2021 NHL Draft: 2nd round primer for the Buffalo Sabres

The Sabres should consider five players for their first selection of the second round.

2021 NHL Draft: 2nd round primer for the Buffalo Sabres

Tonight's National Hockey League performance is disappointing. It was a time when Logan Mailloux has resigned his draft candidacy, and the Chicago Blackhawks have been accused of serious sexual misconduct. To end the NHL draft in this manner was unacceptable.

For the Montreal Canadiens to select Mailloux and for the Blackhawks to try to switch the narrative to women in hockey after their sexually related accusations with Stan Bowman leading the charge was disgusting. It is fundamentally antithetical to how business is run that the Blackhawks have received no administrative leave while the investigation is being conducted. Here I am, however, about to tell the story of who will be available for the Sabres in round 2, while general disgust remains in the mouths and hearts of all who care about the league.

This has ruined what was one the most exciting days of the NHL offseason in recent memory. It's time for the NHL to do the right thing. Montreal's choice of Mailloux is not justified. Until the investigation into the Blackhawks 2010 season is completed, those who were still alive during that period should not be placed on a pedestal for promoting the league. It's as simple as that.

Raty was once the frontrunner to be the 2021 number one pick, but his stock has plummeted since then. Raty is a strong defensive player and an explosive skater, with a lot of puck skills. It begs the question: Why doesn't it translate into practice?

Scouch gives a wonderful explanation of Raty in his link. To add, Raty has always been "man without plan" when he's got the puck. Although he has the ability to avoid the defense's layers, he often does so in a way that leaves him with no options.

His inability to move the puck to the areas that would improve his production can make him very frustrating in the offensive area. He did play much better after being dropped from the Finland u20 team. He is a project. His defensive game can be used as a center and he has the skill. Although he's not an easy-to-use prospect, Raty's patience could prove to be a valuable asset in a six-man center role.

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