4 Adolescents charged in String of Chicago carjackings as Town grapples with Jagged spike

In 1 carjacking, two 14-year-old girls supposedly put a motorist in a chokehold

4 Adolescents charged in String of Chicago carjackings as Town grapples with Jagged spike

Chicago has undergone a rash of carjackings committed by underage suspects.

Two 14-year-old women involved in a carjacking put the driver in a chokehold, driven them from the car and stole the victim's personal property Wednesday, the Chicago Police Department said in a press release.

A 14-year-old boy suspected of being included in numerous carjackings -- such as one between an off-duty police officer -- and robberies involving July and this month has been arrested Wednesday after a foot chase.

He had been on electronic monitoring in the time of the arrest for another charge, authorities said. At the assault on a 38-year-old off-duty cop, both the adolescent and a 15-year-old were viewed with safety cameras employing a car taken in a different carjacking, WMAQ-TV reported.

A teenaged boy, 17, is suspected of engaging in two carjackings, authorities said Monday. He was detained Jan. 23.

The adolescent carjackers frequently function in crews and therefore are prompted by joyriding or utilizing the stolen car to commit additional offenses, authorities said. Several have been dwelling from college for almost a year as a result of closures amid the coronavirus pandemic.

In January, the police department declared 204 carjackings, according to police figures supplied to Fox News.

"We have observed a troubling number of carjacking's the previous few months at the region surrounding Riverside," Weitzel told Fox News affiliate WFLD-TV. "This offense is yelling for a regional answer," he explained in a meeting.

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