Afghanistan, Latest News | INTERPR suspends Afghanistan's access to its databases

The last US plane has left Kabul airport at midnight. Completed the evacuation of Afghanistan, the Taliban have taken full control of the territory, and call

Afghanistan, Latest News |
 INTERPR suspends Afghanistan's access to its databases

The last US plane has left Kabul airport at midnight. Completed the evacuation of Afghanistan, the Taliban have taken full control of the territory, and call to take the US withdrawal as a warning: "It is a great lesson for other invaders."

The Ministers of the Interior of the European Union agreed on Tuesday acting in a united way to "avoid repeating movements of large-scale illegal migration confronted in the past" and committed to prepare a "coordinated and orderly response" before the crisis in Afghanistan , with more financial aid to the countries of the region so that they can welcome refugees.

In Spain, the Base of Rota continues to receive evacue on US flights, and this afternoon has begun its transfer to the US territory on a flight with 350 people on board.

The United States denied on Tuesday that its military has abandoned some of its dogs at the Kabul airport in the final retreat of Afghanistan.

"Contrary to inaccurate information, the US military did not leave dogs in cages at Hamid Karzai International Airport, and in particular no alleged military dog," said John Kirby, Pentagon spokesman.

Photographs widespread in social networks show dogs in animal shelters in Afghanistan who are not under the responsibility of the US military, the official on Twitter added.

Citing sources presented as reliable, the Peta Animal Defense Organization launched a call to President Joe Biden to intervene and allow the dogs to repatriate.

The United States, which only has economic aid remains to put pressure on the Taliban, will have to reinvent its relationship with Afghanistan to defend their interests after having put an end to two decades of military presence in the country.

The US military completed his retirement on Monday. But Washington can not be disinterested from a country where Al Qaeda organized, under the previous Taliban regime, the attacks of September 11.

"We have the means of pressure to ensure that the commitments" taken by the new Islamist owners of Kabul "are respected," said US President Joe Biden.

Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, said Afghanistan will become a "Paria State", as it was between 1996 and 2001, if it limits the progress in women's rights or transform the country into sanctuary for international jihadism .

The White House Counselor for National Security, Jake Sullivan, was even more explicit: "We will wait to see their actions before deciding on the future of economic aid and for development," he said on Tuesday.

The Senate of the United States approved legislation on Tuesday to provide assistance to the Americans who return from Afghanistan, and sent the bill to the White House, where President Joe Biden promulgated him, while the Republicans of Congress criticized the president by Chaos removed from Kabul.

The "Emergency Repatriation Assistance Law for returning Americans" provides 10 million dollars in annual emergency funds for this year and next, to help Americans return with basic needs while adapting to life at home. The measure had already been approved by the House of Representatives of the United States.

United Kingdom is in direct conversations with the Taliban to ensure a secure trip outside of Afghanistan to British and Afghan citizens who have worked for the United Kingdom, a government spokesman at last time on Tuesday.

The Special Representative of Prime Minister Boris Johnson for Afghan Transition, Simon Gass, traveled to Doha, Qatar, to meet with representatives of the Taliban, said the spokesman in a statement.

The White House spokesman, Jen Psaki, said Tuesday that the commitment to evacuate all Americans from Afghanistan, which official sources sit between 100 and 200, "has not changed" despite the end of Washington's military presence in that country.

"We are going to take out all American citizens. That has not changed," PSaki said during his press conference, a day after the United States finished the gigantic evacuation operation and retreat of the troops of the Central Lights.

The Republicans of the Lower House of the United States Congress criticized the president of the country on Tuesday, Joe Biden, by "having left behind" Americans in Afghanistan.

The head of the conservative minority in that House, Kevin McCarthy, affirmed at a press conference in the Capitol that "never" in his life would have imagined that "the US would have an administration that, knowingly, would make the decision to leave Americans behind".

US forces culminated on Monday their military refill of Afghanistan after almost twenty years of war.

From the Pentagon and the State Department were reported that less than 200 Americans were in Afghan territory, while on Tuesday, the White House National Safety Adviser, Jake Sullivan, said they were a hundred.

The Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, has defended on Tuesday in Brussels a "joint and coordinated action" to offer a "unique, cohesive and firm" response to the crisis in Afghanistan that "is up to the European values" .

This has been manifested in a statement, after the participation of Marlaska in Brussels together with the Secretary of State for Migration, Jesús Perea, in the Council of Ministers of Justice and Interior of the European Union, where a joint declaration has been unanimously approved About the situation in Afghanistan.

Marlaska has qualified the approved statement today as "a first step" to address this new crisis, but has warned that the Afghan question "requires a global response from the international community, not only from the European Union".

The Taliban have celebrated its victory on Tuesday in Afghanistan after the departure of the last US soldiers, which puts an end to 20 years of a devastating war and opens a new chapter for this country, marked by a great uncertainty.

