Albares asks unity in Congress against Russia: Do not negotiate under threat

Spain will be on alert and will maintain its deployment in the Balkans and in the Black Sea responding to the unanimous strategy that have agreed on NATO and Eu

Albares asks unity in Congress against Russia: Do not negotiate under threat

Spain will be on alert and will maintain its deployment in the Balkans and in the Black Sea responding to the unanimous strategy that have agreed on NATO and European Union partners to respond to Russian threat on Ukraine, an "illegal" pressure situation. Under which "can not be negotiated". Thus, the Foreign Minister, José Manuel Albares, was expressed, in the congress of the deputies, where he asked for the support and "unity" of all the groups because he stressed: "We must be prepared to act at any time."

The backrest, dyed with some reproaches, arrived mainly from the hand of the opposition: PP, citizens, Vox and also the PNV. A support that albares, at least in the case of the PP, did not want to recognize.

The minister, who has deployed numerous contacts in the last days both outside and within Spain, has expressed, according to knowledgeable sources of them, the maximum concern that European allies harbor. The prospects that are shuffled, ensure, are "two or three weeks of peace and then ... we will see." The uncertainty regarding the next steps of Moscow is enormous. The general feeling in diplomatic circles is the "critical moment".

The outdoor holder had to face the criticism of parliamentary forces. Those willing to support the Government, such as the PP, to understand that it is Pedro Sánchez who must give explanations on this matter at the headquarters of sovereignty, in addition to clarifying the differences that exist on the Council of Ministers.

And those of their parliamentary partners, including the minor executive member, united we can, who prefer to fly the non-war banner and require the Government, as ERC or BNG, to discard any "militaristic" temptation and adopt a position of "neutrality"; Or Bildu, who rejects any "belic career" insisting that "is time for fire and not of pyromaniacs", or the Cup, who discards backing any initiative sponsored by NATO.

The Purities lamented the expansion of the Atlantic Alliance to the East and attributed to the US a management of the situation according to their interests that could end up in a warlike conflict in European territory. "Spain is the country of 'not to war'", insisted its spokesman, willing to support a strategy far from the "drums of war".

Criticisms also extended to the fact that Spain has not participated in the latest high-level contacts between allies that have gathered the US, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Italy and Poland. This gave rise so that a group, like JXCAT, PP or VOX, questioned the international weight of Spain.

The head of diplomacy advocated defending the territorial integrity and independence of Ukraine against Russia. And he noticed that if Moscow does not accept the dialogue and distension path and persists in his attack on the sovereignty of Kiev, the allies will respond with a "package of massive, forceful and credible measures". A package that, however, refused to give details.

Threat is what the outdoor holder and his counterparts perceive in Moscow, embarked on a massive troop deployment at the Ukrainian borders. The minister insisted that NATO and EU partners are "fully united" at this situation of tension and the strategy that they claim to deploy for a first phase, the current one, of dialogue matched with an effort of "dissuasion" with The one that is intended to make Vladimir Putin understand that an attack on Ukraine will suppose a "massive cost".

In this way, the objective passes, as he explained, for getting Russia to refrain from giving any step that attempts against the sovereignty and independence of Ukraine. Albares assured, however, that, if necessary, the allies will respond without hesitation. Advance and take new steps in this strategy only depends, he said, of the decisions that Moscow took. It is on its roof where Spain puts all the responsibility of the current crisis.

"It is not a situation that we have sought, but it is the situation we have to face," said the minister, for whom Russian lawsuits are "unacceptable", "violate international legality" and are a "threat to the peace". Namely: Isolate Ukraine from the West Blocking NATO's expansion and consecrating an area of military control in the old Soviet territory.

At the moment, the Government does not propose an evacuation scenario of residents residents in Ukraine. What it does maintain is the need to reinforce the deployment of the effectiveness with respect to parliamentary authorizations.

Thus, he explained that the deployment has occurred in NATO territory and in international waters, but not in Ukraine, which is not a partner of the Alliance. "These decisions are our commitment to European security that is our own safety," said Albare.

Date Of Update: 25 January 2022, 19:52

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