Alberto Horado's daring and unpublished will

To enjoy these 45 pieces of Alberto Heart that nobody saw more than him we must ascend through that serpent street, in slope and very long, where he waged the S

Alberto Horado's daring and unpublished will

To enjoy these 45 pieces of Alberto Heart that nobody saw more than him we must ascend through that serpent street, in slope and very long, where he waged the Spanish artistic vanguard in the 1960s. Those young people with thin ties and straight pants tracked the rules of game from the labyrinthine rooms of the hung houses of basin. Zobel was the admiral and between the crew were the Torner, Saura, Rueda, Bonifacio, Guerrero, Mompó ... was not in that foundational photo of 1966 Alberto Heart because it was nothing more than a shrimp in this art but now it's a neighbor of Those illustrious sailors from the beautiful house Zavala. All for him.

Until December 15 you can contemplate up to 60 works by artist (designer, painter, sculptor, writer) Alberto Heart (1942-2021), mostly unpublished, in that caravel on land that looks at the Hoz of the Júcar River. Organized by the Collection Roberto Polo-Center for Contemporary Art of Castilla-La Mancha and curated by Rafael Sierra and the writer Ana Arambarri, widow of heart, on those three plants the restless and surprising fantasy of who was a curious man, tenacious And without edges.

Sleepy yellow flames as a plant from which the word silence is sprouting (2004) are the first flash of exposure. They are in the landing of the stairs that will lead to several stays at different heights where it is intuited since everything may be possible. Some works in lead and bronze are the appetizer of those splendid, gigantic, which rule and expand, as a mineral pier.13 H (2002), two meters by 1.30. It draws attention, and restless, the canvas conversation: Two empty armchairs look at a suspended staircase. Inside, this legend: "Like a blind / hand they have taken me / hand." Overwhelms by the silence of the room, because it seems a metaphor of feeling blind despite seeing.

Impressed, for its power, because it bursts over the white background, great red still life (2002). And in front of the enormity of that blind fire, a table of the artist (2010): the intimacy collected and recovery of Alberto Heart and so many others. Showing him shows us the others. There are rules, brushes, glasses, notebooks, books, paint tubes ... and next door, dark night (2003), a river of black wrinkles, the wound depth of dreams, the nightmares that wave the nocturnality, the Restless consciousness

All the exhibition, which has been titled Alberto Heart. The poacher, is the intimate work of the artist, who had saved for him. Both reduced and gigantic format: each work, according to its purpose. And all the themes of him: "The still life, the tables, the cliffs, which were the dreams of him and the utopia of him," explains Ana Arambarri in a video.

And in the center of a room, suddenly, the scores of chose, that Alfredo Aracil composed in his memory and could hear himself in the tribute he gave up at the Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando on October 18, From which he was a member since 2006. he explains it for this newspaper Ana Arambarri. «Alfredo composed the work with the luminous frequency of five headlights that translated to musical notes, five important lighthouses in Alberto's life: that of San Vicente de la Barquera, where he had been with Alberto Méndez [the author of the unforgettable novel the sunflowers Blind], Table Roldán, near bitter water (Almería), where they approached with a boat; Another in Mallorca, because Alberto lived there a season as Secretary of Robert Graves; that of Venice, because he exhibited there, and one of Asturias. " The work of Aracil, for piano alone, is designed for, while listening, on a screen, works and words drawn from heart appear.

Arambarri comments now what the visitor will find in Cuenca: "The strength of his strokes, those colors that I was telling him that sometimes they were rabid, because of his strength: those red, those greens. Those sinuous, tortuous strokes. It is the inside self. And if I have to choose, I am left with its cliffs, with that stage of rupture, with those fires. The cliffs are their inner silence. Instead, the still lifes are more pictures to share. "

Nor did the denunciation of Alberto Heart, his commitment, did not forget. Here is Aleppo (2016), two fruits? Dark with a burning interior, a flame that has not yet been extinguished; Perhaps the suggestion, or desire, that everything has not been lost.

But what predominates are vivacious, cheerful colors. Disinhibited works of shapes and strokes. There is stillness, calm, but also movement. The algarca of life. The beam and the underside. As the picture still (2014), a car? That flees on flames on the black background on the left and, in the other two thirds of oil, which could be rescue, tongues of fire, burning language. And behind this same, another work, entitled Still life, departed by the frame table.

"He never looked back," says Arambarri. A man in motion. Between search and audacity.

Date Of Update: 02 November 2021, 22:19

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