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Four Self-Defense Essentials Independent Women Must Own

Statistical fact #1: one in every three women has experienced and suffered from physical violence at an early age. Statistical fact #2: most assailants are men. Danger is everywhere. You never know when, where, and how it is going to happen. You can always dream for a just and violent-free world, but it might take awhile. 

Fun fact: protecting yourself from any forms of harassment and assault is made easier. Thanks to the wondrous works of the human mind. Here are four self-defense essentials you must own and bring wherever you go. 

1. Self-Defense Keychain 

Imagine yourself walking towards your car and your instinct is telling you the man behind you is up to something. You put your forefinger and middle finger in the rings of the car key holder and get ready to defend yourself. Self-defense keychains come in different designs and shapes. They don’t look intimidating. Some are even shaped like cute kitties with hard and pointy ears. If the man assaults you, you can deliver some strong jabs to the neck, rib, or stomach. 

2. Self-Defense Flashlight 

Light can save your life. It may sound metaphorical, biblical even, but we are talking about the literal light. You might be tempted to rebut, oh, the light in my phone is more than enough. Yes, to light up your path when you come back home past your curfew or to provide light under your car seats to retrieve the wallet you dropped. But what if, you’re on a dark street, and there is some creep lurking behind you? What would you do? Self-defense light is your saver. Most self-defense flashlights come with low and high lights. Assailants use darkness as a camouflage. With a flashlight with you, you can see your surroundings. And if the person runs toward you, you can blind him using the high-light option of your weapon of choice.

3. Pepper Spray 

Nothing beats the classic pepper spray. It requires no martial arts training to press the spray button. This personal defense gadget works best when the assailant’s face is bare---no sunglasses, no cap, no hoodie that can block your aim---his face and eyes. Pepper spray is powerful and potent. Your assailant will scream in pain once the chemical does its work. And once he is nursing his own pain, you distance yourself from the offender so he can’t grab and choke you. You have ample time to run away or scream for help. 

4.  Tactical Pen 

It looks like your regular pen, but it functions way better and cooler than your ordinary pen. A tactical pen is made from aircraft aluminum material, ensuring its durability and strength.

When used properly, it can temporarily paralyze your attacker. This comes handy when danger is just a breath away. Just like a self-defense keychain, tactical pen works best when you have some punching skills. Aim at the attacker’s pressure points such as the soft section right below the ear or the groin area. 

The world might be unfair and unjust. But you can always face it prepared and confident. Go, empower yourself with these four self-defense essentials. 

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