The US withdrawal is rated as a "historical" success by the Taliban, which were made with Kabul's control on August 15 and deposed the Afghan government after a very fast offensive throughout the country.

The Americans intervened in Afghanistan in 2001, leading an international coalition that aimed to overthrow the Taliban, who refused to deliver to the leader of Al Qaida, Osama Bin Laden, after the attacks of September 11 in the United States.

"Congratulations to Afghanistan (...) This victory belongs to us all," said Zabihullah Mujahid, spokesman for Islamists from Kabul airport, controlled up to hours before US forces.

Afghan officials of the Paralympic Games fear that people with intellectual disabilities suffer under the Government of the Taliban, with even worse conditions for disabled women than for men with disabilities.

The National Director of Afghanistan Sports for Paralympics, Mohammad Jawed Hashmi, and his wife, Zala, women's coach in the country's special Olympics, fled from the country this month after the rapid takeover of the Taliban Group.

Now in Qatar with his children, they care about those who left behind and fear that efforts have been lost to promote greater inclusion of the disabled intellectuals in Afghanistan.

"They will never worry about those people, they will have a difficult life, they will face many problems, like their families," Zala told Reuters in the capital of Qatar, Doha.

An Afghan interpreter who helped rescue 13 years ago Senator and now president of the USA, Joe Biden, has asked for help to leave Afghanistan after the US retreat, in exclusive statements published on Tuesday by the Wall Street Journal.

"Hello, Mr. President: Save me and my family," said the translator, who identified himself as Mohammed.

This man and his four children remain hidden in Afghanistan, where the Taliban recovered power in mid-August, after trying to leave the country unsuccessfully for a year.

His request for a special visa for Afghan immigrants, destined to the interpreters and those who have worked with the US government, he stuck because the American contractor for whom he worked lost the documents that supported his request.

In 2008, Mohammed, then 36, helped rescue Biden and two other senators who traveled in two Black Hawk helicopters of the US Armed Forces who had to carry out a forced landing in a valley, 30 kilometers from the base of Bagram, due to a snow storm.

Biden defended said that his decision to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan is the "best" in the national interest of the United States.

"We no longer had a clear purpose in Afghanistan," he said a day after the final withdrawal. "This is the right decision. A wise decision. And the best decision for the United States," Biden said.

The president of the United States, Joe Biden, stressed on Tuesday that the "true decision" regarding Afghanistan was whether the troops had to "withdraw or climb" his involvement in the Central Asian country, and said he did not want to "extend an eternal war ".

The president of the United States, Joe Biden, promised to help dozens of US citizens who remain in Afghanistan to leave the country if they wish, a day after the evacuation mission of the Kabul airport ended.

"For the Americans who stay there, there is not a deadline, we are still committed to get them if they want to leave," Biden said.

The US president has also spoken about the terrorist group that was responsible for the attack of last week at Kabul Airport, Isis-K: "We have not finished with you". He has been saying that they will not rest and that "they will hunt" the terrorists.

Biden has insisted that now it is not necessary to continue in Afghanistan: "The role of a president is to defend America not against the threats of 2001, but against those of 2021 and those of tomorrow"

The evacuation mission of Afghanistan has been an "incredible success", said PresidentJoe Bidelves of the White House, a day after the last US plane abandoned Kabul.

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Biden has maintained his position that the withdrawal and the date of August 31 had to be respected: "I'm not going to expand an eternal war or I'm going to expand an eternal evacuation."

Biden has cast Trump the responsibility of having released more than 5,000 Afghan prisoners last year, "including some of the main Taliban bosses."

He says that there are between 100 and 200 Americans in Afghanistan with the intention of leaving the country. Others, he has assured, they want to stay there.

Biden has once again justified the withdrawal of Afghanistan and has said that the president fled.

"The best way to avoid a migratory crisis is to prevent a humanitarian crisis," said the European Commissioner, Ylva Johansson, at the end of the extraordinary meeting of the interior ministers of the twenty-seven in Brussels, to try to achieve a common posture in case of a new migratory crisis after the collapse of Afghanistan before the progress of the Taliban.

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The first thing he did on Saturday night, when he arrived in Spain, he was hugging his wife and resting. There were sleeping hours accumulated, fatigue. And the memory of a "much larger and complex and evacuation operation of what we had valued at first".

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The Secretary General of the UN, Antonio Guterres, warned on Tuesday on the possibility of "a humanitarian catastrophe" in Afghanistan and requested funds for that country after the heading of US forces.

"A humanitarian catastrophe is coming," said Guterres in a statement, in which he mentioned "the aggravation of the humanitarian and economic crisis" and the "threat of a total collapse of basic services".

Guterres also urged UN Member States to "grant a timely, flexible and broad funding" to meet the situation of the people in Afghanistan, which, according to him, is "in his darker time" in terms of his basic needs .

