A regression of Barcelona of two decades

Not even the laments served too much in the icy Allianz Arena of Munich. As much as the Barça club thought of miracles, there is no other reality than this on

A regression of Barcelona of two decades

Not even the laments served too much in the icy Allianz Arena of Munich. As much as the Barça club thought of miracles, there is no other reality than this one. That of sports precariousness. That of economic misery. Josep Maria Bartomeu led the team to ruin, also moral, and Joan Laporta has corroborated that with selling illusion is not enough a sport that has separated from a hammer to Barça de la Elite. The European subsoil is now its only place.

He has retreated the Barcelona 21 years, which is the time he carried the team without being out of the phase of groups of the Champions. Then, in that season 2000-01 the coach was Lorenzo Serra Ferrer and Joan Gascart who occupied the presidential pole. That's nothing. As now, the bluegrana team could no longer be third, behind Milan and the Leeds. And in the UEFA Cup he did not find redemption. Liverpool would close the step in the semifinals before defeating the Alavés in the final match. Of course, that Barça did not win any title. At least he managed to catch the fourth place of the league in the 88th minute of the last day thanks to an unlikely Chilean from Rivaldo against Valencia.

Serve as a mirror for this Barcelona, which sighed for remaining in the Champions, no longer because of a prestige question, but because of the problems that will lead to stop earning the 20.2 million euros with which the club intended to square its budget. An amount that had only been within the scope of having reached the quarterfinals of the tournament, which used to be the goal of minimums for the institution (9.6 million for reaching the eliminations, and 10.6 million more for the Access to quarters). Not counting, yes, the consequences for the 'Market Pool'. That is, the benefit that is divided by the clubs of each country based on its value in the television market.

Although some Barcelona director admitted between Bambalines that the passage through Europe League should also be taken into account as hypothetical access route to dispute the next Champions (for this, that yes, it should exceed four rounds, one more than in the Champions League, and of course winning the final), which hardly has a remedy is the economic bump.

Even earning Europe League (14.9 million euros would report the title), Barça would lose 5.3 million regarding what was planned to enter reached the champions quarters. Reaching the semifinals of the Europe League would only allow it to enter 6.3 million euros.

In addition, it would not be the second large European competition, a path of roses, no matter how much in the preliminary round that gives access to the eighth of the ENGO EUROPE LEAGUE, the Barça yet can not confront or the first classifieds of the eight groups in Liza , nor with those who fall bounced from this Champions, such as Borussia Dortmund de Haaland. Barça can not be a standard head, so he will play around out of home.

He also conditions the elimination in the Champions in the arduous task of expanding the margins of financial balance. Moreover now that Barça tries to strengthen himself in the next winter market without having yet been able to remove the Philippe Coutinho or Samuel Utiti chips. The hiring of the forward Ferran Torres, whom Manchester City does not intend to let out for less than 60 million euros, is now inaccessible.

The renewal of Ousmane dembélé could also be affected by the European collapse. With the extreme agent offering to his piece all over the continent and slope of a generous signing premium, he can not even guarantee Barça to the French footballer who the next season can play the Champions.

An ugly panorama, no matter how much Xavi Hernández announced at night of Munich the beginning of a new stage. Time will say if so, or if the club refuses to touch bottom.

Date Of Update: 09 December 2021, 05:59

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