Alejandro Sanz: I spent it especially wrong in some stages of my school life

Today, December 10, Alejandro Sanz (52) has launched its twelfth studio album entitled Sanz. A tribute to the beginnings of him, to the neighborhood of his mo

Alejandro Sanz: I spent it especially wrong in some stages of my school life

Today, December 10, Alejandro Sanz (52) has launched its twelfth studio album entitled Sanz. A tribute to the beginnings of him, to the neighborhood of his moratalaz of him, at the age of 30 career and even the neighborhood of his childhood. "I think this album is the result of all the previous ones. Artists always like to say 'The latter is the best album of my career', but is that we really feel it that way, on this occasion, because, with This album, I have recovered the illusion of when I made my first productions, as well as that freedom not to notice the numbers ... the truth is that I never pretended to be famous, nor succeed. What I wanted was to make songs and live From what I liked. That was my need. And that's what I've tried to capture here, "he said during a press conference.

Eye, Sanz does not want anyone to understand that, for years, he has been a prisoner of the figures or the demands of the industry. "Let's see! That, in reality, I have never turned away from my essence, I'm saying this to look for tension," he said between laughter, and then reveal how important the profession and vocation of him throughout his history has been. . "Music is the love of my life ... there are people who say 'I die by music'. But living for music is much more beautiful ... and I want to make music without fear, because doing it with fear is the worst What can you do, I do not think anyone does a song fearing the result ... Music has to be love, freedom and risk, but not because there are risks, but because that is the essence of music, "he said.

On the other hand, Alejandro also emphasized the importance of creating songs that tell stories. Moreover, if they are the personnel of an artist. "Let's say that all the songs that one writes are autobiographical, but sometimes one puts them other names because he does not want to reveal so much of his life ... but this is an autobiographical record, who takes my surname of title. I found a good option, because it was a way to underline the theme of self-portrait. It shows the fact that I'm looking at a mirror, "he mentioned. But what exactly is Sanz see when he observes the reflection of him? "Well, I see 30 years of effort and work, my neighborhood, who has become an emotional pilgrimage for me ... and the boy who was when young, returning a smile," he confessed.

During the presentation, Sanz repeated numerous times that he has great memories of his childhood. However, he also revealed that during the school season he did not have such a good time. He though he would not dare to talk about bullying or abuse, directly. "There are things that I do not remember from school and I do not know if it was evident physical abuse, but I felt very bad in many circumstances. Even so, I had a skill to project security and then I had the guitar, which is an invincible weapon. She did me musician ... And the musicians do not split his hands! He also evaded with music. But yes ... I must admit that I spent it especially wrong in some stages. At that time there was no consciousness about certain Problems that then did not seem important ... and now you realize that there are things that affected you more than the account, "he said.

As a result, Alejandro tries that his children grow healthy, happy and without worries. At least, without worrying that his father expects them to become singers or appear in the videos of him. "I can not include both the little ones in the videos, if I did, it would be child exploitation! But my children are always part of what I do, they are my inspiration. For example, Alexander is writing songs. It's a very talented uncle And next year it will enter the music school. Berkeley, probably. On the other hand, Manuela is with her brand of clothing. It is talented, hardworking. In fact, when I call her to make a facetime, on Saturdays, it is always In the studio, working. And the little ones ... are very small yet. But I can count that Dylan has talent for football ... In short, to do whatever they want and that they are happy, "he said.

And what about the future of the Sanz himself? The interpreter ensures that he will continue to sing, creating and innovating. But always supported in the origins of him, which were those who, finally, took him to success. "I think that to have wings, you have to have good roots. And the more international you want to be, the more you have to keep you. That's why this album is. When I started I dreamed of being a day, 30 years later, chatting on a wheel press and now I dream that this dream is never over. This 2021 was a good year, after living months so difficult, I have been able to dedicate myself to making an album that I really wanted and this is the result. So I have all The desire to start 2022, to get on a scenario and that they do not drop me with hot water, "he concluded from the School of Music of Moratalaz, the first scenario to which he got on his life.

Date Of Update: 09 December 2021, 23:14

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