The United States secretly agreed with the Taliban who will escort groups from Americans to Kabul Airport, where they were expected for their Afghanistan evacuation, local media revealed Tuesday.

The CNN network released details of a "secret agreement" between the US military and the Taliban as part of the evacuation and withdrawal operation from that country, which concluded on Monday and was the end of the 20-year-old war. UU Librared on Afghan soil.

As part of the agreement, the Taliban collected Americans in "meeting points" established in the vicinity of Kabul Hamid Karzai Aerodrome, CNN said, which cited two defense department officials who spoke under the condition of anonymity.

In those places, the Taliban verified the credentials of the Americans and later driving them a short distance to the air installation.

Tuesday requested the Taliban Tuesday to commit themselves to fight against "terrorism" and to form an "inclusive" government after the withdrawal of the United States of Afghanistan.

"We highlight the importance of cooperation to fight terrorism (...) and we emphasize the importance of the cooperation of the Taliban in this area," said Foreign Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Abdelrahman al-Thani , at a press conference next to his German Heiko Maas counterpart.

The Republicans of the Lower House of the United States Congress criticized the president of the country on Tuesday, Joe Biden, by "having left behind" Americans in Afghanistan.

The head of the conservative minority in that House, Kevin McCarthy, affirmed at a press conference in the Capitol that "never" in his life would have imagined that "the US would have an administration that, knowingly, would make the decision to leave Americans behind".

US forces culminated on Monday their military refill of Afghanistan after almost twenty years of war.

Interpol has suspended Afghanistan's access to its databases and has temporarily deactivated an internal system of confidential messages with that country, EFE said on Tuesday.

In addition, all consultations from the Member Countries with the Kabul National Central Office are being managed by the Command Center and coordination of the Organization, which is headquartered in Lyon (France), according to an Interpol statement sent to EFE.

The Ministers of the Interior of the European Union have agreed on Tuesday to increase their financial support to neighboring countries of Afghanistan to manage migratory flows derived from the arrival to the power of Taliban and avoid them to reach European borders, while they have Packed that refugee reception in the block will be voluntary.

Twenty-seven have gathered extraordinary in Brussels with the aim of articulating a common response to the consequences of the Afghan crisis with the main intention to avoid repeating the 2015 scenario, when they reached the external borders of the EU hundreds of Thousands of migrants.

It is possible that among Afghan refugees there are some Zahra, Fatima or Amira. The authorities of the Broken Base (Cádiz) do not allow journalists to speak with them, which, extraordinary, on Tuesday, have been able to enter and visit the Afghan evacue camp where they will spend a few days before flying until their definitive destiny in the United States .

Yes we know that around a hundred university students arrived on Monday to Spain brought from Kabul by the US Army fleeing from the new Taliban regime, which condemned them, most likely, to leave the studies and return to the closure of their homes of having continued in Afghanistan.

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The Ministers of Defense of the European Union will meet on Wednesday and Thursday in Slovenia, where, with the context of the Afghanisthan crisis, they will discuss the possibility of creating a community force of rapid action of 5,000 troops.

On Thursday -Justo at the end of the Defense Council - and Friday will also meet the Foreign Ministers of the Twenty-seven to address what type of dialogue should maintain the EU from now on with the Taliban, after the withdrawal of Western troops.

The idea of having a force of 5,000 troops already discussed in May the countries of the EU and has gained strength after the eviction mission at the Kabul airport, which today ended the United States, fulfilling the agreement with The Taliban of leaving Afghanistan on August 31.

The Turkish government today accused the EU of having received less refugees from those who had promised and insisted that Turkey can not assume the burden of more migrants and that we have to seek an international solution for those who flee from Afghanistan.

"Europe has not fulfilled his word and we have not received the number of refugees he promised," said Foreign Minister Turkish, Mevlüt Çavusoglu, during a press conference with his Serbian counterpart, Nikola Selakovic, in Belgrade.

The Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, has ensured Tuesday that Spain "will accept the individual responsibility that corresponds to him" within the European Union to welcome Afghan refugees who flee from his country, while he has urged to continue advancing for Agree a common European Covenant of migration and asylum.

"Spain will accept the individual responsibility that corresponds within the EU," he has expressed media declarations in Brussels before participating in the extraordinary meeting of Ministers of the Interior of the Twenty-seven, in which they will try to set a common position towards the Afghan crisis.

The Taliban requested on Tuesday the support of the international community to be able to reactivate an economy beaten for two decades of conflict and very dependent on foreign aid, which has drastically decreased since its arrival in power this month and now faces new challenges with The total withdrawal last midnight from US troops.

"All investors, national and foreign: I invite everyone to come and invest in Afghanistan. There will be a positive atmosphere, its investments will be in good hands. The country will be stable and safe," he said in an act in Kabul on the occasion of the Removal from the USA The main Taliban spokesman, Zabihulla Mujahid.

