After the riots: refugees in Frankfurt are calling for better Living

The barrel is full. After the residents of a shelter for refugees had protested in Bonames week against their living conditions and it is reported as repeatedly

After the riots: refugees in Frankfurt are calling for better Living

The barrel is full. After the residents of a shelter for refugees had protested in Bonames week against their living conditions and it is reported as repeatedly came to the riots, have you written now for the social Department, a report on the incidents. About 50 people came to Delivery in front of the social Department. Read your report, with three full pages. By the Department, no one comes to him to accept.

Theresa White

editor in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

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Somehow that fits. Because the residents do not feel heard. You say that your complaints about Close, scabies, lack of hot water and leaky roofs are just Appeasements had come. The city, instead of helping, the Security forces sent to the property in order to ensure "safety". Meanwhile, about 20 private security guards were present around the clock. They had intimidated the inhabitants of that part, and threatened. A Video exists of the F. A., for example, shows about a dispute between residents and a security staff that pulls out handcuffs. The residents then said: "so, not so. You're not police.“ And the security man replies: "I'll do what I want, here."

"a large police command very roughly from the apartment

drawn" In its report, the residents describe the escalation from their perspective. The conflict between them, the diakonia – the carrier of the accommodation and for the accommodation of refugees, the responsible social Department is marked according to the residents of poor communication. You mention several situations in which the city or the employees of the Diakonie not looking to talk, but hard used to have. For example, as the two families had been brought from the accommodation.

In the report, the residents have posted, it says: "On 2. July, at five in the morning was, we repeat, in the eighth month pregnant woman Yusefi and family as well as Mrs Rashid with a family of a large police command very roughly out of their houses, without knocking, without notice. About ten police officers stormed the apartment of a woman Yusefi, about 50 were waiting in the yard. Diakonia has given the police the key. Woman Yusefi, which was sleeping at the time, was not allowed to wear a head scarf to wear. The two families were not chosen randomly. Mrs. Rashid and Mrs. Yusefi have spoken with many residents about the Situation and encouraged to stand up for their rights. You have to get banned. For us, it is clear that it is a deterrent measure. Unfortunately, this has to work.“ The other residents felt intimidated.

power problem since 2016

The next confrontation soon followed. Last week, an electrician had created on behalf of the city a report on the state of the electricity grid and an acute fire hazard is detected. Accordingly, it would be dangerous, if the power grid is overloaded about the electrical appliances for cooking in the residential units; there is cable fires threatened. The residents say that this Problem was since the Opening of the property in 2016 to be known as the electricity capacity was not designed into the landscape protection area in which the property is to be of more than 300 people.

The city showed up with a large number of police, to remove all the cooking plates and ovens. From the social welfare Department is to be heard, the danger of fire is so high that you need to bring other residents, if on the same day from the property would have. The residents say there has been an announcement that the device would have to be removed. But after that, the employees of the city would have denied any form of communication, although people have had questions and a translation have errors, the message that the Refugees would have thought they would have to give up all electronic devices. Apparently, miss the officers at the city indicated the uncertainty of the residents as Aggression. Because not all of the herd were immediately released, was the city of the electricity in the property. "Although we have people with electronic ventilator, patient with drugs, which need to be cooled, and milk for babies on-the-spot, we parked in the evening, the power. This was not communicated properly. The current would only be done if all cooking appliances, including microwaves, are from the apartments out. Instead of talking with us, was so exerted pressure on us,“ write the residents.

Date Of Update: 17 July 2020, 03:20

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