Ana Julia manual, a fingidora in search of forgiveness

"His modus vivendi was to take advantage of people, of men,"Ana Julia, the first woman who faces permanent prison revisableAna Julia Quezada, the woman most h

Ana Julia manual, a fingidora in search of forgiveness
"His modus vivendi was to take advantage of people, of men,"Ana Julia, the first woman who faces permanent prison revisableAna Julia Quezada, the woman most hated in Spain

Ana Julia "remember what you are interested in and that distress is feigned is not more than by herself, by your personal situation". The portrait is of the fiscal Elena Fernandez in their conclusions on Tuesday. Drew a cool woman, thoughtful, reflective, and perverse that you lied from the minute he disappeared, Gabriel, and maintained his charade for twelve long days. In those days agonizing and interminable deployed a manual snake charmer, at times distressed and pesarosa, and in others as the cheerleader of the entire family. "Today what we're going to find," he told them.

it Was able to each night of sharing a bed with her partner, Angel Cruz, the father of Gabriel, without corrode knowing that I had the child buried five kilometres away. is Was able to be under the same roof the grandmother of the boy, that the rest of the family ; look into the eyes of Patricia, the mother, and ask his own daughter to travel from Burgos to support it. That daughter, Judith asked not to see it the day it declared, and told that he had cut any ties with her because she hurt him.

Each time that Ana Julia spent by the Command of the Civil Guard added an item to their false story; he was interested by what they knew to the researchers, the journalists, the friends....As a shadow stalked any novelty. The day that she was arrested with the corpse of the small in the trunk (to which he had unearthed with his own hands and cursed while driving) only said "very well" when he was read his rights next to the car. is The putting on the handcuffs, again the dramatization: "I love You, Angel, I love you Gabriel" .

In his statement to the Room wept, without conviction, with noise, but without tears, as it was during the reconstruction of the crime. What he worried about was how I said it to your partner. "Shows No repentance or guilt in twelve days," continued the prosecutor.

Not only lied to this whole time, but tried to in that elaborate manual survivor of the looks directed towards your former spouse, Sergio Melguizo, to ensure that left in ruin after running both a bar. He also defined it as a liar as usual.

Your ego has appeared in bursts during these days . When all were suffering looking to Gabriel, she assumed the type he / she was staying because of their gym sessions. When moving the corpse is cheered: "Quiet, Ana, you're not going to go to jail...". Declaring, pleading, said wanted to kill herself with pills, that I couldn't take it anymore. No witness has corroborated that course attempt to end it all. The guilt was not enough shock for her.

Ana Julia came to Spain from the Dominican Republic for 18 years. There he left his daughter, an infant, by his mother. She practised prostitution in the province of Burgos and those claws tore her future husband , Miguel Angel Redondo, with whom he has been married 17 years and denounced gender-based violence. When her daughter was four years old was brought to Spain, and shortly after the girl died by falling through a window. Judith is his second daughter. Years have passed without contact. She stayed in Burgos with his father, but the night he disappeared, Gabriel, his mother asked him to travel to Almería to support it.

two couples later died of cancer. is The children of one of those couples had reported for stealing jewelry from his father . Ensure that in spite of the cirrhosis that had she had alcohol. They said that what had coaxed. Not have been declared in the judgment. It was judged a crime, not your past.

The lawyer of the parents defined it as "a real killer" , which killed the child making him suffer. By money, by hatred of the mother or because I wanted to Angel only for her and the child is hindered. After burial, he devoted himself to smoking and to paint a washing machine and a door. His lawyer, however, says that is not planned. Otherwise, the whole thing was a sloppy. "Not all of us have an easy life", he argues, not all families are perfect. He is right in something. It has not been judged to Ana Julia, your last little issue, but the acts he committed. It is not easy to kill a child. Ana Julia killed him. He told herself. How did it affect the rest of your life.

Date Of Update: 20 September 2019, 11:00

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