Analysis of the iPad Mini 2021: Five reasons why it is worth

The last thing I see before going to bed at night is the screen of an iPad mini. It has been converted to the device where I read books or consult something o

Analysis of the iPad Mini 2021: Five reasons why it is worth

The last thing I see before going to bed at night is the screen of an iPad mini. It has been converted to the device where I read books or consult something on the web before sleeping. Yes, I know it's not a good idea. No, I have no trouble reconciling sleep, unless the Tiktok algorithm is especially inspired and links several DIY videos followed.

But for me, that is the advantage of the iPad mini. No other tablet model fits well in this scenario because they are or too heavy or dazzle a lot with the brightness. The mini is perfect and the last model, if possible, is still more.

I have tried it for the last five days and it has become my favorite tablet (with permission from the iPad Pro, which I use to work when I travel and for several years it was my main team).

It is small and light enough to be able to hold it with one hand and its design, inspired by the iPad Pro and iPad Air, leave a lot more space for the screen, which now has 8.3 inches. The price to pay, apart from 549 euros, are fairly large frames in relation to size. Those of the iPad Pro and even those of the iPad Air, having more screen surface, are more discreet.

It keeps the fingerprint sensor, but just like the latest iPad Air, it hides it on the power button. It works well and fulfills its mission, although it is not as comfortable as Faceid.

There are five features that stand out on this tablet and the first is that it has the same processor that the iphone 13 pro works at a slightly lower frequency but also equips a 5-core GPU. He moves less pixels and has no promotion (like the iPad Pro), so there is left over power everywhere.

This comes very well because the iPad mini has been remembered as a tablet designed for the creative audience to which the size of the conventional iPad finds too great and there the extra power is always welcome.

The second characteristic to stand out, in fact, is that now the mini iPad is compatible with the second generation pencil Apple, which is more accurate and versatile. The pencil is almost as long as the tablet, so Apple has had to move the volume buttons to the top to leave the magnetic system of anchor and load.

It costs a bit to get used and there is a curious detail: now the volume buttons change depending on the orientation of the tablet. To upload the volume, the one that is more on the right is pressed, regardless of how we are holding the iPad. As far as I have been able to check, this is the only iPad in which this happens.

Continuing with the theme of change of design and orientation to the creative market, the new mini also leaves the Lightning port and goes to USB-C. It is not Thunderbolt and is limited to 5 Gbps, but opens the door to use several external accessories such as hard drives or cameras.

Apple's policy with USB-C and Lightning is still somewhat confused, in my opinion. There is no logical reason why Mac's keyboards, for example, have to be loaded by Lightning and this iPad includes a USB-C. Personally it is a change that has affected me because everything I have near the bedside table is loaded either wirelessly or with lightning, but hey, it is not a big problem.

With a little luck everything will go little by little making the transition to usb-c. By inertia or by EU command.

Yes, I know, nobody takes pictures with an iPad ... until it has an iPad in my hand and you need to take a picture of something. The mini camera has been updated and now has 12 megapixels and recorded video in 4K. In general, it is a quality quite similar to the main camera of an iPhone 12. It does not make miracles but it can be useful, especially now that IOS15 includes the Livetext function to detect text in the images.

The front camera is another story. It has also improved and now it has 12 megapixels but, most importantly, includes support for Center Stage, the Automatic Reungest technology that Apple also has on the iPad Pro. Thanks to it it is possible to move during a videoconference and be always centered on the screen . Bumped to the new stereo speakers, the iPad Mini is a good device for video calls.

And finally, the iPad Mini now has support for 5G networks in its version with connection to mobile networks, which is 130 euros, more expensive. It works as expected, but high speeds that can provide 5g depend a lot on the coverage of each operator and the user's location.

The iPad Mini 2021 is a great device, comfortable to use and very light. That gives you a certain advantage in some uses, such as games.

The only one "but" that I have been able to find, apart from its price (high for a tablet), is that the screen, which in itself is smaller than that of the rest of the iPad, is not entirely used. The IOS 15 operating system leaves a lot of margin wasted in the main view and desktop widgets and icons look very small. Maybe it's age, but it costs to read them with the options for displaying and size chosen by default.

The tablet is available now for reservation and can be purchased as of this Friday. Unlike iPhones, the most basic model still has 64 GB of memory and only another option, which is 256 GB. Available in four colors (gray, purple pink and white), its price starts at 549 euros for the model that only has WiFi.

Date Of Update: 23 September 2021, 05:59

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