Trump tries to solve his Putin problem

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Trump tries to solve his Putin problem

WASHINGTON -- Mondays are a good day to be in Washington. Negotiations between Ukraine and Russia are underway again. ... U.S. officials claim that Russia asked for military equipment. In Washington, D.C., President Biden addresses the National League of Cities. He then hosts a DNC fundraiser. Sarah Godlewski's first TV spot in Wisconsin Senate. ... And Tom Brady's back is shared with the Bucs.

First, a note from Donald Trump: He is still trying to solve his Putin problem. However, he has not been able criticize Russia's leader in the same manner he treats his opponents.


"Do you believe Putin will stop?" It will only get worse. It's not something he will accept. We don't know how to communicate with him. Trump stated in South Carolina that he had someone to talk to with him; no one was more tough on Russia than I," per NBC's Vaughn Hillyard.


Trump said, "The U.S. should make it clear to Putin that there are two options: To negotiate peace now or to face severe consequences including a push for permanent elimination of dependence on Russian energy." (In reality, Biden has already prohibited Russian oil imports.

The former president also stated this about Putin: "It happens that a man is just driven, and he's driven put it all together."

Jonathan Allen, NBC's Jonathan Allen, writes that the war in Ukraine has created a split between Trump and Republican elites when he comes to Putin.

It also divides voters in Trump Country who want more from the United States for Ukraine. Henry Gomez of NBC writes.

Steubenville, Ohio Republican Mary King stated that she doesn't believe we are doing enough. King said, "Ask the people what sacrifice they will make." "I pray daily to St. Nicholas that the children of Ukraine are saved."

The war only served to remind Americans why Trump was impeached the first time.

"I would ask you to please do us a favor," Trump said. Ukraine has seen a lot, and our country has gone through many hardships. After discussing the purchase Javelin anti-tank arms, Trump said to Zelenskyy that he wanted to know what happened.

Trump's 2019 Speech: "There is a lot of talk around Biden's son and that Biden ended the prosecution. A lot of people want that information so anything you can do with Attorney General would be fantastic."

Marie Yovanovitch, former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine, stated yesterday that "I think that the publication of that transcript showed the universe that we had an administration willing to trade our national security in exchange for personal political gain."

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Bitzer reports that the Democratic registrations are at 34% and the Republicans at 30% respectively. One percent of the state are Libertarians.

You need to be familiar with the following numbers:

59 Percent: This is the percentage of Americans who support a no fly zone over Ukraine according to the new CBS News/YouGov survey.

38 Percent: This is the portion that supports a no fly zone, even if it leads to confrontations between Russian aircraft. It would be considered an act of war by the global superpower. A significant drop considering this new perspective.

$1.6 Million: This is how much Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt raised at a Mar-a-Lago fundraising to support his Senate bid. Per Fox News (Trump has not yet endorsed this race).

Roundup of the midterm

Trump's South Carolina rally featured two candidates that Trump endorsed against GOP lawmakers Trump called "atrocious RINOs." Per NBC's Vaughn Hillyard, Katie Arrington, who is challenging Rep. Nancy Mace and Russell Fry who is challenging Rep. Tom Rice.

Mace's campaign replied to Arrington while Rice, who voted for impeachment after the Jan. 6 attack at the Capitol, stated that Trump was "consumed of spite." According to the AP, the two have taken different approaches in their primaries.

Politico met with Wyoming voters in order to learn how GOP Rep. Liz Cheney needs support by Democrats and Independents to defeat her Trump-backed primary opponent.

Conor Lamb, Pennsylvania Representative, released a new version his first TV ad for the Democratic Senate Primary. He removed footage of Lamb speaking on House's floor that seemed to violate ethics rules.

After criticisms related to a controversial new bill limiting teaching on sexual orientation and gender identity at lower grades, Disney claims it is suspending political donations in Florida. It also prohibits the teaching of "in a way that isn't age-appropriate or developmentalally appropriate".

Ad watch: Common sense and mouthwash

Sarah Godlewski (Wisconsin State Treasurer) released her first TV advertisement today. She is running for the Democratic nomination to Senate.

Instead of targeting her primary opponents (which include Lt. Gov.), Godlewski chose to target them. Godlewski targets incumbent Republican Senator Ron Johnson.


Godlewski states at the beginning of the ad, "Dairy farms disappearing and prices up, COVID stilln't gone," And what has Ron Johnson done?" Voted against new jobs, and said use mouthwash in order to cure COVID."

The State Treasurer's Office is then run by her "common sense" approach. She tells viewers that common sense is what Washington could use. Practical ideas that help people. This is not mouthwash.

This is her first TV commercial in the crowded Democratic primary, which has already attracted $15.8 million in spending per AdImpact.

ICYMI: What other happenings around the world

Former President Barack Obama claims he tested positive to Covid.

Fla. Republican Governor. Fla. Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis is at odds in a redistricting fight with the state legislature. This battle is the latest in the state's transformation, according to Politico, "ground zero" for America's "culture war".

Reporter and filmmaker Brent Renaud was shot to death last weekend while reporting in Ukraine.

NBC examines the efforts of Alabama Democratic Rep. Terri Swell to pass the John R. Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act.


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