The NATO Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg, considered the "essential" Tuesday to keep Kabul airport open and promised not to forget those who want to flee the Taliban regime but could not be evacuated before the withdrawal of Afghanistan's last US soldiers.

"Keep Kabul airport open and in a position to operate is essential both to get humanitarian aid to come out, those who wish that they have not been part of the military evacuation," said Stoltenberg to the AFP .

The Ministers of the Interior of Austria, the Czech Republic and Denmark coincided on Tuesday that Afghans who are running away from their country after the taking of power by the Taliban must remain in border nations with Afghanistan and not come to Europe.

These interior holders also said that twenty-seven should support the territories of the "better than in 2015" region, when they reached the European Union more than one million refugees, especially the war in Syria.

While the United States has transferred to the Rota Aircraft (Cádiz), whose use shares with Spain, approximately 1,700 Afghan collaborators within the framework of the 'Allies Refuge' operation, derived from its withdrawal from Afghanistan after 20 years of military presence in said country now controlled again by the Taliban; The Morón Air Base of the Frontera (Seville), also of shared use between US and Spanish forces, has not received any refugee.

This has been confirmed to Europe Press sources from the United States Embassy in Spain, explaining that an evacuation operation such as Afghanistan implies many "complexities" and the confluence of numerous factors.

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) ensured this Tuesday that it will maintain its humanitarian work operations in Afghanistan after the end of international evacuations and the arrival of the new Taliban regime.

"For the situation that the country crosses at this moment we have to be here," said the head of the ICRC delegation in Afghanistan, Eloi Fillion, who expects to reactivate his activities in the country once the Taliban form a National Government with which to coordinate its humanitarian work.

China affirmed this Tuesday that the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, after a conflict that lasted 20 years, meant for this country to open "a new page", after Beijing criticized the chaotic game of Washington.

The Asian giant has criticized what qualifies as a hasty and poorly planned US withdrawal, and stressed that he is willing to deepen the "friendly and cooperative" relationships with the Taliban after his power.

The countries of the European Union try this Tuesday to find a consensus to help the neighboring countries of Afghanistan to receive refugees flee from the Taliban and harmonize the host criteria on the continent, to avoid a wave comparable to the 2015.

"It is important that we are in a position to avoid a humanitarian crisis, a migratory crisis and security threats from Afghanistan," said European Commissioner Ylva Johansson when arriving at the meeting of indoor ministers.

However, the Swedish official added that "we must act now, and not wait to see the arrival of people at our external borders, or to see the strengthening of terrorist organizations."

The cracks in the relationship between London and Washington have been widened after the end of Afghanistan's evacuation operations, between crossed accusations for the loss of human lives (at least 170 dead and 200 wounded) in the attacks of the Kabul airport claimed The ISIS-K, the local branch of the Islamic State.

Pentagon sources accused the United Kingdom having aggravated the impact of explosions for not having closed one of the main airport access doors, Abbey Gate, where the attack occurred. The British Foreign Secretary, Dominic Raab, had to leave on Tuesday at the passage of information.

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The United States did not rule out this Tuesday to grant long-term aid to the Taliban, who have recovered power in Afghanistan, although at the moment there will continue to provide humanitarian assistance to Afghans through international institutions and NGOs.

This was expressed by the White House National Safety Advisor, Jake Sullivan, in an interview with the ABC News chain, where he conditioned that long-term help to the behavior of the Taliban.

The Govern has created an Interdepartmental Commission on Afghanistan to "accelerate the response of people requesting asylum" and coordinate the actions of the different Fireworms.

The decision has been adopted at the meeting of the EXECUTIU Consecutiu of the Government held on Tuesday, as reported by Government spokesperson, Patricia Raja, at a press conference.

Donors of a project thanks to which millions of Afghans receive medical care are freezing or reducing the funds that are destined, which will have an impact on childhood vaccination programs, pre and postnatal care, births, as well as in the treatments of malnutrition and Covid-19 patients, today said the World Health Organization (WHO).

The project is executed by some NGOs that are reducing their activities or closing the health centers they supported, which is deeply concerned with WHO, said in Geneva one of its spokespersons, Margaret Harris.

"This will disproportionately affect women, children and older people. It is estimated that the closure of every fifty health centers could lead to death of 5 or more women and from 58 children under five years old," he said.

The Government has once again appealed to the need for discretion for security reasons so as not to go into details on the efforts that it is realizing in order to continue taking out of Afghanistan for ancient collaborators and their families, now that the United States has completed its withdrawal from the country and the Kabul Airport is in the hands of the Taliban.

"Work is being worked with all our allies and partners to look for new evacuation roads of Afghan collaborators," the Minister of Presidency, Felix Bolaños, was limited to the press conference at the end of the Council of Ministers.

