An Institute of Seville approves the eight suspense of a student who did not even go to class

The Felix Institute Rodríguez de la Fuente de Sevilla has approved a student of 2º of ESO the eight suspended subjects he had even though he did not even go to

An Institute of Seville approves the eight suspense of a student who did not even go to class

The Felix Institute Rodríguez de la Fuente de Sevilla has approved a student of 2º of ESO the eight suspended subjects he had even though he did not even go to class. The mother put a claim and the teachers, that days before they had ratified all the suspense, threw back and changed the notes.

Acts of the meetings of the departments, which the world has had access, show how on June 24, the mother asked for review arguing "that the student has been unattended and an exception could have been made with his case." The circumstance is given that the boy has an open a school absenteeism file. The mother argued that he was asthmatic not to take him to the institute, but she did not show a medical dispensation that allowed him to study from home to protect himself from the Covid-19. According to the Ministry of Education of the Junta de Andalucía, "the absence has no justification and being asthmatic does not make it impossible to go to class."

In the days following the claim of the mother, the eight departments met and studied the case. They contributed more than 100 emails where it was seen that they tried to help the child and gave him telematic attention by Moodle. One by one, the teachers decided to ratify the eight suspense because, "having attended the student according to the current legislation, the mean of the notes in the different skills does not reach the approved". The student had delivered some work and attended face-to-face exams, but did not reach the demanded minimums.

But then the principal arrived and told them that "they had to approve the student because, if not, they were going to have problems", according to sources present in that conversation. She told them that she "had called the inspector" and had told him that "the recourse was going to come forward for not giving the student the attention due," she added. The teachers got very angry, but they met again on June 29 and decided, this time, to approve the eight suspensing.

Why? "To not have trouble," the same sources respond. The minutes show how it was suspended enough in the eight subjects: "The inspection estimates that educational care has been insufficient. Therefore, so as not to incur irregularities in the procedural guarantees of the evaluation, the student is approved ".

This newspaper contacted the director to gather his version, but he refused to give explanations. He has offered them the counseling, which says they had never had a "so striking" case like this one. He has opened an investigation to "elucidate why it has been decided to modify the evaluation of one day for another" and speak with each teacher and with the principal to justify a criterion change that it shares at all.

He points out that it was "a decision taken by the center within its autonomy" and not at the request of the inspection. In fact, he saw proven that teachers "velaron" because the boy could follow the classes "and tried to help him as much as possible." "We reject what happened. We defend the culture of the effort and the student has to demonstrate that he has acquired the competences to be able to approve ", emphasize in the department of Javier Imbroda (citizens).

At the Institute, located in the popular neighborhood of Pino Montano, complain that "the voice has been ran that if a father claims to approve his son" and claim that "it is not the only case that occurred in this and other centers" . "Titles and subjects are given and this results in the level of students, which is getting worse," they denounce.

The teachers of other CCAA are also outraged and blame the decrees approved by the former Minister Isabel Celaá in the last two courses and to which the Ministry prepares for 2021/22 and 2022/23 that allow us to go through and obtain the title by suspending. "We have been opening for two years in which the hand was opened and approved to everyone," says Mario Gutiérrez, CSIF. "Teachers are fed up because they suspend a student and, if their colleagues vote on the evaluation board, this happens. It has been like that with the Covid but it will also be done with the Lomloe. "

CSIF AGUURA that the new Real Evaluation Decree will cause "more arbitrariness" when qualifying students and will generate "legal insecurity" to teachers, as well as multiplying litigation with parents. According to several teachers, "from the announcement of the Government that no one will be left behind and that the repetition will be exceptional" they are receiving "pressures" of their superiors to "evaluate with flexibility". Actually, with the new criteria it does not need to be approved, because it is already legal to pass with suspense, but they have raised both "bewilderment" that the institutes do not know how to act.

In the IES Brianda de Mendoza de Guadalajara, the teachers have collected signatures and submitted a complaint before the Ombudsman to protest the decision of the Provincial Delegation of Education to approve two students who had suspended a module of one of the FP degree taught

"The administration is converting the educational system into a pineapple and what the decree of the ministry says is a legal sanction of things that are already happening," denounces Daniel Ruiz-Castillo, the International Trade Professor from where the canceled suspensations start. "Many students who have worked to take out the module do not understand why others obtain the unintended prize," he complains.

Another professor of Spanish language and literature of the Talavera region (Toledo) also denounces "pressures to raise his hand": "The management teams transmit that it would be convenient to help the students because they have gone wrong and that, if we suspend, we have that prove it exhaustively. I have a partner who at this stage of July is still presenting roles to justify the suspense of him before inspection. Parents claim and, if we suspend a lot, the Institute gives bad image. I confess that I have approved a student with a 4 because he did not want problems. "

On Friday the Ministry and the CCAA met to prepare the sectoral education conference that will take place on Wednesday. During the Madrid Encounter, he expressed his opposition to the draft of the Royal Evaluation Decree, which considers "totally harmful" because, in its latest version, "eliminates the capacity" of the regional governments "to fix the guidelines, leaving all responsibility in the hands of Teaching teams ».

According to educational sources of Madrid, in the last draft the Government "makes an absolute delay of functions", by removing the number of suspense with which it can be passed or not of course and obtain or not the title, and, in addition, prevents the CCAA set limits, which "will lead to disparity of criteria between centers and others». Madrid leads a movement of opposition to the decree because it will have "incalculable negative consequences, since it goes against one of the basic pillars of education, the effort" and "derive in a devaluation of the degrees." "The Government intends to give the titles, leaving aside and condemning the absolute irrelevance of knowledge," they say in the Ministry of Enrique Ossorio, who remember that it is the first time that a rule allows to present themselves to the selectivity with suspense.

Inspector Vicente Alcañiz, former director of the Institute of Assessment of the Ministry of Education, explains that this course has already been observed "a greater number of claims" of parents "trying to force the approved" of their children. «If it is not clearly established when it is promoted and titled, by number of subjects with a negative evaluation, the risk of increasing litigation is running, since the Teacher Assessment Board must justify and argue a lot of why of its decision, But there may be comparative grievances if it is not based on an objective, "expresses. "You can open a gray area and many complaints will come to us».

Date Of Update: 26 July 2021, 19:53

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