A second cone grows at great speed in La Palma

The volcano of La Palma has been threatening to go dismissing for several weeks, but on the other hand it seems not to want to go with hot water. The last: When

A second cone grows at great speed in La Palma

The volcano of La Palma has been threatening to go dismissing for several weeks, but on the other hand it seems not to want to go with hot water. The last: When the main cone, with its various mouths running, began to show signs of decay and stopped pushing ash (a few hours ago even without ejecting anything about three weeks ago), suddenly the magma jet that feeds The eruption found another way to continue assembling. Other mouth more north as one who opens a new franchise, began to let go of piroclastos and, to the surprise of the vulcanologists of National Geographical Institute, CSIC and Involcan, began to ride a second cone on the west slope of old summit, the mountain range that starts on two the youngest island, along with iron, of those who form the Canary Islands. The vulcanologists, these unique interpreters of the digestions of the earth, they love to say, When the poetic branch is entered, that an eruption is a bifronte phenomenon: that a volcano destroys, yes, but also creates. For example, the peninsula of the pots, formed by the castings of the eruption of San Juan in 1949 and that today is the most fertile terrain in La Palma, which probably means in all the Canary Islands, to grow bananas, yellow gold For these lands. The same that this space was created, and as they were erected at the time the nine volcanic cones that make the palm a geological paradise and an essential beauty island reminiscent of the movie 'Jurassic Park', the eruption From this 2021 in Vaca head he has already modified the panorama where old the natives placed the Rajada mountain ravine, the place where a monstrous black cone has been raised over 250 meters high.The news is now , as geologists as Vicente Soer, from the Superior Council of Scientific Investigations (CSIC), that the eruption has generated "a second cone that expels piroclasts, next to the previous and original, which is stonbolian," that is, of a character R plus explosive.

This second cone did not enter in principle in the plans of the vulcanologists when a week ago the lava started to manar from a lower area of the main cone, on the northern slope of the volcano built so far, but "the pyroclasts are forming this second cone at great speed ... This volcano does not stop surprising us. " Vulcanologically is "a blink", as they like to say the experts. The argument of Soler is that, by means that this episode, already in its seventieth eighth day on Monday, it will be the longest that there is perseverance in the place From always, "it is important to value that, although until now the duration of each eruption was less than the previous one, it surpasses them all, which constitutes a point of inflection". This may want to say, in tenor of the argument, q EU Although three eruptions in the last 72 years seem to show a remarkable recurrence, vulcanism in the palm may be going to more. And even more so considering this new cone 'son' that comes to grow in the shadow of 'father', the uncorked on September 19.The cone, it has been formed "when the previous dike has been broken, for which it came out The lava in one direction ", and have found a secondary road not so up, a new way. The lava mana now out there, and from the primal cone, only asce and gases just come out. At least on this second exit the magna mana without explosive dynamics, but with a great fluency, which arrived at times of the week passes at six meters per hour of speed. The deformation of the land around this second cone was also important in the first days, which suggests a serious activity in the subsoil, both seismic and of gases, the true gasoline, the latter, of all vulcanological phenomenon.The inhabitants of the Aridane Valley, otherwise continue living a strange nightmare, by One side subjugated by the power of the volcano, for another horrified with its destructive capacity: until a week ago they dreamed of being saying goodbye to their eruption, the one that has marked their lives these last two and a half months ... and right now, instead From a volcano underway, they already have two.

Date Of Update: 08 December 2021, 11:07

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