Putin warns against a no-fly zone in Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin warned Saturday of his country's willingness to consider any third-party declaration establishing a no fly zone over Ukraine participation in war there.

Putin warns against a no-fly zone in Ukraine

He stated that Russia would consider "any move of this nature" to be an interference that "will pose threat to our service personnel."

At Saturday's meeting with female pilots, the Russian president stated that "that very second, they will be seen as participants in the military conflict and it would not matter who they are,"
The president of Ukraine has called for a no fly zone and lashed out against NATO for not imposing one. He warned that all those who die in the future will die because NATO is refusing to enforce it.

NATO stated that a no fly zone would prevent any unauthorized aircraft from flying above Ukraine. This could lead to widespread war in Europe.

However, as NATO members and the United States send weapons to Kyiv, the conflict has already drawn in countries beyond Ukraine's borders.

Front-line fighting is closing in on Kyiv, Ukraine's capital. Russian tactics are increasingly evil. NATO's secretary-general accused them of using banned weaponry.

Jens Stoltenberg stated, "We have witnessed the use of cluster bombs. This will be in contravention of international law."

Filippo Grandi (head of U.N. refugee agency) said that the number of people fleeing Ukraine due to the Russian invasion could rise to 1.5 million by Saturday.

The situation was described by him as "the fastest-moving refugee crisis in Europe since the end World War II."