100,000 workers in Vilo for the end of the ERTE Covid in 10 days

Something more than 100,000 workers subject to temporary records of employment regulation (ERTE) must be pending in the next ten days of how their administrativ

100,000 workers in Vilo for the end of the ERTE Covid in 10 days

Something more than 100,000 workers subject to temporary records of employment regulation (ERTE) must be pending in the next ten days of how their administrative situation is resolved, which is now abandoned to lose February 28 the amparo that gives them the Scheme agreed by the government with social agents in September last year.

A good part of this group of workers belongs to sectors related to tourism such as travel agencies that last Friday, two weeks after expiration of the protection scheme, recorded numerous ERTE requests. Although the records of temporary employment regulation came to protect - with a massive failure in the payment of benefits by the sepe- to 3.4 million workers, a too abrupt end would leave nothing less than 100,000 people in a more work situation what committed

This is how CCOO was noticed yesterday to the government. Since the current system was deployed in March 2020, it was pointed out that the bags of workers who were on ERTE with the return to normal would have serious possibilities to end unemployment. The executive summoned the social agents to a meeting to try to find an exit to the problem. Its proposal is to follow the script approved in the Royal Decree-Law last September 28, by which ERTE Covid passes into history on February 28 and the legal framework that takes over the situation of these 100,0000 people It is that of the labor reform of December 30.

Specifically, the current tool from March 1 is the network mechanism, which allows companies to apply for measures to reduce day and suspension of work contracts for a year with quota exemptions to social security and benefits for workers Affected But two problems are given: the first is that there is no transition procedure between the two, so it could be the situation that workers and companies without activity will be homeless. The second is that, as indicated by the employers, the exemptions foreseen in the extension of the eRTE that now runs out are more generous than those of the starting system. In the network scheme, the discounts in the quotes reach 40%, and linked to the provision of the workers of training actions and the maintenance of the employment of the affected templates.

In addition, the approval of the new ERTEs for certain sectors requires a joint proposal of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Ministry of Labor and the Ministry of Social Security that must be reviewed by the Delegate Committee on Economic Affairs and the Council of Ministers.

The first step in this sense would be given if it takes into account that the Social Security Minister José Luis Escrivá said yesterday that he will propose the application of the new erte for travel agencies, where practically one in three workers has the contract discontinued. Yesterday Halcón Travel, which is part of Avoris after the merger of Barceló and Globalia's travel businesses, raised to prolong until June 30, the File of Temporary Employment Regulation (ERTE) for about 1,100 workers. The suggestion of Escrivá has been reinforced in recent days by the petition of Reyes Maroto, Minister of Industry, to protect hotel companies that have not yet recovered all their activity due to the lack of foreign clients.

The sectoral modality of the mechanism applies when processes for professional transition and transition and transition needed in a sector. The idea is that these workers may be suspended employment in a company that will hardly recover their activity, so that a training process can give them the opportunity to find employment in another business, which in turn would have as an incentive a discount of 50% in The contributions of the new employees for six months.

Date Of Update: 17 February 2022, 20:30

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