2 boys are stabbed in the back of the head in Philadelphia by their mother.

Officials say that a suspect who was not identified by authorities turned himself in to police.

2 boys are stabbed in the back of the head in Philadelphia by their mother.

Authorities said that two boys were stabbed to the head and their mother critically injured in an attack in Philadelphia Sunday afternoon.

The two injured brothers were a 15-year old boy who was stabbed twice in his back and a 10-year old boy who was stabbed once in each leg and once in his head. reported NBC Philadelphia.

In her 30s, the mother of the boys was repeatedly stabbed throughout her body. NBC Philadelphia reported that she was initially listed as in critical condition, while the boys were stable.

According to the news outlet, the victims were stabbed just after 2 p.m.

The Philadelphia police refused to release any information on Monday afternoon. However, a representative from the department indicated via email that a suspect was being held and would release information once the booking process is complete.

The victims were stabbed by a good Samaritan who didn't want to be identified.

The woman said to NBC Philadelphia, "And then she was mumbling." "She said, 'Help me. Help me. She ran down the steps struggling. I said to her, "I called the ambulance." Hold on, stay there. She said, "My sons." They are my sons. I said, "I have them." They are mine. They're safe.'"

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that the stabbing took place in the city's Mayfair area.

According to police, the suspect surrendered at the 15th District Police Station and was then taken to the hospital. A positive identification was made, and the suspect was later arrested.

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