2 Pennsylvania troopers, man killed; police open DUI probe

Following the deaths of two Pennsylvania troopers, and a civilian who was struck by a vehicle while crossing an interstate in Philadelphia on Monday morning, state police announced that a driving under influence investigation has been opened.

2 Pennsylvania troopers, man killed; police open DUI probe

Trooper Martin F. Mack III, and Trooper Branden. T. Sisca were sent to dispatch a man who was seen walking along the southbound lanes I-95 near South Philadelphia's sports stadiums. James Kemm stated.

Kemm stated that the troopers arrived at 12:45 AM Monday to arrest the man and then walk him back to their vehicle. However, another vehicle was "traveling at high speed" and struck them all.

Kemm stated that the troopers were thrown over into Interstate 95's northbound lanes by the vehicle's impact. The driver was not present at the scene as the vehicle ended up on the highway's right-side shoulder. Kemm stated that other troopers arrived to assist the victims and found witnesses who tried to revive them.

Kemm stated that "right now, we're conducting an active investigation that is DUI related." In the meantime, his family has been notified.

Mack, 33 years old, enlisted in November 2014. He has been assigned to Philadelphia barracks ever since 2015. Sisca, 29 years old, enlisted in February 2014 and graduated in August.

Col. Robert Evanchick is the state police commissioner. He said that the troopers made the "ultimate sacrifice", enduring the dangers of traffic at night to help someone whose life was in danger.

He said that these troopers exemplified the core values of our department: honor, service and integrity, respect, trust. courage, and duty." "... Both had bright careers ahead and it was a saddening thought to see how their lives were cut short.

According to the Pennsylvania State Troopers Association, both troopers were organ donors. They have also donated their organs for the Gift of Life Program.

Gov. Governor Tom Wolf directed state flags to be flown at half-staff from Friday to honor them, calling it "a very tragic day for Pennsylvania" and a reminder of the heroism displayed by state troopers who "lay down their lives for all of us every single day."


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