A phenomenal Carlos Alcaraz defeats tsitsipas, third favorite, and gives the great surprise of the open

The young Spanish Carlos Alcaraz, number 55 of the world, beat this Friday 6-3, 4-6, 7-6 (2), 0-6 and 7-6 (5) to Greek Stefanos Tsitsipas, third serial head,

A phenomenal Carlos Alcaraz defeats tsitsipas, third favorite, and gives the great surprise of the open

The young Spanish Carlos Alcaraz, number 55 of the world, beat this Friday 6-3, 4-6, 7-6 (2), 0-6 and 7-6 (5) to Greek Stefanos Tsitsipas, third serial head, And he got the pass to the fourth round of the United States Open.

Alcaraz, 18, who makes his debut in the Open, gave the great surprise, and made story being the first one who manages to reach the fourth round at the first participation of the Open, after having also exceeded the third round in the Roland Garros.

The Spanish tennis player needed four hours and six minutes to impose a better tennis from the bottom of the track and his safe and consistent serve against tsitsipas, who was always surprised by the actions of the young Spanish.

The fifth and decisive set was diluted with the tiebreaker after neither of the two players gave the serve, and the Spanish was the best again after making two point breaks at tsitsipas and placed with a partial 3-6 and three Party balls.

Although the Greek player saved the first two he could not in the third with alcaraz held by his serve and a demolished and historical hit that assured him the great triumph of his incipient professional career and also victory in the first duel with tsitsipas.

Alcaraz completed the party with 60 winning blows by 48 unforced errors, compared to 47 and 38, respectively, of tsitsipas, who could never with the aggressive tennis of the Spanish player, who was only overcome with the 15 Aces of number three of the world for two that he placed.

The rival of Alcaraz will be the German Peter Gojowczyk who exceeded 3-6, 6-3, 6-1 and 6-4 to the Swiss Henri Laaksonen in the first duel of a third round of the United States Open between two players who arrived at the table Main through the previous phase.

Alcaraz started bright with his safe blows from the bottom of the track that allowed him to do the "break" for the 0-1 after seeing as Tsitsipas committed two unforced errors and then swept with his serve for partial 2-0.

Even without time to react to the good game of alcaraz, Tsitsipas lost the third game, its second serve, not having an answer to the right-winge-waller blows of the Spanish tennis player, which placed four winners and put on the part of 3-0 , which would then be 4-0 with his serve in just 13 minutes of match.

The alcaraz domain was complete to take the set in just 33 minutes and a bright 6-3.

He could not have a better debut the young Spanish on the central court Arthur Ashe Stadium, where in the previous match his compatriot Garbiñe Muguruzahabía achieved the pass to the fourth round.

In the second he also broke the serve for the 2-0 that alcaraz expanded 3-0 with his service, but there finished the triumphant march of the young Spanish tennis player.

Tsitsipas secured his serve, better with blows from the bottom of the track and lowered unforced errors, which allowed him to recover his serve and start having control at the rhythm of play and party.

The manga fell on the side of the Greek tennis player who regained confidence in his game, something he needed in a special way for the third when he again confronted a rugging that played a great tennis and also enjoyed it in his layout on stage of greater exposure to New Yorkers and around the world.

The third set was, without discussion in more equal, in both tennis players it was given everything to take it to the tiebreaker, where again the magic of alcaraz tennis that swept tsitsigas with a partial of 7-2 demolisher after making two breaks of Point and without giving none with your serve.

The humiliation suffered made Tsitsipas left in the fourth set determined not only to stay in the party but to avenge the affront rise by the new talent of Spanish tennis and did it completely with a partial 6-0 demolience.

But none of that worried alcaraz and much less affected his moral, on the contrary he took the physical breath he needed to be able to come with energies that would be the fifth and decisive set, of a party that in the end he won and that already It has allowed to integrate completely among adolescents with the further within the ATP.

The Spanish tennis player has affirmed that his triumph had only been possible for the great support he gave him the public who was in the stands of the central court Arthur Ashe Stadium.

"Without your support, the victory would not have been possible," he said excitedly on the track at the end of the game. "His screams of him were the ones who gave me the strength to follow."

The controversial Greek tennis player again faced a hostile crowd in large part due to his long breaks in the bathroom when he confronted English Andy Murray and French Adrian Mannarino.

"I do not understand the controversy with the fans and with some professionals, simply fulfill the established rules," Tsitsipas said at the conclusion of the game after praising the good tennis of alcaraz. "I had my opportunities in the third set, I did not take the opportunity and cost me the game," he recognized.

Alcaraz, who achieved his greatest victory of his career and is on the fourth round in Flushing Meadows in his debut, was down 2-5 in the third set, but continued to press and then win it in the tiebreaker, which in the end would be decisive.

That's when the fans gave him all the support with the name "Carlos!, Carlos!" Cooped in unison by the fans who witnessed each winning blow.

Alcaraz thanked the public, absent last year by the pandemic, for "pushing me in the fifth set, without his help everything would have been different," he said.

Date Of Update: 03 September 2021, 21:22

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