A stalker, two babies, love between two of their actors ... the secrets of coffee with a woman's aroma

Since its premiere on December 29, the Colombian series Café with a woman's aroma has broken all records. According to Netflix, fiction has been seen by 301

A stalker, two babies, love between two of their actors ... the secrets of coffee with a woman's aroma

Since its premiere on December 29, the Colombian series Café with a woman's aroma has broken all records. According to Netflix, fiction has been seen by 301 million people, which makes it the third series more followed, non-English speaking, of the platform. A success for RCN and telemundo chains that, on May 25 - at its television premiere - suffered through the low audiences of production. According to People, in his first week, only an average of 800,000 people were interested in the telenovela. However, their luck changed radically when production began to be valued internationally. What's more, according to official figures, today coffee with a woman's aroma is the favorite series in 19 countries, for which all its cast is partying.

For example, during the last weeks, the Cuban actor William Levy (41) - who interpret Sebastian- and the Colombian actress Laura Londoño (33), which embodies Gaviota, have noticed an obvious growth in its social networks. Today, Londo has accumulates almost two million followers, while Levy, who has almost 20 years of career, has already managed to catch nine million, which comment on the photos of her with affectionate pyrophos or nicknames. Among them, "William Deli". And is that in an interview, published in 2021, Laura Londoño commented that the cast of coffee with a woman's aroma usually calls Levy "Deli", as a way to remind him that he is a "delight". A spectacular physicist who has the actor who has already given him some other scare.

As has reported Londoño, a harassed fan came a day at the set of the series and left everyone stunned. Except for Levy, who after recognizing the "dangerous" in love with him, became "brave". "It's a fan that came here, saying that they were lovers from small and that he owed him the race to her. And that was quite complicated, he had to call the police. And he was scared, because he already recognizes us. He said he was chased in Miami, who got into a restaurant in New York. He has persecuted him by three countries. It's a turbulent story, but I told William 'stop putting pictures on ball balls on Instagram, because this It's your fault! '", he joked Londoño, who always shows open to conversing with the press. Even about him's second maternity.

According to his own words, the actress realized that he was pregnant in the middle of filming. However, it was not because she suffered the typical symptoms of the first months, but because the costume of her character brought some problems. "I realized that Gaviota's clothes did not close me, I felt inflamed, I did not see a lot, but that was the first sign, but during the filming I was a lot of sleep, I wanted to hibernate and was hungry," he confessed in September to Telemundo, With great emotion. The same with which she colleagues received the news. Above all, Maria Teresa Barreto (33), Marcela in fiction, who was rolling the scenes of her with her daughter of a few months between cameras and coffee plantations.

"When we started, my baby was a month and a half. And once, I was recording a very long scene with William Levy and I thought 'My God, you have to take this scene already!', When suddenly I hear Belén crying over there to the bottom Adrenaline to be able to record again "and with his almost newborn girl. Despite this, according to the rest of the cast, the presence of the daughter of Barreto was never a problem. All were spectacularly well, the actors transformed into a family and, in the timely case of two interpreters, the love that had been intensified even more.

It is Diego Cadavid (43), Ivan in the series, and Laura Archbold (32) - which interprets Paula - who have been known for more than a decade, when Laura was about to appear as a candidate for Miss San Andrés 2011. As they have explained both, first were only friends. The two had a partner and, out of respect for them, they were only colleagues. However, eight years ago they decided to give yourself an opportunity and, since then, have become inseparable and melses. "Thank you for every second of pure love, for our deep conversations and those hugs from which your arm welcome you. Thanks for teaching us, we love you, to appreciate life that particular way," Diego wrote to Laura , in September, in the sign of eternal love.

In the same way, Archbold usually commented on romantic things to his lover. As "you are my favorite life partner, thank you for flowing with me" or "you are my fellow laugh, games and shows, you have taught me that to accompany it is not always necessary to talk, that is enough to be. Your hugs do you can restart me . So health for those spoken, but above all, by comfortable silences. " Although, according to the new Herald, the Tortolites has no wedding plans. Even so, Cadavid is considered "marinovio" of the girl of him. A mixture of husband and boyfriend. In spite of this, both are very professional and in coffee with a woman's aroma, they had to forget about his love. The reason? The characters of her are brothers and there could not be a glitter in his scenes.

Date Of Update: 30 January 2022, 21:59

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