A North PP to face Sánchez

The PP barons and, after them a barrage of charges in Congress, in the Senate, in the provinces, in the town halls and in the regional parliaments have taken po

A North PP to face Sánchez

The PP barons and, after them a barrage of charges in Congress, in the Senate, in the provinces, in the town halls and in the regional parliaments have taken position in favor of rebuilding the project and leadership as the first force of the opposition And alternative to the Government of Pedro Sánchez, around President Gallego Alberto Núñez Feijóo.

The consensus around his name is practically unanimous. The Galician, which on one occasion stopped passing the train that had led him to the cusp of the PP, now has few options. The clamor in the popular ranks pushes him in flying to the first office of Genoa, a difficult destination because it is not just about replacing the leader to today, but to redefine a political strategy against Sánchez, his coalition government and the block of formations that supports him from the investiture.

Feijóo, and the team that accompanies him until the celebration of new elections, he will be able to recompose the board of opposition policy that has until now Paul married and, in recent times, he has not provided great satisfactions to the popular. On the contrary, there are few who consider that the latest political decisions in Genoa have only giving bass to the adversary, undermining citizens' confidence and even giving ground to VOX.

"Our problem is no longer the Ayusian-married war because the two may fall at the end; The most important thing, nuclear, is to define the essence of the PP with a new leader and a new project, "warns a parliamentarian former high government office.

Issues such as refusal redound to unlock the renewal of the General Council of the Judiciary; the effort on moving complaints before the Community institutions on the distribution of European funds; The decision to reject a labor reform agreed by employers and unions that only retains popular regulations; The permanent shadows on the legitimacy of the government or the refusal to support any initiative endorsed by the executive are key aspects of the PP strategy that will now have to be reviewed.

Law for more dialogue and mark a clearly differentiated Vox profile

The parliamentary group, despite being immersed in the shock, awaits a turn towards dialogue and negotiation by marking a clearly differentiated Vox profile.

It is, ultimately, to print a new direction to the party and, which is more transcendent for citizens, a new profile to opposition policy. «You have to know how to leave any way open to reach agreements, if not voters end up perceiving you as a force without more offer than pure obstruction," explains a first-row deputy with reference to refusal to support, or at least refrain, Given the labor reform.

However, Feijóo, the architect of four absolute majorities, will not be able to occupy the wedding site in one of the first lines of political combat: the Congress of the Deputies. The Galician has not been elected representative of national sovereignty in general elections. The fate of him as head of rows of the popular is sealed from the first political gallery of the State in which he will have to set position per intermediary. Probably one of the most important appointments to which the future direction of the PP is to be the debate on the state of the nation that the government does not rule out celebrating this spring.

Pablo Casado has cited the nearly 600 members of the National Board of Directors next Tuesday to approve the celebration of an extraordinary Congress that will direct the future of the party.

When is an extraordinary congress celebrated? The extraordinary congresses are summoned when the party must face urgent and very exceptional situations. At present, as in 2018 after the motion of censorship against Mariano Rajoy, the reason for the call is the choice of a new leader.

Who or who corresponds to decide his call? The Extraordinary Congress can be summoned, either by the President of the Party, either two-thirds of the members of the Board of Directors or by three fifths of the vowels of the National Executive Committee of which the PP barons are part and also the people who So far they have been part of the circle closest to Pablo Married. In case of opting for the second formula, which involves the Board of Directors, it would be necessary to achieve the support of almost two hundred members. In any case, the call must always be preceded by a debate of the Board of Directors.

What is the term for its celebration? Normally, Congress is celebrated month and a half after its call. However, in cases of extreme urgency, as the current one would be, the term can be reduced to 30 days. This assumes that the Extraordinary Congress that and forge the PP would be held at the beginning of April, since the Board of Directors is convened for next March 1.

How many candidates can there be to preside over the game? There is no limit, but whoever is presented must be endorsed by the signing of a hundred affiliates. On this occasion everything indicates that there will be a single candidacy, that of Alberto Núñez Feijóo. If there were any more, the candidates would be a fate of double-turn primaries: the first one would be soldered with the vote of the militancy, the second with that of the commitments. This second round is not necessary if, in the first, a candidate achieves at least 50% of the votes in half of the circumscriptions and exceeds at least 15 points at the opponent. This method premiered in the Extraordinary Congress of 2018 in which the commitments reversed the vote of the militancy and gave the victory to married against Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría.

Who goes to Congress? In Congress, the commitments participate, which can be born or elected. The second are many more than the first and come from the different territories attending to the number of affiliates of each and the votes obtained in the last general elections.

Date Of Update: 23 February 2022, 06:10

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