Analysis of the Apple Watch Series 7: Few changes, but sufficient

All the rumors prior to the September Event of Apple pointed to a radical change in the design of this year's Apple Watch, more square and with new anchors for

Analysis of the Apple Watch Series 7: Few changes, but sufficient

All the rumors prior to the September Event of Apple pointed to a radical change in the design of this year's Apple Watch, more square and with new anchors for the straps.

In the end, Apple Watch Series 7 can be defined as the opposite of these rumors. It not only maintains the design of previous years but refines the formula with more rounded edges and a new screen as the main claim.

After spending almost a week with the larger aluminum model, it is fair to say that these changes, although they are appreciated, they know little. There are no new sensors and the processor is almost the same as the previous generation.

Apple has hidden some more surprise inside, but for those who have a series 6 (the previous model) or a series 5 may make the jump to the new generation does not deserve the penalty.

Instead, who buy their first Apple Watch or come from an even older model, will find on this smart watch, thanks to the small updates, an even more appetizing proposal.

The screen of the Series 7 is undoubtedly the protagonist of this generation. It is 20% higher than that of the Series 6 and 50% greater model than that of the Series 3 (which, inexplicably, follows for sale this year).

Win that size by cutting the frames, so the dimensions of the boxes are more or less the same. They spend 40 mm. and 44 mm. 41 mm. and 45 mm. Practically imperceptible.

The screen is flat, but upon reaching the ends and be covered by a rounded glass, a diffraction effect occurs and it almost seems to be curved slightly to the sides. In some of the new spheres this effect is easier to appreciate than others but in general it is more curious than a useful feature.

What is much more useful (and what will convince many Apple Watch users to update) is the Apple has redesigned the interface to take advantage of the somewhat larger buttons space, plus text on screen and even, for the first time, a Full keyboard to compose messages. In the 45 mm box model. It is allowed to use, but it is not incredibly comfortable.

More screen, on such a small device, is always appreciated and the possibility of showing up to 50% more text is very useful when reading a message or email. It is also brighter when it is at rest, which makes it much easier to see the time in many situations where you can not turn your wrist to activate it.

The second feature that differentiates the series 7 of the series 6 and other Apple Watch is that now supports fast charge. You have to use the charger included with the clock, with USB-C connection. Connected to it, upload up to 33% faster than previous models.

For practical purposes this imports especially if you want to use the Apple Watch to measure sleep. In my experience both the series 6 and the series 7, fully charged and with a moderate use, it has enough autonomy to endure functioning all day and all night. With the series 6 the next morning it was necessary to charge it a good time to be able to return 100% battery.

Now, with the new fast burden, you can change a little habits and caremaken a little more about the loading regime.

A small load of 10 minutes before sleeping guarantees that will endure all night. In the morning, a second charge while breakfast or showers manages to return it almost 100%. As a reference, move from 0% to 80% load is about 45 minutes, while in the series 6 reach that same amount exceeded the time.

Of course, in addition to the new charger, it is necessary to connect it to a power adapter capable of providing 20W or more. If not, the Watch Series 7 loads at the same speed as the previous models. The Series 7 can also be loaded with the loaders of previous models of Apple Watch, but at normal speed.

Finally, the series 7 is also a bit more resistant. This is because the screen glass is thicker and that protects it better against blows.

Resistance to scratches, on the other hand, is more or less the same. The aluminum model continues to use an ion-x crystal. The steel and titanium box model has a sapphire crystal that tolerates abrasions better.

Apple has also improved the dust resistance of the Series 7, which is now IP6X certified instead of IP5X (both certifications denote resistance to sand and dust, but IP6X is stricter), and of course it maintains water resistance up to 50 meters.

And little else you have to stand out in series 7, the truth. Inside the Apple Watch cycle, it is a minor update. The sensor package is the same as the series 6, with oximeter, electrocardiograms, pulse monitor, altimeter, compass, GPS and gyroscopes. The only small difference that I have found is that now the Apple Watch includes the U1 U1 chip U1, which Apple uses to better detect the position with respect to other products.

As usual, Apple Watch is usually available in various colors. In the case of the Apple Watch aluminum are midnight (dark gray with a touch of blue), star light (silver and gold mix), dark green, blue and red (product) network. Steel models are available in graphite, silver and gold. Those of titanium in black and dark silver. There are also spatial editions next to Nike and Hermès with exclusive straps and spheres.

The Apple Watch Series 7 can be reserved and will be available in stores from this Friday. The basic aluminum model starts at 429 euros for the 41 mm box. or 459 euros for the 45 mm. If you add integrated mobile connection to depend on the iPhone the price amounts to 529 euros and 559 euros respectively.

Updated Date: 15 October 2021, 18:53

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