Alberto Garzón keeps the pulse to the PSOE and assures that he spoke as a minister about the meat: What I said is impeccable

"It's not the first time you do it." The controversial words of the minister of consumption, Alberto Garzón, in the British press on the quality of the mea

Alberto Garzón keeps the pulse to the PSOE and assures that he spoke as a minister about the meat: What I said is impeccable

"It's not the first time you do it." The controversial words of the minister of consumption, Alberto Garzón, in the British press on the quality of the meat produced by Spain have unleashed a political gale that has led the Government to unauthorize his statements, to the opposition to demand his departure from the Executive and to the Livestock sector to study legal actions against him.

A crisis that has led to the government president, Pedro Sánchez, and the second vice president, Yolanda Díaz, have talked in recent hours about the recent controversy, of which the Minister does not retract: "What I said is impeccable" , he has said hours later in a chain interview being in which he added that the United Leader can also defend his message, "which is a drawer".

Previously, several socialist ministers publicly unauthorized Garzón. "The Government's position on this topic has left it very clear on other occasions, starting by the President of the Government, which has set up its position in favor in favor of the livestock sector", the Education Minister, Pilar Joy, which, in statements in the program of Carlos Alsina more than one, on Dereach, has reduced declarations "on a personal title" the words of Garzón in an interview granted to The Guardian.

However, despite the disavownce Garzón has reiterated that he spoke as a minister of consumption and representing the government, "as it could not be otherwise," since in his statements he addressed themes of his "competence". He does not regret, then, of the comments discharged in the interview.

In it, also the United Left Leader charged against the performance of the macrogranjas in Spain: "They find a town in a depopulated part of Spain and put 4,000, or 5,000, or 10,000 heads of livestock. They contaminate the soil, contaminate water and Then they export this poorly quality meat of battered animals. "

By these statements, the opposition has claimed the cessation of Garzón in Tromba for this new "attack" to the livestock sector in our country and deteriorate the image of Spain abroad. "You can not follow a more sitting minute in the Council of Ministers," Pendro Sánchez said from the Popular Party.

The popular believe that with these comments, the export levels of meat abroad are in danger. An "unacceptable" attitude for a member of the executive, as defined by the leader of the opposition, Pablo Married.

However, joy has insisted that Garzón has at no time has exposed "the position of the Government", but has been expressed in a personal way, something that has already happened at other times, and that the approval of the common agricultural policy (PAC ) It is a sign of government commitment to the field.

Thus, the government defends that Alberto Garzón expressed himself in personal terms in the interview he gave The Guardian and in which he was asked, priority, on the management of his department. It has said joy and has ratified it hours after the executive spokeswoman, Isabel Rodríguez, who has defined as a "personal perception" of Garzón, the comment of him about Spain export of poor quality meat from battered animals.

"Not only do we adjust to all the quality standards that the European Union conditions us, but our country issues products of high quality, of excellence from the point of view of the quality of our meats," Rodríguez manifested, "on behalf From the government ", in statements to the sixth and without going to assess whether Garzón must resign or be dismissed.

After practically a day of silence, since the purple sector in the Council of Ministers has defended the Minister, although not to mention it. The Second Vice President of the Government, Yolanda Díaz, has published a message in networks in which he has considered that "our country must continue betting on sustainable livestock" and "denounce those minority practices that aggravate the climate crisis," as the leader of IU

A justification that does not serve the opposition, which he recalls that Garzón was interviewed as government minister. For this reason, citizens announced at the last minute of this Tuesday that it will present various parliamentary initiatives to clarify this controversy, including the request for the appearance of the Minister of Agriculture, Luis Flat, as well as the Minister of Consumption, of which he will be asked too Your reprobation

In Vox, which on other occasions has also denounced the actions and campaigns of Garzón against the livestock sector, it has been said that this is proof that the Government "hates Spain": "It is outrageous that a minister dedicates himself to pointing out and discrediting To our farmers, "has been criticized since the match led by Santiago Abascal.

Garzón, on the other hand, has subsequently defended his words and explained that a "Bulo" is spreading -Something that has also expressed united we can defend the minister - and that the interview was cut for reasons of space, issues that the right He is ignoring to load against him. However, criticism has not only come from opposition, and even autonomous socialist presidents have denounced the words of the Garzón.

"It can not be a minister of Spain or one more day," demanded the president of Aragon, the socialist Javier Lamban, after knowing the "unfortunate and foolish statements" of the holder of consumption. A cessation that also claimed the popular Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, president of Castilla y León: "Sánchez can not keep in the government of him who endangers an essential activity" for this territory as the livestock.

Some reactions to which on Wednesday, another socialist regional leader has joined: the president of Castilla-La Mancha, Emiliano García-page. "You can not make a negative propaganda of such an important sector abroad. Our meat fulfills all control standards and is top quality", he said. For this reason, page, which has already charged above against Garzón's management, has claimed the "rectification" of the minister.

Also from Extremadura, it has been negatively reacted to the attitude of Garzón. The Board spokesman, the Socialist Juan Antonio González, has reiterated the "immense quality" of the livestock of the region and recalled that "already in his day" the autonomous president, Guillermo Fernández Vara, invited the Minister of Consumption to It will move to Extremadura to "Check how in the dehesa extremely livestock has the best of qualities". Since the Government of Cantabria has also been requested by a rectification after a few comments "nefaros" by Garzón.

The response of several regional presidents and the bloc opposition is accompanied by a forceful reaction, also, from the livestock sector, which has reproached Garzón's attitude in the British press and has announced legal action against him.

The Carnica employer, Anafric, warned Garzón that, if it does not rectify, will undertake legal actions: "Enough already to endure insults from this Lord," was explained this Tuesday.

Some reproaches that, in parallel, have taken place in other agricultural groupings, such as Asaja, Agrarian Unións (UUAA) or the UAGN livestock agricultural union, among others, has asked for explanations to the United Left Leader or, on the contrary, you must leave the Government .

For its part, the Spanish Confederation of Food Manufacturers for Animals (CESFAC) has asked the Minister of Agriculture, Luis Flat, who defends the sector in case Garzón does not retract from his comments.

Updated Date: 07 January 2022, 17:09

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