The Minister of Presidency, Felix Bolaños, has appealed to "prudence" and the "discretion" so as not to give excessive details of the second phase of evacuation of Afghan collaborators who want to start up, once in the last hours have Out of Kabul the latest aircraft with refugees.

"We have to continue taking out Afghan collaborators and saving lives and that is done with discretion, prudence and effectiveness," he said.

On the track of the Kabul International Airport there are only Taliban and scrap. By the air of the Afghan capital, broken for two decades daily by the grid of the helicopters that connected the aerodrome and the Kabulí Green Zone, this Tuesday there was a tense silence. Within the houses, both those of those who tried to be evacuated, but they could not, and who have chosen to undergo the mandates of the new lords of the country, all hearts are in Vilo.

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The Spanish Interior Minister, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, has asked to move towards an agreement to reform the European Migration and Asylum Policy of the European Union, upon arrival at the Extraordinary Council of the Interior Ministers of the Twenty-seven who meet today in Brussels to seek a common position before a possible new migratory crisis after the collapse of Afghanistan.

"I think it's an opportune time for us to put again on the table, the need to conclude the European Asylum and Migration Pact; that it is an effective reality in terms of guaranteeing principles as basic as they are shared responsibility, solidarity, humanity and an essential element, the external dimension; cooperation and collaboration with countries of origin and transit, making solidarity in the external scope a principle and a basic element of our policy, "has said Grande-Marlaska upon arrival.

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Pakistan has affirmed this Tuesday that the Taliban will form a government of "consensus" in the coming days and has asked the international community not to leave Afghanistan, after the complete withdrawal of the country's US troops.

"We hope that a consensus government is formed in the coming days," said Foreign Minister Pakistani, Shah Mehmood Qureshi, at a press conference in Islamabad along with his German counterpart, Heiko Maas.

The Chief of Pakistani diplomacy asked the international community to continue involved in Afghanistan. "Humanitarian aid must enter. We do not allow Afghanistan's economic collapse," said Qureshi.

Pakistan has maintained relations with the Taliban during the twenty years of war, contacts that led the United States on more than one occasion to point to Islamabad for helping the then insurgents. Informs EFE.

The Naval Base of Rota (Cádiz) currently welcomes 1,700 Afghan collaborators. There, the contrillist Ben Reynolds, director of Maritime Head of the Naval Forces of the United States in Europe and Africa, has explained that "you want the evacuees of Afghanistan, even if they are not a long time in broken, remember that they have been treated with dignity and they have felt safe before reaching their new home in the United States. "

In statements to journalists during the visit of the media to the device prepared for this purpose at the Rotea Facilities, Reynolds has indicated that "the world is following the news of Europe and the Middle East" and has highlighted "the courage of the Afghan people who have left whole families behind. "

For this reason, Reynolds has shown "proud" by "the work of volunteers and officials" and has pointed out that there are volunteers of "other countries such as Chile and Mexico in Rota to help refugees."

Thus, it has explained that "there are many people of the North American force helping in this mission" and gratefully the work done by "the pilots who arrive from the Middle East and that landed in Rota".

In addition, the US military has shown its recognition "to the Spanish allies" who work together with the North American forces and has ensured that they are "very attentive to the security of families who are in broken". Informa Europa Press

The Vice President of the European Commission (EC) and responsible for promoting European lifestyle, Margaritis Schinas, has asked for "mobilizing resources" and working with neighboring countries of Afghanistan to avoid migrant trafficking towards borders of the Union European (EU).

Together with international partners such as UN, G7 (richest countries) or G20 (developed and emerging), has urged to "join resources" to closely treat the problem.

"That means we have to work with the neighboring countries of Afghanistan, mobilize resources, knowledge, minimize the possibility that traffickers produce a great movement towards our external borders," he said.

In Schinas' opinion, the crisis in Afghanistan can suppose a "defining moment for the EU". He refers specifically to the "need for the EU to have an agreement soon on a migratory and holistic, cohesive, comprehensive" asylum policy, on the basis of the proposals that the EC did last September, he said. Informs EFE.

Japan has announced on Tuesday the withdrawal of Afghanistan of the military aircraft that he sent to participate in the evacuation tasks, following the withdrawal of the United States troops before the recruceration of the situation after the return of the Taliban.

The Japanese Ministry of Defense sent several transport aircraft from the self-defense forces last week, which have taken a Japanese and 14 Afghans from the country, as the Minister of Defense, Nobuo Kishi, announced by the country. of the aircraft and the end of transport work.

These people were evacuated to Islamabad, where the aircraft expected some change in the situation of the neighboring country, but Japan has decided to conclude the evacuation after the effective withdrawal of the US troops of Afghanistan this August 31, according to information collected by the public chain NHK .

