Analysis | Pokémon gleaming pearl and bright diamond need more than nostalgia to work

The terrible moment has come. I'm old. At my 32 years, this may seem offensive to many, but it is the conclusion that I have come after playing a porrón a

Analysis |
 Pokémon gleaming pearl and bright diamond need more than nostalgia to work

The terrible moment has come. I'm old. At my 32 years, this may seem offensive to many, but it is the conclusion that I have come after playing a porrón a few hours to Pokémon gleaming pearl and brilliant diamond Pokémon.

These games with such long names are the remakes for Nintendo Switch of Pokémon, Pokémon Pearl, the games originally released on the Nintendo DS portable console in 2006.

Any Fan of Pokémon already knows the procedure: With each generation of consoles, Pokémon launches a new generation of creatures and updates an old delivery of the saga so that younger players know and to feed the nostalgia of the more carved players, as me.

But with this delivery, I do not have any nostalgia. Hence my boot. When I originally played the DS games, I was about to enter the university and my head was at other things. Even though I enjoyed the progress they put then, he was no longer a child and I did not feel Pokémon equal.

Beyond the 'Gimmicks' of the Format of the Nintendo DS console, the most important thing that introduced was the separation of the type of movement in two classes: the physicists that depended on the attack and the non-physicists that depended on the special attack. Suddenly, a psychic attack could depend on the attack and that opened many doors and changes in the way of playing.

I tell all this so that you do to the idea that, first, I dominate the Pokémon saga; second, I am an old skin in this video games; and third and more important, so you can believe when I tell you that there is nothing special in this delivery that justifies it beyond just playing it with modern graphics, the modern library of attacks and typologies of Pokémon (there are fairy type creatures, for example ) And some arrangements here and there.

The most important arrangement: the MOs, the hidden machines, the movements that are used out of combat to advance through the map of the game, are no longer linked to a Pokémon have learned that movement, so you will not have to have a bidoof enslaved throughout the adventure.

It has also been given more importance to the supercons, aspect of the Pokémon saga that has always given me exactly the same and that I do not understand why they keep there. If you are a fan of this format, you have a few extra hours of game that I can not take advantage of like you.

And the secret lairs have been enhanced enormously. It turns out that the entire Sinnoh region has underground tunnels in which you can interact with other players (I have not been able because it was not allowed to play online before the launch) and where there are areas with something higher level Pokémon and of different types according to area. It is a way to lighten the search for certain creatures while allowing you to capture others.

In return, there are important legs, such as the recoil in the use of technical machines, the MT, the attacks that the Pokémon learn because they are taught and not because they go up at the level. They have limited uses again and I do not understand the reason after this. It is a way to limit your ability to test combinations and have more complete and competent equipment.

And history is not precisely to throw rockets. Apart from lightweight changes in development, this game keeps the poor plot that already many pointed out in their day and that I could not change too much because if not this would not be a remake. No wonder then they endeavored both in the black and white Pokémon frames, which is still the best in the franchise to this day.

But Pokémon gleaming pearl and bright diamond are a success at aesthetic level. If you are like me, who at the time saw the trailers, the aesthetics of Pinypon and threw their hands to the head: that you know that we were wrong. The live game is very beautiful and it's nice to play it on the console screen or on TV, even if the low resolution is noted a bit when inches increase.

As a fan of the saga, I have had a bit the feeling that I played this game automatically, knowing perfectly what team to do me (Choose the fire type Pokémon as initial, make you that favor) and how to literally destroy each coach that He crossed on my way in the blink of an eye. And this is so because Pokémon is no longer a saga for me, but for the generations that happen to me. And nothing happens: I have spent this game as one who eats a hamburger from the McDonalds because I had that items something whose taste you know but it really does not satisfy you so much nor is it so good for you.

Unlike other fans who have already combed gray from the Pokémon Saga, who reminded you for 25 years in the market, I consider that the classic game remakes are not designed so much to satisfy those who played them on their day and to get to That new generation that, the same, had not been born when they were on sale originally.

So talk to any child who has an interest in Pokémon to really discover who these games go and why we would like something more difficult or more transcendental changes in the format of their stories or development, we will never be content, At least, in the main deliveries or in the remakes. We'll see what happens with Pokémon Legends: Arceus ...

Date Of Update: 27 November 2021, 08:23

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