Alberto Fernández seeks to survive as president after the ultimatum of Kirchner

During two presidencies and eight years (2007-2015), Cristina Fernández de Kirchner was omnipresent for Argentines based on "national chains", which is how th

Alberto Fernández seeks to survive as president after the ultimatum of Kirchner

During two presidencies and eight years (2007-2015), Cristina Fernández de Kirchner was omnipresent for Argentines based on "national chains", which is how the speeches that, by law must be mutually retransmitted For all television channels and radios. Cristina did not stop talking, no one could doubt what she thought and what she wanted Cristina.

Everything changed as of 2019, when it became vice president of the nation, institutionally institutionally the "number two" of President Alberto Fernández. Cristina no longer spoke. Without press conferences, without interviews and with very few speeches, his happened to be the epistolary genre since the presidency of the Senate. It was in long letters open where you could understand what she thought and what she wanted by the Chief of Peronism.

Those letters and the scarious speeches since December 2019 were growing in intensity and level of irritation, until on Thursday night September 16, 2021, the slamming arrived: it was me who put you in the presidency, Alberto, It's time for me to listen to me.

Summary for an extensive letter that contains phrases for amazement, unthinkable by a vice president towards the president, much less in public. But, it is known, the scriptwriters of "House of Cards" and "Borgen" be depressed every time they look at Argentina. Their scripts had great doses of imagination, but if they really wanted to reach unattainable summits they would have to have hired the Argentine vice president as a consultant.

"When I made the decision, and I do it in the first person of the singular because it was really like that, of proposing Alberto Fernández as a candidate for president of all the Argentines and the Argentines, I did it with the conviction that it was the best for my homeland . I only ask the president to honor that decision, "says one of the central paragraphs of the letter that shook the whole country and took on foot changed to the government.

"Since I am not a liar and much less hypocritical (I never say in public what I do not sustain private and vice versa), I must mention that during the year 2021 I had 19 work meetings in (the presidential residence of) olive trees with the president of the nation . See you there and not in the Rosada house at Mía proposal and with the intention of avoiding any kind of speculation and media operation of institutional wear. "

The letter is full of criticism and indications about how Fernández should be ruled, a large procrastinator of politics: it usually takes days, weeks and months necessary decisions, and this political crisis in which the Vice-President empties the government withdrawing its high Charges is no exception.

"I'm going to order the cabinet and end this discussion," said Fernández on Friday morning to the Web 'El Desapepa' after a long night next to his narrower circle in which he analyzed what way to follow: local media coincide in It will seek to contempor, give up "own" ministers in exchange for Cristina yields some of her, and try to move forward. The first curve in the rugged Road Argentina is that of November 14, when the parliamentary elections will presumably confirm the historic and wide defeat that peronism suffered in the primaries last Sunday.

There are observers who even believe that one is before a cycle end. "The last creature of Cristina Kirchner advances towards a premature and self-generated sunset," the nation's Political Analyst Claudio Jacquelin.

The exit in thromba of the Vice President is closely related to its judicial situation. Processed in several causes, the fact that Argentine justice reacts and is activated from the new political winds is a very dangerous fact for Fernández de Kirchner. It is also why he desperately seeks politically reorienting the government to avoid being in a situation of weakness in Parliament.

And while Fernández, the president, decides what he wants to do with the position for which he was voted by 48% of the Argentines less than two years ago, another data became evident: the front of all, electoral brand of Peronism, is not A coalition, which is what was being proclaimed since 2019. It exists, and ceases to exist, when Cristina Kirchner decides.

Updated Date: 21 September 2021, 04:21

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