A lost baby in the evacuations of Kabul is still disappeared

"Help my friend! He handed his son to a Spanish soldier over the airport fence, the rest of the family is still out and we do not know anything about the child

A lost baby in the evacuations of Kabul is still disappeared

"Help my friend! He handed his son to a Spanish soldier over the airport fence, the rest of the family is still out and we do not know anything about the child. Please! Do something!", Prayed to this Journalist A young Afghan, in contact with one of the families that tried to be evacuated when the Taliban were made with Kabul's control. That was the most absolute chaos. Finally, that family was able to land in Madrid with the child in his arms; But another's baby is still missing.

It is called Sohail and had only two months when on August 19, according to his parents, they tried to put him safe from the marabunta, handing him over the fence to an American soldier. It was, they have assured Mirza Ali and Suraya Ahmadi to the Reuters agency, the only way to prevent the small one from crushed by the thousands of desperate who tried to flee the new government of the fundamentalists, while they fired without ton or are to placate them.

During the evacuation phase of Kabul airport, several photos showed how some families made their children pass over the walls of entry. Well to save them from forcejects and heat, well to increase their choices to draw attention and achieve the precious access to one of the flight flights, those 'children of the gate' went to become a symbol of the drama that was lived During the resounding fall of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

Progenitors believed that, being only five meters from the airfield access door, they could easily enter and meet in with the child. But it was not like that. The fragor of that site, the pushes and the shots in the air to disperse from the Taliban militants, who pushed all Doors Allende, ended with the Ahmadi and his other four children again. They eventually managed to break the safety cord and reach the takeoff track. But Sohail was not there.

Mirza Ali, who worked as a guard for the US Embassy in Kabul, says he told his situation to a US soldier. "He walked with me around the airport, looking everywhere," he recalls him. He does not remember the name of the military, as he did not have accurate references of those who rescued the baby. Thus, three agony days passed, without good news. "I spoke with more than 20 people" regrets the Father. He says that one of the officials indicated that the creature could have been evacuated.

Now almost all the Ahmadi and his anguish are far from Afghanistan. After being evacuated to Qatar, Germany and finally to the US, remain in the shelter of a military base of Texas. Mirza Ali, 35, explains that he and the woman of him, of 32, ask any person with whom they cross, especially humanitarian workers and government officials of Joe Biden. "Everyone promise us that they will do everything they can, but they are nothing more than that, promises," he regrets the Father.

Many of the people who fled from Afghanistan did to save their lives. Among them there were feminist activists, very active during the previous period. Those who for one reason or another stayed in the country are paying him with his life. The corpses of four women, including the human rights defender and Academic Frozan Safi, have appeared at an address of the city of Mazar-e Sharif, in the north of the country.

The Taliban confirmed the news this Saturday and unmarked from the murder, announcing the arrest of two people in connection with the killing. "The detainees have confessed during the initial interrogation that had invited women to their house. Follow the investigations," the spokesman for the Ministry of the Interior, said Qari Sayed Khosti. The Taliban usually link this type of murders to common crime, without targeting the work of the victims.

According to the Agency France Presse, three sources in the city of those killed have explained that women received a call offering them going on one of the flight evacuation. They would go to pick them up by car to go to the airport. Instead of salvation, they found death. According to the same medium, other activists, today terrified in Afghan soil, have received similar calls, in which they question them about their private life with the pretext of wanting to help them flee from Afghanistan.

Updated Date: 07 November 2021, 06:24

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