The representatives of the Japan Government have avoided at all times to give details about the number of persons who were expected to evacuate, but sources of defense indicated the aforementioned average that more than 500 would have requested aid to Tokyo to leave the country, among Afghan staff that He worked at his Kabul embassy, already evacuated, and in international organizations.

Some 260 troops participated in the mission, for which a transport plane had been sent C-2 and two C-130. Informs EFE.

The Taliban celebrate its victory on Tuesday in Afghanistan after the departure at night of the last US soldiers, which puts an end to 20 years of a devastating war and opens a new chapter full of uncertainties for the country.

The victorious shots exploded in Kabul after the announcement of the final withdrawal of the US military, acclaimed as a "historical" success by the Taliban, who returned to power on August 15.

"Congratulations Afghanistan (...) This victory is from all of us," said Taliban's main spokesman, Zabihullah Mujahid, at Kabul Airport, from which Islamists had taken full control hours before.

"This is a great lesson for other invaders and for our future generation", and "it is also a lesson for the world," he said. "It's a historical day, it's a historical moment and we're proud of it." Informa AFP.

Interpol insists on his willingness to continue working against the Islamic State (EI) after the mortifer attempt at Kabul Airport last day 26 and continuing to do so with the countries of the region with which he is associated.

In a video message disclosed on Tuesday, its Secretary General, Jürgen Stock, stressed that "INTERPOL continues to devote resources to monitoring the situation on the ground and collaborates with the forces of order worldwide and with our member countries of the region" , without specifying if that includes Afghanistan after taking power through the Taliban.

In his message, he accompanies a joint declaration of the Global Coalition against the EI, Stock emphasized that "the attacks against defenseless civilians and against those who are dedicated to helping them underline more than ever our imperative to fight against Islamic State."

A direct reference to the terrorist attack that occurred abroad by the Airport of the Afghan capital, in which dozens of people died, including 13 US soldiers. Informs EFE.

The Minister of Defense of Russia, Sergey Shoigou, has affirmed this Tuesday that the situation in Afghanistan is "critical", in the midst of many nationals attempting the country.

"The situation in that country (Afghanistan) is critical. People try to flee from there even at the price of their own lives," said Shoigú, cited by the Interfax Agency, during a telematics meeting with high controls of the Armed Forces.

He points out that by instructions by the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, among the past 24 and 26 military transport aircraft evacuated hundreds of Russians and citizens from other Soviet republic. Informs EFE.

The number of British who could not be evacuated from Afghanistan before the end of the operations carried out by the United Kingdom is "a few hundred", the Government of Boris Johnson has been affirmed, criticized by his geston of the Afghan crisis.

United Kingdom put an end on Saturday to the evacuations of British and vulnerable Afghans or employed by their government locally, shortly before the withdrawal of the United States that marked the end of 20 years of war, but it was criticized by leaving behind numerous people who wanted Leave the country.

"We regret the fact that someone has been left behind," the British diplomacy, Dominic Raab, told the private channel Sky News.

RAAB assured that "a few hundred" of British follow in Afghanistan.

However, he described after unrealistic the figure advanced by the newspaper The Guardian, according to which British Deputies are trying to rescue more than 7,000 Afghans and their families blocked in the country, in statements to public radiotelevisión BBC.

It is "very difficult to give a firm figure," said the minister, pointing out that 5,000 Britons were evacuated from Afghanistan since April. Informa AFP.

The Taliban, new rulers of Afghanistan, have been triumphant on Tuesday at Kabul Airport, with its agents of the Special Forces and its flag, after the withdrawal of the last US soldiers.

The main spokesperson of the Taliban, Zabihullah Mujahid, has led a group of responsible on the tracks. The face of him, normally impassive, looked this time a great smile.

Taliban Special Forces, called "Badri 313", with its impeccable camouflage costumes, pose for the photos, raising American arms and flying the white flag of the movement, in which the beginning of the "Shahada" (profession of Islamic faith).

Kabul's civil airport, considered for a long time as one of the safest places in the country, was plundered. On the floor you could see empty cartridges near all the accesses.

In the 15 days that followed the taking of the power of fundamentalists on August 15, the vicinity of the aerodrome was occupied by an immense crowd that desperately tried to rise to one of the international community evacuation flights.

But many more Afghans were blocked abroad from this area in a series of control posts of the Taliban. On Tuesday, all these barriers on the road that leads to the airport were dismantled, except one.

The attitude of fundamentalists has also changed: now they show their joy by giving their hand to motorists and their passengers. Informa AFP.

The High Representative of the European Union for Foreign and Security Policy, Josep Borrell, has assured this Tuesday that they will have to talk to the Taliban, "like it or not", to solve many problems in Afghanistan, starting with those of the own Afghans However, he clarified that institutional recognition is "discarded".

This was indicated in a zero wave interview collected by servimedia, where he pointed out that we have to wait to see what government the Taliban forms and how they behave. In the judgment of him, the recognition is "in itself a lever" to "exert pressure". For this reason, for Borrell is "discarded at the moment".

