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An antiabortion congressman resigns in the United States after knowing that he asked his mistress to interrupt his pregnancy

In his speeches at the U.S. Congress he defended restrictions on abortion. He voted repeatedly in favor of limiting this practice. Last time was this week, when he endorsed passing a law prohibiting abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy. But his lover, Tim Murphy, asked him to stop his pregnancy last January, as indicated by some text messages obtained by the local newspaper Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. This Friday, after viralizarse the scandal, the Republican presented his resignation. "You have no problem posting your antiabortion messages on social networks although you asked me to abort just last week," yelled Congressman Shannon Edwards, a psychologist SW 32 years with whom he had an extramarital relationship. The message was sent last January 25th. "I understand what you're saying." But I've never written those messages. My employees write them, I just read them and I approve. "I told them not to write them again," answered Murphy, 65 years old. In the end, contrary to what they both believed, it turned out that Edwards was not pregnant. For years, Murphy had received large checks from the antiabortion lobbies. Religious activist organizations and family advocates had praised him for his commitment to the cause. In a speech in 2010, the Republican said that "every baby deserves a chance to live." Hunted in his hypocrisy, Murphy stated on Wednesday, following the publication of the Gazette, that he would not be presented to the post of Congressman again. This Friday he sent a letter to Paul Ryan, the head of the Republicans in the House of Representatives, announcing his resignation. "We thank Murphy for his many years of tireless work in Congress and his service to our country as a Naval Reserve officer," he said in a statement Ryan. After 14 years in the House of Representatives, Murphy will leave the post in the middle of the month.

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