Aloma Rodríguez: Literature is the place in which to think evil

I always want to be what I am not, from Aloma Rodríguez has three or four stories about friendships that were lost (some friends are located and others do not,

Aloma Rodríguez: Literature is the place in which to think evil

I always want to be what I am not, from Aloma Rodríguez has three or four stories about friendships that were lost (some friends are located and others do not, but all leave something melancholic). There are also three stories about friends of brothers and brothers of friends who are similar things. The protagonist tends to lie down with them. There are five texts that are memories, vignettes or fantasies of summer family houses. There is a long and more divagatory text that talks about to settle in Madrid, find home, work on whatever, get pregnant and remember Felix Romeo. There are two other texts about Madrid: One on a New Year's Eve next to some friends who may have come late for the life of the narrator and another about a moment of intense intimacy but very ephemeral with a stranger. There is a chronicle of a trip to a congress with a baby hanging in which everyone is lovely but the protagonist never fits. And she ends up on a family scene of confinement that seems like a simple thing but it is not.

Where is the nucleus of all that material? In the friendship? "I think this book is about a woman who is expelled from friendship. It happened to me and I was very sorry. I still miss him so much because I am secta, I never went to the scouts and I still need that big friendship. But there is a moment in which that way of life is broken. Do not choose it, it's coming, "explains Rodríguez.

"There is a text that is called this way we will have aged us that it is about two friends who only speak for messages," he continues. "It's my millennial tale. They talk and discover that the two are pregnant at the same time, that what they believe that what happens only to them is not so unique, in reality, we all follow a vital pattern, more or less the same. In part, discovering it takes away the illusion because you see that you are not unique but it also makes you think that you are not alone, "explains the author.

I always want to be what I'm not talking about the years in which friendship is the center of life, but it does it from outside, from the age of children and work, from the longitude and the need to understand what He passed and what broke at that time. But he does not do it from drama. The protagonist of Aloma Rodríguez, who is more or less the same person, lives the disappointments of adult life with naturalness and humor. She is analytical and kind and makes, almost always, the right thing, but sometimes not.

And that is the other essence of always I want to be .., that melody as an ancient song, greatly lowered. "As a reader, the emphasis is very annoyed, let me know that the important thing is coming. I prefer that things appear naturally ». Annie Ernaux has a role in a story and is an example.

Thus, without emphasis, normal things happen to become moving and tremendous things that narrate sweetly. A girl throws her drunk teens to a well. A pregnant woman, eight-month pregnant fellow, goes to bed with someone's friend and, when she woke up the next day, she does not feel much, no fault, or fullness. They are two disturbing flashes in a soft skin narration. "Literature is the place where you can think of evil. It's for that, in part. It seems that my characters always do the right thing, and that is why they have a part of melancholy. "

There is something more than matter in I always want to be what I am not: time and scenario, which are linked. Adolescence, twenties and adulthood; the peoples of childhood, the discovery of Zaragoza in the years of the race and Madrid, full of suggestions but rather lonely ... "Just as in the book is the tension between friendship and family, there is another tension between the Peoples and the city, which is seen as a longing, almost like an idyllic destination to escape. Many of the stories talk about Madrid, from the neighborhoods of Madrid where I lived. Zaragoza appears more like a reference but, at a time , as a measure of the world. It's funny to think about it. " It is not necessary to be Zaragozano to recognize those scenarios and idealize them from the stories of Instituto de José María Cueto, the stories Felix Romeo, some novel Ignacio Martínez de Pisón, the book of Daniel Gascon on the floor of his grandmother, a song by Sergio Algora ...

And the weather? "From this book I like that it captures the passage of time. How do people change, how do relationships change, all my books could be read more or less as a novel ongoing in which a character is more or less the same and that It would be a kind of me or at least tell things that happen in my life ... ", explains the author. In the end, talking about time is always talking about a riddle trip. "I think this book is a step forward, even if it does not know how to say in what direction, I do not know: When I was young, I was talking very much, I was with that attitude of believing that you arrive and you already know everything. Then you're leaving everything What you do not know, everything you do not know how to do. And it's fine. "

Date Of Update: 07 December 2021, 11:03

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