Alibaba, the conquest of the world following the withdrawal of Jack Ma

Jack Ma leaves the presidency of the giant Alibaba to devote to the filantropíaJack Ma: "Alibaba is not the Amazon chinese, helps companies to become Amazon",

Alibaba, the conquest of the world following the withdrawal of Jack Ma
Jack Ma leaves the presidency of the giant Alibaba to devote to the filantropíaJack Ma: "Alibaba is not the Amazon chinese, helps companies to become Amazon", Jack Ma (Alibaba) defends the working day "996" of 12 hours and six days a week

As had been announced just a year ago, the tycoon chinese Jack Ma withdrew this week from the presidency of the giant of internet sales Alibaba . I did it just the day they met 55 years and for Ma, one of the richest men in Asia, it must have been the best gift: time to devote to what he loves most, philanthropy and education.

With a fortune estimated at 41.000 million dollars (37,000 million euros), is "retiring", leaving behind a legend in the world of business. Founded just two decades, your company is not only one of the most valuable in the world with a market capitalization of 462.000 million dollars (418.000 euros in millions) according to Bloomberg, but that symbolizes the economic progress of China and has changed its market and consumption habits.

Though Jack Ma will continue on the board of directors until the shareholders meeting next year and will then be a life member of Alibaba, you leave this empire of e-commerce in the hands of Daniel Zhang , 47-year-old. After relieving Ma as ceo years ago, Zhang has led the expansion of Alibaba and some of its most important operations, such as the output record on the Stock exchange in Wall Street in 2014 and the rise of the "Day of the Bachelor" as well as the greater world day of internet sales, which last year raised $ 213.500 million yuan (27.000 million euros). As challenges for the future, ahead is the slowdown of the chinese economy, compounded by the trade war with the united States, and a landscape increasingly competitive in new technologies. To address them, in the shade you will be supporting Jack Ma, who in June visited Spain and gave an exclusive interview to ABC where it showed their interests in humanistic and reviewed his business achievements.

New challenges

After having converted to Alibaba in the symbol of e-commerce in China and competing with Amazon and eBay, the next step is to embark on the conquest of the rest of the world as a signature avant-garde technological, informs the newspaper "South China Morning Post", which belongs to the company. "We must make even more progress on our three strategies, which are globalization, to serve the domestic needs, the "Big Data" and cloud," pleaded Daniel Zhang this week in the macrofiesta organized in the stadium of Hangzhou, the headquarters of the company, to say goodbye to Jack Ma.

With 60,000 employees dressed in white t-shirts with the logo of Alibaba, the tycoon showed off her face more relaxed, posing like a rocker in a gala with musical performances and speeches of appreciation to their customers. "Today it is not about the withdrawal of Jack Ma, but on the principle of a system of succession. Today it is not about the decision of a person, but on the success of a system", declared for delirium of the public.

Born in 1964 in the beautiful city of Hangzhou, southwest of Shanghai, Jack Ma has been enriched with the e-commerce under the unstoppable economic growth of China, but it is not the typical mogul to use. Character restless in his youth was about aliens that visited your city, famous tourist destination thanks to its beautiful West Lake , to learn English. Despite their curiosity, or because she was suspended two times, the Selectivity to china before entering the Normal University of Hangzhou, where he graduated as a teacher of English.

Jack Ma will continue on the board of directors until 2020 and then it will be a life member of Alibaba

According to her official biography, her first contact with internet was in 1995, when he visited a friend in Usa . On your computer you typed "beer" (beer) and was surprised to not find any links in chinese. Sensing that the future was there, on his return to China he borrowed money from his sister and rode with 7,000 yuan (about 600 euros of that time) a portal of yellow pages that was not successful, but laid the foundations of Alibaba.

After passing by the Ministry of Commerce chinese, where he met on one of his visits to Peking, the co-founder of Yahoo, Jerry Yang , Ma created Alibaba in 1999. Even though the world attending astonished to prick the bubble of the "dot-com crash" on Wall Street, he and his 17 other partners gathered a capital of us $ 60,000 (€52,000) , a fortune at that time in China. To immortalize the moment of the foundation, which took place in his apartment in Hangzhou, until they recorded a video with your "humble" intent: to last at least 102 years to perpetuate itself in three centuries. Since then, Jack Ma has been a visionary in a country that is living through the greatest transformation in its history thanks to its frenetic economic growth.

With more than 100,000 employees in 30 business units, Alibaba has been extended from the "electronic commerce" until the financial technology, logistics, information technology and entertainment. For 2036, your goal is to serve 2,000 millions of consumers and help to create a hundred million jobs in ten million small and medium-sized enterprises, the dream of the "retired" Jack Ma .

Date Of Update: 15 September 2019, 13:00

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