Borrell recalled that in the negotiation that launched the United States with the Taliban, part of that agreement was that Afghanistan would not be a "base of operations" for international jihadist terrorism. "That was part of the agreements," he clarified.

In this regard, he said that in those agreements it was also said that the Taliban would not launch an offensive to take power and made it even before the American soldiers left Afghanistan. Therefore, he "trust" of the Taliban "justice".

In this sense, he explained that for days, all countries have tried to contact the Taliban for the things that "interest them", for example, to take people to Kabul airport had to talk to the Taliban. "From now on, even to bring humanitarian aid, it will have to have them," he added. Informa Servimedia

The vicealcalde de Madrid and Regional Coordinator of CS, Begoña Villacís, has ironically invited Irene Montero to occupy the vacancy of Minister of Equality in the Taliban Government.

"Mrs. Montero, surprisingly in the current Taliban Government of Afghanistan, the position of Minister of Equality is vacant. Safe value experience in the same or similar position", Villacís has been directed to the Minister of We can on Twitter.

Begoña Villacís has thus referred to the words of Montero, which in an interview pointed out that "all cultures and religions" have ways to "oppress women" and "discipline their body" with "different levels of hardness". "She passes in Afghanistan, with the right to access a job, education or health, but she also happens in Spain with intolerable rates of murdered murder," she argued. Informa Europa Press

Afghanistan will form a government in a few days, the Foreign Minister of Pakistan said on Tuesday, after weeks of uncertainty after the conquest of the country by the Taliban.

"We hope that a consensus government is formed in the coming days in Afghanistan," said Shah Mehmood Qureshi at a press conference in Islamabad. (Asif Shahzad report in Islamabad written by Alasdair Pal; edited by Andrew Heavens). Reports Reuters

The first US flight with 350 evacuees from Afghanistan will leave this afternoon of the Naval Base of Rota (Cádiz) with destination Dulles Airport, in the state of Virginia, in the United States.

According to the press conference at the Gaditan base, the aggregate of political affairs of the US Embassy in Spain, Leana López, the people who make up this first flight will be relocated in different US cities once they arrive at the country.

In addition, it is scheduled for this Wednesday to land a new flight with Afghan evacuees, from its base in the Middle East.

Since last Friday, six flights with approximately 1,700 refugees from Afghanistan have reached the Rota military base.

The agreement signed between the United States and Spain establishes a maximum time of stay in Spanish territory of 14 days and a maximum of 4,000 people who will be able to use this temporary resource, between the Gaditan Base of Rota and La de Morón, in Seville. Informs EFE.

Germany will wait until the Taliban establish a new government to see if the Islamists fulfill their promise to allow civilians to leave Afghanistan on flights from Kabul Airport, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Heiko Maas.

"The Taliban have promised, but in the next few days and weeks we will know if we can count on that," said Maas during a press conference in Islamabad with his Pakistani counterpart Shah Mehmood Qureshi.

"The Taliban want to create a new government, and this will give us an indication of whether it is complied with our request for it to be inclusive," he added. Reports Reuters

A new US flight with 200 evacuees from Afghanistan on board has landed at the Naval Base of Rota (Cádiz) at 8:00 p.m. on Tuesday, as reported by the United States Embassy in Spain.

As in previous arrivals, the operation of the United States government continues with the work of receiving, processing and giving all possible aid to the basic needs of evacuates in the resettlement process in its final destinations, according to the same source.

Since last Friday, six flights with approximately 1,700 refugees from Afghanistan have reached this military base.

As they have indicated from the Spanish Navy at the Rota Base, at the moment it is not expected to arrive more flights. Informs EFE.

With the fall of Afghanistan in the hands of the Taliban, international organizations almost immediately froze their funding funds, which has left the public health system of the Asian country on the verge of collapse, according to EFE in an interview the Minister Afghan health, Wahid Majrooh.

The minister, the only official of the cabinet who has not fled the country and that remains in functions despite the fall of the government, estimates that with the scarce reserves and lack of medicines, oxygen or food, in addition to the unpaid of wages, is Question of weeks, perhaps a month, until the system begins to collapse.

"It's hard to say for how many days the staff will be willing to come to work, but in most of the provinces we are left without food, fuel, oxygen, (collapse) will be gradual, it will not suddenly happen, I hope the system Stay active one more month, "estimates.

Devastated for decades of conflict, Afghanistan is one of the countries that depends on international aid, however donor funds began to stop immediately after Taliban victory on August 15 with Kabul's taking, to prevent the Kabul. Access from fundamentalists to deposits.

According to the Minister, in Afghanistan, around 2,400 of the 3,700 health centers are administered with budgets channeled through the World Bank, and when they "froze resources these health facilities were (already) very affected." Without funds, the inputs, salaries of personnel, medicines, "everything has been paralyzed, a disillusionment environment has been created," he adds. Informs EFE.

