A thousand evacuees and 6,000 hectares burned by the fire of Navalcruz (Ávila)

A thousand evacuated people and more than 5,000 hectares burned this Sunday constitute the tragic balance of the fire that began on Saturday on Highway N-502 (Á

A thousand evacuees and 6,000 hectares burned by the fire of Navalcruz (Ávila)

A thousand evacuated people and more than 5,000 hectares burned this Sunday constitute the tragic balance of the fire that began on Saturday on Highway N-502 (Ávila-Córdoba), between Navalacruz and Cepeda de la Mora. A vehicle began to burn at 11.00 in the morning, their flames extended along the nearby hillside and have grown to deployment in a perimeter of 40 kilometers.

Numerous Humans -500- and Materials of all administrations, including 150 Emergency Military Unit (UME), participate in extinction. Fire, declared from level 2 of danger by the Board on a scale of 0 to 3, has advanced at high speed, forcing evacuating population nuclei as a robble, where these days their 170 neighbors have become 300.

But there have also been evicted neighbors of Riofrío, Sotalbo and the annexes of Solokancho, Sobldillo and Villaviciosa. A part of them have found a temporary accommodation at the Multiple Uses Center (CUM) "Carlos Sastre" and the Congress and Exhibition Center "Lienzo Norte", enabled by the City Council of Ávila.

One of those neighborhoods of Robledillo welcomed in "Carlos Sastre" center of Ávila is Vicente Muñoz. He was going through with his family this vacation in the town, as every year, since he counts in this Solosanchnean annex with a second home that was from his parents and who had arrived from Madrid to enjoy a period of rest .

As explained to Efe Muñoz, the last night was "very long", since after going to bed over 1.00 in the morning, "people started to take the street over 3.30 in the morning because the fire passed The Sierra above "and presented almost at the gates of this town located less than 30 kilometers south of Ávila.

"Until we have evicted us, no one has passed there, it has been a complete abandonment. The people of the town is what has been dedicated to making firewalls to try not to enter the people," said Muñoz, who points out that some Neighbors have been able to return and ensure that the houses are "intact", although the surroundings of Robledillo are "burned".

In this sense, it laments the state that presents a natural environment that is accustomed to seeing since I was a child: "The Sierra is a disaster, it is completely burned."

According to his story, the flames advanced at dawn very quickly, although it points out that "at first, the fire had to have been very controllable because, it is true that a car burns, but with the temperatures we are, you have to intervene and not say which is a car and that does not intervene. "

"With the wind and the heat, that is uncontrolled and getting inside the Sierra," he has sustained, and then insisting that "it has been a situation that would initially have been controlled if there were means."

In his criticisms of what happened, he also adds the fact that "no mountains are cleaned in those who" have not allowed a lot of cattle, with which the paths are closed and access to the sites is practically closed. "

Also the mayor of Solokancho (Ávila), Jesús Martín, has assured that the Fire of Navalcruz has burned the Sierra de Locality. "It's a horrible feeling, it's all black," he described.

"They have been moments of tension, panic, of anguish, but we are in good hands," he said, to emphasize that fire has affected "some homes, straw bales, hay and livestock".

Martín, who hopes that ranchers have been able to save their persems, have warned "the enormous ecological and environmental importance" of what has been burned. He has informed that fire has affected the Vetona Ulaca necropolis, in one of the highs of the Sierra de la Paramara.

The smoke from the fire has forced the AV-900 road, between the kilometers 7,500 and 27,500 in both directions.

As reported by the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT), this way has been cut in both direction by the "dust smoke" that exists in the area and that is observed every time with greater sharpness and proximity from the capital Abodense, where the smell Smoke is constant throughout the day, reaching the city some pavesas.

The cut of this road is added to the decree hours ago at N-502 (Ávila-Córdoba), between kilometers 0,000 and 36,000 in both directions, from the municipality of La Serrada.

Meanwhile, the Fire of El Raso, in the same province of Ávila, evolves "favorably", although it remains at level 2 of danger, as reported by the Territorial Delegate of the Board in Ávila, José Francisco Hernández.

In statements collected by Europe Press, Hernández has pointed out that he worried about "great" his evolution because he was very close to Candeleda, being the satin a neighboring neighborhood move forward that had had an "easy" resolution for the "effectiveness of the operational ".

"I have been in contact with the mayor of Candeleda and with all prudence we can say that it is a fire that evolves very favorably," he said.

On Saturday, there were also controlled or extinguished other fires in Piedrales, Casavieja and La Parra.

Date Of Update: 15 August 2021, 13:33

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