Alfonso ten anonymous life

This Tuesday, October 5, a decade of an event that copied the Chronicle Rosa is fulfilled: At 85, the deceased Duchess of Alba was married for the third time wi

Alfonso ten anonymous life

This Tuesday, October 5, a decade of an event that copied the Chronicle Rosa is fulfilled: At 85, the deceased Duchess of Alba was married for the third time with the official Palentino Alfonso ten caravant, 24 years younger than her. A controversial love that began in 2008 after coinciding Cayetana in a Madrid cinema with Alfonso, who was a friend of her second husband, Jesús Aguirre. Nor the media scandal that originated by the age and status difference of her boyfriend, nor the raw opposition of her six children dissuade Cayetana from marrying the man from whom she, already octogenary, had fallen in love . The aristocrat, who resorted to King Juan Carlos himself to mediate in the favor of her, finally achieved the consent of her children after distributing her the heritage of her in her life.

The link took place in the Chapel of the Palace of Dueñas in Seville, where marriage was attended, officiated by the priest Ignacio Sánchez Dalp, friend of the Duchess. It brought together thirty guests, among which there were two remarkable absences: that of Eugenia, daughter of the Duchess, suffering from Varicella, and her brother Jacobo, who alleged a trip, although the relationship with her mother was very tense for heritage . The godmother was Carmen Tello, wife of Curro Romero, who was dressed in mantilla and a red dress of Victorio & Lucchino. These modest were also artificial decoration of the church with white and roses carnations, matching the model they created for the duchess with pebble neckline and sleeves, embroidered with Lace from Valencienne. Cayetana, euphoric, at the end of the ceremony, was marked a rumbita that the Sevillian group always toll out and, then, the banquet was served in one of the halls of owners.

The Duchess died of pneumonia three years later, on November 20, 2014, caught from the hand of Alfonso, which dismissed her a sea of tears. In those years, the couple had followed in the media focus and the maidicencies on them did not cease, although Alfonso had an unpachable behavior. However, not a few a few augurous that, after the Duchess disappear, he would take his feet from the pot, using his title of Duke's Dawn to escalate socially and economically.

Nothing further from reality, because it immediately disappeared from the forestra, even declining Carlos's invitation, Duke de Alba, to spend his first Christmas Eve without Cayetana in Liria. He rejected succulent sums for going to televisions or publishing the memories of him, being rare until he saw him in the magazines of the heart, except every November 20 at the funeral by the Duchess at the Sevillian Church of the Christ of the Gypsies. He only failed in 2020 as one of him was very serious for Coronavirus and caught so scary that he was reclined at home.

Despite its elegant behavior, no one doubts that his wedding with Cayetana supposed a radical change of status, especially economic. At the pension of him as a retirement of the National Institute of Social Security united the one who left him Cayetana, of about 3,000 euros per month, as well as the housing of Sanlúcar they bought. Something that allowed him to move from his 90-meter tub in the Chamberí neighborhood to another 200 meters in the same neighborhood, one of the most exclusive in Madrid.

Little comes out, most of the time you walk with your dog or the gym, because it takes a lot of its appearance, so much that in 2018 I raise a great controversy when it appears in the Sales Square with the rejuvenated face and signs of an aesthetic retouching. It does not consist that there is rehered the sentimental life of him, in Madrid he frequents his always, often marriages, with whom he goes to the cinema, concerts, to dinner or meet at him where he organizes film projections.

Sometimes it escapes to Seville, where he lived with Cayetana and is still in touch with friends of La Duchess, such as Carmen Tello and Curro Romero or Duke of Segorbe, son of the Duchess of Medinaceli, in whose hotel the houses of the Jewish, property Of that family, it is usually staying. The most frequent place is Palencia, where part of its 11 brothers reside, whom it was always very close, although it lost two of them in 2017. Precisely in the Plaza de Toros de Palencia, it was seen on September 2, Feast of San Antolín, where he went to see Roca Rey and Pablo Aguado accompanied by two friends.

Date Of Update: 05 October 2021, 05:04

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