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The advantages of PDF

The first is, of course, independence of platform. It does not matter what computers are in the offices of your partners and which operating systems they use. It does not matter what kind of software is installed for reading PDF files. In any case, they will be able to see and print the documents exactly as they are needed. While using the Word Document format it is highly desirable that both sides of the exchange use the same version of the software. At the latest, you always can convert files from one to another, from PDF to Word, for example. To be honest, the problem with the versions of the programs for reading the files is also relevant for the PDF. However, you need to consider that this software is free. The new version, if it necessary, can always be downloaded from the Internet. I’ll open little secret to you - if you have no opportunity to download a program from the Internet, just convert your PDF to Doc online and then edit. 

The second advantage of the PDF format is free software for viewing the files stored in it. Anyone or any company can freely download Acrobat Reader from the Internet and use it to work with electronic documents. Especially it is good in the case when one-sided information exchange is necessary. If you want to edit PDF, you can use an online converter. It allows to convert up to 15 PDF to Word in one hour. 

The third advantage of the PDF format is the security while transferring files to partners or customers. The documents created by Microsoft Word often become carriers of various viruses. In addition, sometimes it is necessary to use the built-in protection against unauthorized access in electronic documents. The PDF format has some advantage, as its specification was investigated by many independent software developers and information security experts who confirmed the absence of vulnerabilities. 

There is one more advantage for the PDF format, the fourth. PDF is standardized by ISO (International Organization for Standardization) for the archival storage of electronic documents and for the exchange of information between companies. In addition, representatives of Adobe said that they are going to transfer the specification of the latest version of its format to the public organization Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM), which intends to promote it as a general international standard for the implementation of electronic document management. If this plan will be realized, the use of PDF technology for electronic workflow will be regulated around the world. 

This is a summary of the advantages if you are comparing PDF to Doc.

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