Ezmarai Ahmadi returned on Sunday at Kabul, left the car keys to her son and saw the rest of the children from the house playing cheerfully inside the car. After a US missile fell right over, killing ten people, explains her brother.

"The missile exploded on top of the vehicle full of children, who was parked inside the house," said Aima Ahmadi, Ezmarai's brother, from Kwaja Burga, a densely populated neighborhood in Northwest Kabul.

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The Taliban are in talks with Qatar and Turkey about the management of Kabul Airport and should ensure the airport as soon as possible so that people who want to leave Afghanistan can do so using commercial flights, French Chancellor Jean-Yves Drian

"The resolution of the Security Council on Airport Safety must be implemented. There are ongoing talks with the Qataris and Turks on airport management. We must demand that access to the airport is safe," said Le Drian in the Canal de. Television France 2.

Le Drian also affirms that France should continue to press the Taliban, but he is not negotiating with them. Reports Reuters

The Ministers of the Interior of the European Union meet in an extraordinary manner on Tuesday to try to articulate a common position before the possible migratory crisis derived from the arrival to the power of the Taliban in Afghanistan and with the aim of avoiding a similar situation. As of 2015, when they arrived at the EU borders more than one million people.

The meeting, in which he participates on behalf of the Spanish Government Minister Fernando Grande-Marlaska, will begin at 1:00 p.m. and is scheduled for the twenty-seven to adopt a joint document in which they trace a kind of common response to Afghanistan's "potential impact" In the migration and safety policy of the EU.

This has explained it in a statement from the Government of Slovenia, which as a Presidency of Turn of the EU is responsible for preparing the debate of this Tuesday. "The objective is to develop a set of measures that help avoid a repetition of the 2015 scenario, when the Member States faced enormous migratory pressure," the Slovenian owner of Interior, Ales Hojs. Informa Europa Press

Major General Chris Donahue, commander of the 82 Airborne Division of the US Army, has become the last American soldier in leaving Afghanistan, has revealed the Department of Defense.

The Pentagon has published on his Twitter account a photograph of the military shortly before boarding a C-17, the military aircraft that has taken off from Kabul Hamid Karzai International Airport on Monday at 23.59 local time and with which the United States To the longest war in its history.

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The main spokesperson for the Taliban Movement has congratulated all Afghans on Tuesday for the total withdrawal of US troops from the country after 20 years of military intervention.

"Congratulations to Afghanistan (...) This victory belongs to us all," said Zabihullah Mujahid from Kabul airport, controlled up to hours before US forces.

"We want to have good relations with the United States and the world, we welcome good diplomatic relations with all," he added.

The "United States Defeat is a great lesson for other invaders and for our future generation," has added the main Taliban spokesman, "it is also a lesson for the world." Informa AFP.

The Federal Aviation Administration of the USA (FAA) has banned US commercial airlines on Monday to fly "at any altitude" on Afghan territory, and points out that they must receive "prior authorization".

The US agency has reported the measure in a statement, after the United States was over the war that delivered in the last two decades in Afghanistan.

The FAA has explained that the decision should be "due to the lack of air traffic services and a functional civil authority in Afghanistan, as well as current safety concerns."

It recommended American airlines to use a route "at a high altitude near the eastern border" of the central country for overflights.

"Any US civil aircraft operator who wants to fly to / from or about Afghanistan must receive prior authorization from the FAA," establishes the note. Likewise, it indicates the aircraft that terrify at the Hamid Karzai airport of Kabul who have "extreme precaution". Informs EFE.

The Taliban have come to the streets on Tuesday to celebrate in the air the end of two decades of American occupation of Afghanistan, after taking control of the Kabul International Airport after the midnight of the last American soldiers of the country .

Special forces of the Taliban, of the one known as Unit 313 Badri, entered the Kabul airport one hour after the last US plane abandoned the military area of the aerodrome, taking full control for the first time of the last base of the United States After 20 years of conflict.

"At midnight from Afghanistan, the last group of US soldiers left the Kabul airport. The withdrawal of US forces and our country and Afghans achieved their full independence," said EFE one of the leading spokesmen. The Taliban, Qari Yusuf Ahmadi.

The United States opened on Monday a new stage in its foreign policy towards Afghanistan with the transfer of its diplomatic mission to task and conditioned a hypothetical relationship with the future Taliban Government to which insurgents fulfill their commitments, after their military retreat.

The Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, sheds the strategy after the United States officially completed the two-decades' war in the Centralian country.

"A new episode of the US relationship with Afghanistan has begun. The military mission is over. A new diplomatic mission has begun," said the head of US diplomacy in a message from the headquarters of the State Department. Informs EFE.

Date Of Update: 04 September 2021, 12:28

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