Age ovarian of women does not correspond with the identity card

Esther Vivas: "feminism needs to claim the maternity"pregnant women who made long journeys to go to work have more problems in the partoLos children of mother

Age ovarian of women does not correspond with the identity card
Esther Vivas: "feminism needs to claim the maternity"pregnant women who made long journeys to go to work have more problems in the partoLos children of mothers with overweight before pregnancy have a 3 times greater risk of being obese

The female fertility decreases with age, a decline that is most noticeable between 10 and 15 years prior to the menopause, with a decrease in the quantity and quality of the eggs. According to data of the National Statistics Institute (INE), in Spain we have one of the lowest birth rates in the world and, in addition, the Spanish have the first child increasingly later.

the delay in the age of motherhood makes it necessary for an accurate assessment of the ovarian reserve, as 35 years are 10% of the eggs, and the fewer are left, the worse is its quality. "The chronological age of the woman, the one who puts on his ID card, does not correspond with the real age of their ovaries. Women who want to be mothers should know to decide if they want to bring forward the maternity leave, vitrifying their eggs or assume that they will need assisted reproduction treatment with eggs of a donor," explains Dr. Marisa López-Teijón, director of Institut Marquès.

why not reported before?

get to Know the ovarian reserve is necessary to estimate a reproductive age beyond the chronological, since frequently both ages do not match. Many women discover this too late.

today, the clinical marker of choice is the concentration of hormone antimülleriana (AMH), which is obtained through a simple blood test. This hormone is produced by cells of the ovarian follicles and does not vary during the menstrual cycle and it is necessary to make analytic on an empty stomach.

How to know the ovarian reserve?

For the first time, and thanks to a study conducted by Institut Marquès and Laboratory Echevarne and presented in the 35th National Training SEGO, it is possible to accurately assess the fertility of women in Spain. "Clinical utility of hormone antimülleriana in the prediction of the age ovarian in Spain" is the name of the study, in which we have included the values of AMH of Spanish women from 11 autonomous communities. In the broad sample, in which have participated 10.443 women between 20 and 45 years of age, differences are observed in the levels of the hormone antimülleriana among the autonomous communities, but we did not observe any pattern that may explain it.

In this work, published in "Progress in Obstetrics and Gynecology", official Journal of the Spanish Society of Gynecology (SEGO), values are determined of the hormone antimülleriana in the Spanish population in function of the chronological age to obtain through them an estimate of your ovarian reserve.

The results show major differences with the previously published in other countries. This could be due to the lack of standardization of the methodology for its measurement, or to environmental factors, or associated with the race.

Institut Marquès has drawn up some tables of great utility and easy to use that you can download any woman . They are also at the disposal of the gynecologist in the section of Sterility and Infertility of SEGO.

In conclusion, the reference values of AMH obtained allow to inform women of their ovarian reserve and their rate of fertility. Can be used to counsel a patient about their chances of success in an ovarian stimulation, to vitrify oocytes or undergo a treatment of in vitro fertilization (IVF). Now also the own interested can access these tables and learn first-hand about their age ovarian real.

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Updated Date: 03 October 2019, 07:00



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