for the relaxation of your lifestyle. Also valuable is not becoming blinded by wishful pondering about what you have and where factors are headed.

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