Alban Lenoir, the glimmer of hope film action French

A "jaws" movie, that's for sure. But at first glance, it is difficult to form an opinion on Alban Lenoir. Behind this physical, rough-and this square jaw ? A

Alban Lenoir, the glimmer of hope film action French

A "jaws" movie, that's for sure. But at first glance, it is difficult to form an opinion on Alban Lenoir. Behind this physical, rough-and this square jaw ? A personality is jovial and enthusiastic. An atypical profile perfectly employee in his young career. And today, thanks to his friend Simon Astier, actor 39-year-old tried his hand at comedy through sketches and television series.

it All really starts in 2005 with Kaamelott, in which he played a Ferghus limited and naive. It then creates the series Hero Corp, Simon Astier and launches into this fantastic adventure and humorous. From 2008 to 2017, it plays the role of Klaus 'Force Mustang", a rough character, and yet touching. Other roles offered to him between the time, always anchored in a hint of comedy like in the movie The Kids or the series Lazy Company.

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The year 2015 will become a turning point of his career thanks to the feature-length of Diastema, A French. With her interpretation of the role senior Marco Lopez, an actor is named to the Revelations of the Caesars in 2016. Since then, Alban Lenoir participates in projects more attractive whose dramatic compositions. The public reviews, so the actor in such films as anti-Gang, The Sower, angel face, or even Weeds.

With The Intervention in 2019, Alban Lenoir gained a solid reputation in the movie action with this feature-length film inspired by the first operation of the GIGN. But nothing prevents to accept diverse projects such as the comedy-drama Shrimp with sequins or yet the series horror Marianne on Netflix. Of the works opposed by their style, but also by the performances of Alban Lenoir. "For my choice of casting, I don't ask me any questions. I don't tell myself that I might get trapped in such kind of cinema."

"stray Bullet is one of my best experiences,"

"What interests me is what I experienced on Lost Ball, a true symbiosis with the director through meetings and scenarios." This line grows Alban Lenoir to continue in the action film with a Lost Ball. "In the first reading the script, I was immediately enthusiastic," says the actor. He sang Lino, a small mechanical genius known for its car-rams. When he gets caught by the police, he was offered a deal : work for them in order to stop the go fast. Nine months later, Lino has proven its. But when he is wrongly accused of a murder, he has no other choice than to find the unique proof of its innocence : the ball of the crime, stuck in a car disappeared.

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With Lost Ball, it is mainly the dream of a true action movie that is being accomplished. "I knew the director Guillaume Pierret a little before this film, tells the story of Alban Lenoir. He had made a short film in 2009 titled Surrender and we had been talking on MySpace. Meanwhile, he has released another short called the Matriarch and I wanted to not have appealed to me on this project. But he returned 10 years later with this scenario of Lost Ball by telling me that he was thinking of me and that if I was hot ... This movie, as much for him as for me, it is a childhood dream."

This collaboration explosive is above all a new experience for Alban Lenoir as, he is involved in the scenario : "My role is to be involved from the beginning to the end. With Guillaume Pierret, has the same vision on the process of creating a film. Nothing is above the film, there is neither ego, nor compromise, nor ambition downgraded. The only boss this is the final rendering that is to say, the movie".

It all went so well with the filming, the actors, Netflix as it is destabilizing.

Alban Lenoir

The talent of the director Guillaume Pierret and the experience of the trays Alban Lenoir create a duet at the service of the film. "We have only one desire, and that is to make new projects together and didn't leave her," admits the actor. He surrounds himself with a cast of four stars with Stefi Celma and Sébastien Lalanne, two of the actors with whom he had already played in the Gang unit, as well as Nicolas Duvauchelle, Rod Paradot or Ramzy Bédia with whom they had promised to run for a long time. "We had met the night of the Césars in france, and he told me that he adored me and that he wanted to work with me. Four years later, I come up with the scenario of Lost Ball and he immediately said yes. Ramzy told me : "Dude, it's been 20 years that I wait until someone offers me an action movie" so everything is done with perfect fluidity".

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"It went so well with the filming, the actors, Netflix... as it is destabilizing. Lost ball is one of my best experiences," says Alban Lenoir. The actor hoped that the film will revive the action cinema to the French in the dark rooms, while keeping a certain humility. "It wasn't a masterpiece but it was a real entertainment that respects the public, as much as we do, we are the largest public of this kind of movie."

"It is important to do things well"

Alban Lenoir measure its chance of being offered various roles, regardless of gender. It is found on the plates of a telefilm for Arte, stopped temporarily because of the outbreak of coronavirus. The actor is also expected in the film of Veronica Cratzborn, The Forest of my father, due July 8, 2020, with Ludivine Sagnier. And then he will find a new time Netflix with a comedy science-fiction-Jean-Pierre Jeunet called BigBug. For the suite, malicious, it responds with a broad smile, "the rest, I'll keep it to myself".

waiting for the end of the epidemic and the resumption of the shooting, the happiness of Alban Lenoir takes when even not on his impatience, "whatever happens, I always try to see the good side of things. There's nothing we can do, take care of our elders, of our children, but us also. With Guillaume Pierret, has lived in confinement differently because we were in the June 19, in the head." All excited, the actor does not forget that the return to normal will take time, particularly shootings.

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"When you told me that it will be necessary to turn to a meter, it is absurd, judge Alban Lenoir. I prefer to do nothing, bite the bullet and wait for it to be able to swing taking all available precautions. Before resuming the shoot with Arte, I will quatorzaine because I have one or two intimate scenes in the film and that it is important to do things well." In the continuity of a year 2019 successful, Alban Lenoir promises through his projects never fall in the facility and why not, to give a new impetus to the French cinema.

Date Of Update: 16 June 2020, 04:47

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