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The independence nationalism and the administrators of our vows are receiving a lesson in social and political science that they will not be able to forget in a long time. Finally, unupdated populism will know what that is about the empowerment of the citizen who both handle and in such a sectarian and limited way understand. All day talking about the irresponsibility of politicians and complaining about the silent majority and suddenly Spanish citizens have become a socially responsible corporation that has begun to dismantle the Papanatada independence and demand You tell your politicians about their passivity. The thousands and thousands of bank transfers that are making citizens and companies (these Yes socially responsible) are the ones that are standing up for this coup d'etat. Almost all the citizens, almost all the Mossos, almost all the members of the security forces of the state, almost all the politicians are more sensitive to the disconnection of their ATM than to that of their identity. Finally, unupdated populism will know what is that citizen empowerment the main corporate social responsibility of any entity is to defend above all the state of Right that gives you the essential guarantees for your survival. If you have not felt it this way or if you have not dared to manifest it is your responsibility. A company, an entity, a professional college, a society of any kind cannot betray and betray the rule of law that protects and justifies them. Value is an option but consistency is not so much. Globalization of the world economy generates its problems but also its opportunities for the majority of those who live in states that even with their imperfections are modern, prosperous and democratic. Be aware of this and the options that we have the citizens who buy bottled water, we have a current account and power supply gives a lot of security to destabilizing risks of our system. The companies we buy bottled water, the entities that save our savings or provide us with light empower us with the ability to execute the actions necessary to manage a corporate Social responsibility that they do not execute or That our rulers do not attend diligently enough. There are other companies that by the type of business in which they are not have such a direct relationship with the citizens or it is not well known and can afford not to be socially responsible with capital letters and continue to remain so profile. Alfonso Villarroel is a sociologist and political.

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