'Mipsterz' 'Somewhere In America' Video Showcases Muslim Hipster Swag; Sparks A Passionate Discussion

"Someplace In The united states," these fierce and fly Muslim women rule the urban landscape on skateboards, in superior heels, and in hijabs, to the beat of a

'Mipsterz' 'Somewhere In America' Video Showcases Muslim Hipster Swag; Sparks A Passionate Discussion

"Someplace In The united states," these fierce and fly Muslim women rule the urban landscape on skateboards, in superior heels, and in hijabs, to the beat of a Jay-Z soundtrack.

They are "mipsterz," or Muslim hipsters, according to the Fb page, which describes them, among other things, as:
A Mipster is a person who seeks inspiration from the Islamic tradition of divine scriptures, volumes of information, mystical poets, daring prophets, inspirational politicians, esoteric Imams, and our fellow human beings hunting for transcendental states of consciousness. A Mipster is an ironic id, one that serves additional as a perpetual critique of oneself and of society.

Abbas Rattani and Habib Yazdi of Sheikh & Bake Productions unveiled the visually arresting video, which has sparked a greater discussion about what it implies to be an American Muslim female.

Reactions have been mixed, with some obtaining the video problematic for its concentration on the visual appearance of the trend-forward women that star in the film, between other factors.

Kaouther Ferjani @SanaSaeed this is just sad. Advertising and marketing 'palatable' and interesting hijab to present we're not that diff screams insecurity & not progress. I do not December two, 2013 3:eighteen am via Twitter for Iphone Reply Retweet Most loved

JilanBakrArmstrong #Hijab isn't a style assertion it is a assertion of how we reside our daily life.#Mipsterz December 2, 2013 11:34 pm by way of Twitter for BlackBerry® Reply Retweet Preferred

I am not here to move judgment on anybody, no matter whether it is a female who struts the streets with no dresses or a female who walks in black from head to toe. But I am right here to choose a development that is pairing “swag,” “hijab,” and empowerment in a tightly wrapped bundle that conceals what hijab genuinely encompasses. The females in this video clip are powerful and demand from customers respect. The trends this video clip echoes are not. -Fatima Waseem The system of producing ‘normal’ is also stripping us, specifically women, away from central parts of our religion. The Mipsterz video clip is tough to tummy for so quite a few because it throws the increasing Islamofashionista lifestyle into your encounter. Catwalk completely ready, catwalk strut and catwalk ‘tude seem to be so antithetical to what we know and expect, in some cases zealously, as Islamic modesty. This is not about policing what we don and how or about casting judgment, but about the type of society we’re generating for Muslim women’s gown that is no diferrent than the pictures and life sans hijab we criticize. -Sana Saeed

The use of Jay-Z's uncensored lyrics has also been criticized, even though a clean up model has also been produced.

imeanking Vulgarity and obscenities portray the audio backdrop? #Mipsterz December 2, 2013 seven:fifty two pm through web Reply Retweet Favored

But other folks are applauding it for its aesthetic natural beauty and depiction of Muslim gals as modest, neat, and exciting.

Nur Aydin These #Hijabis are further than brilliant! Somewhereinamerica #MIPSTERZ that includes @NTagouri @marwaatik and @IbtihajMuhammad http://t.co/pwZ4VUutjl November thirty, 2013 7:39 pm by using world-wide-web Reply Retweet Favored

Fatima Hassan Shattering assumptions and wanting fierce! #mipsterz http://t.co/xGMgHOH1ov November 30, 2013 five:11 pm by using world-wide-web Reply Retweet Favourite

Twitter is abuzz above the #Mipsterz dialogue, and some are urging many others not to go judgement so quickly.

amz. We are hurting each and every other so considerably proper now by in excess of generalized view/perception of a online video. Converse DO NOT attack. #mipsterz December 2, 2013 11:47 pm by way of Twitter for Apple iphone Reply Retweet Preferred

One particular reaction to the online video will come from a person of the ladies essentially in it, Noor Tagouri, who wrote on Fb:

I enjoyed observing the great senses of trend and recognizing faces of people who I admire. I get it. This song is just not particularly proper, and I do imagine the tune option is the key rationale several folks were being thrown off about it. If it truly is the way girls are dressed in their hijab, then, you seriously need to have to just take the fact that hijab is a particular choice and everybody interprets it in a different way. Would it have been better to see an even Additional array of hijabis? Almost certainly. But the video clip arrived out and even though there was/is substantially criticism, there is also a lot of excellent feed-back, esp from people who seen hijab as "oppressive" and disempowering. So, I have resolved to choose the beneficial from this video clip and go away the damaging.

And beginning significant discussions is usually worthwhile.

Sana Saeed Looking at some wonderful conversations on the #Mipsterz video and representation - grateful to the creators of vid for this, really. December two, 2013 10:fifty eight pm by way of net Reply Retweet Favored

This is to a voice in full coloration, to the abundant tapestry of our collective practical experience, to the embraces and the rejections and all that lies involving. Here is to a room brimming with the audio and verse of a thousand cultures. Here’s to fostering a honest, loving, caring neighborhood who values you past the corporation emblem on your organization card (if you even have a person). A network of Muslim hipsters who occur and learn and improve collectively, and often just kick back and chill for a while as we model out and allow our awesome vitality fill the environment with awesome. -Mipsterz

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