All against Carrie

All fingers point to Carrie Johnson. And more now after the First Lady advance, the book on the "intrigues" in Downing Street signed by the billionaire and co

All against Carrie

All fingers point to Carrie Johnson. And more now after the First Lady advance, the book on the "intrigues" in Downing Street signed by the billionaire and conservative Lord Michael Ashcroft, which reaches a controversial conclusion in the mouth of one of the nearest Premier Allies in its own Cabinet: "The number one problem of Boris is Carrie". Citing anonymous sources, and preceded by a tendency to "twist" reality, Lord Ashcroft has been headed at Boris Johnson's harassment and tear campaign (57 years old) for his weakest flank: that of his young wife of 33 Years and mother of his two children, accused of having destabilized emotionally and exercising at the same time an almost hypnotic power over his government decisions, with the disastrous results that we are already seeing. "Johnson does not know how to say" no "to Carrie," he warns one of the confidant anonymous of him from him to Lord Ashcroft, in the sonada pre-publication of the book of him in The Mail on Sunday. "I would say that it is trapped in an emotionally disruptive relationship. In the end, he is afraid of what she says, I think she is dominating him. In private he has come to say:" Do not do anything that can be used for her torture me When I get home. You have to help me. My life in the home is miserable. "Other confesses to have seen Johnson" inventing excuses to not have to go up to the top floor "and warns that his third marriage has become" a toxic relationship ", in contrast to the solidity that His former woman brought him ... "Marina put order in her life, it was like her sure base in a baseball game. Carrie is however a person she is always demanding more than offering. That is the best explanation of the dysfunctionality that has been installed in Downing Street. "The former Dominic Cummings strategist came to accuse Carrie of a constant interference in her husband's decisions, to the point" to send him 89 text messages in One minute ". The testimony picked up by Lord Ashcroft corroborate that version and ensure that" Carrie's whisk "can be heard frequently when Johnson talks to her on the mobile, even when he is gathered with his cabinet. Carrie's control ability arrives To the point of personally use Johnson's phone "to direct and control events", according to Lord Ashcroft a person involved in the 2019 electoral campaign: "Suddenly a message came to us saying that the particular support of a deputy, and the next day we knew that Boris had not written because he told us just the opposite. "Another source emphasizes Johnson's habit of telling him all his wife and calling He immediately followed his team to say that what they just decided was suddenly annulled: "We are going to change this, we are not going to do it anymore." Again and again, Carrie's Veto left her husband's trusted people in the dry dock (like James Wharton, Ellie Lyons or Mimi Macejkova), not to mention the expulsion of Dominic Cummings and all his team (Lee Cain, Oliver Lewis). In return, the First Lady was guaranteed the promotion of his friends as Henry Newman and Josh Girmstone (usual family floor visitors at the number 11 during the confines) or the Chief of Communications Allegra Stratton, the first to resign for the Partygate. "Carrie kills me if I do not give Allegra," he heard Boris Johnson saying on her day. "Carrie can be charming, but she is always making something hidden," reveals another of the anonymous sources at First Lady, which has been disqualified in advance by Downing Street as a collection of "Vile Lies". Among the testimonies of Lord Ashcroft (who already raised ampoules with the biography of Cameron, Call Me Dave) stands out with names and surnames John WhittingDale, former secretary of culture and sport, with whom Carrie Symonds worked before fulfilling the thirty ...

"We are facing the first case of a wife of the Prime Minister committed as an activist and with a knowledge about how politics works, I am sure that Boris and Carrie speak of politics as Cameron did not do it with Samantha or Theresa May with Philip. But Carrie It is very good as a counselor. He worked 15 months with me and I know how good it is. "

The conservative deputy Tracey Grouch also comes out in its defense with a weight argument: "All attacks against it have been quite sexist. It is unfair that the media portrayed it as a Lady Macbeth. It is also a very raw way to attack Boris" .

Date Of Update: 07 February 2022, 08:35

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