Three lustrians ago that on February 7 it became the saddest date for Queen Letizia.
At that time, the woman of the then Prince of Asturias was pregnant for six months long and what she promised to be a sweet winter for the heirs to the throne of Spain became the most difficult time.
That Tuesday, Erika Ortiz, Little Sister of Letizia, died at her home from the Valdebernardo neighborhood, in which she lived next to her daughter, Carla.
She was 31 years old, she was freshly separated from the sculptor Antonio Vigo, and she was known as the most sensible of Don Felipe’s sister-in-law.

The suddenness of the loss plunged the Rocasolan Ortiz in a pain that was more than patent in the images taken from the funeral.
In them an Letizia Ortiz was completely broken, crying disconsolate and pregnant who did not take a step alone.
From her’s arm of her mother, from her grandfather, from her sister telma or her husband, the princess needed everyone’s support to face that episode that is dying of her family history.

A great day that showed the most vulnerable Letizia Ortiz and the most human Bourbon than ever.
An unusual combination, since until then comments were very normal that pointed to a tense relationship between the former information presenter and his father-in-law, King Juan Carlos I. A tension that, of really existing, was parked for a few hours before
The harder trance than the journalist has lived so far.

Currently there is no public memory for Erika by anyone from his family, except his daughter Carla.
The young woman, who was 6 years old when her mother died, is now 21 years old and since she reached most of her popularity she has gone in crescendo.
She is currently working at the Orders of Rafael Bitter in the work Yerma.
A role with which she is demonstrating to the world the gifts of her as an actress, the professional dream she struggles to achieve for a long time.
Three years ago that Leonor’s cousin and Sofia uses her social networks to, at such a date as today, remember her mother.