Russia warns the U.S. about military shipments to Ukraine

According to a senior Russian diplomat, Moscow will see Ukraine's delivery of Western weapons as "legitimate targets".

Russia warns the U.S. about military shipments to Ukraine

MOSCOW -- An senior Russian diplomat warns that Moscow could target Western military equipment to Ukraine.

Sergei Ryabkov, the Deputy Foreign Minister, stated Saturday that Moscow had warned the U.S. that it would target the delivery of Western weapons to Ukraine.


Ryabkov stated that Russia warned the U.S. about how pumping weapons from various countries it controls is not only a dangerous move but also an action that makes those convoys legitimate target."

He also condemned the U.S. sanctions on Moscow as "unprecedented attempts to deal a serious damage to various sectors" of the Russian economy, but said that Moscow will be careful to not injure itself.

Ryabkov stated that Russia does not intend to expel Western media or businesses from the West amid rising tensions. He also said that the West is not going to escalate the situation.

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