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Trump offers his wife Ivana to be Ambassador of the United States in the Czech Republic: "If you want It is yours"

"Ivana, if you want I'll give it to you," President Donald Trump told his former wife, Ivana Trump, about the position of U.S. ambassador to the Czech Republic. The first woman of the current president explained this Thursday during an interview with the CBS channel in which she also said that she talks with her ex-husband once a week and encouraged her to continue tweeting. "I've just been offered to be the ambassador." But I like my freedom. I like to do what I want, go wherever I want with whomever I want. And I can afford my lifestyle. Why would he say good-bye to Miami in the winter, farewell to Saint-Tropez in the summer and Farewell to spring and fall in new York? "I have a perfect life," argued the woman, raised in the former Czechoslovakia. Ivana married Trump in 1977 and the couple divorced in 1992. She is the mother of three of the president's children: Donald Jr., Ivanka and Eric. Despite his rupture over the infidelity of the tycoon with Marla Maples, who eventually became the second woman, and her accusations for rape, Ivana and he maintained contact as he explained. In her weekly conversations, Ivana has told her to keep her habit of going to Twitter to communicate with the citizens. "I've told you I think you should keep tweeting." It's a new form, a new technology. "And if you want to send a message without being twisted and manipulated by the New York Times, that's how you should do it," said Ivana in the same interview, which will be broadcast this Sunday. "He's a Tuitero president." Since arriving at the White House, both critics and members of his administration have expressed a desire for the president to limit his activity on the social network, in which he is accustomed to criticizing or insulting media, politicians or leaders from other countries.

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