And now, who is the face of the league?

"When now go to sell Laliga for the world what footballer they will show to try to convince them that it is the best championship in the world? A Modric, who

And now, who is the face of the league?

"When now go to sell Laliga for the world what footballer they will show to try to convince them that it is the best championship in the world? A Modric, who is almost 36 years old? To Griezmann or Depay, with the excuse that they will be important without Messi? Or a child like Pedri? The transition will be hard ». This expresses a high executive of one of clubs that bet on the creation of the superliga before the reboot of a Spanish tournament emptying stars and banners (the PSG, with Messi and Ramos, has taken the captains of Barcelona and the Real Madrid) and with some twilight air.

A little more than two weeks after the market closes, attending the movements in transactions allows to corroborate lack. Until Sietes Clubs (including Real Madrid) have not yet spent a Euro in transfers. The Spanish League, waiting to access that capital of capital partners from which Real Madrid and Barça renovates, is 127 million euros invested in this summer window the last of the ranking in the large championships in Europe. Seven times less than that English Premier League (913 million) in which Manchester City (Grealish, 117.5 million) and Chelsea (Lukaku, 115 million) have taken chest. Although it is also behind the Italian Series (379 million), the German Bundesliga (324) or the French Ligue 1 (287), although the PSG hired Messi, Sergio Ramos, Donnarumma or Wijnaldum.

The most expensive signing carried out this summer in Laliga has been the Argentine Rodrigo de Paul. Atlético paid 35 million euros to Udinese. It has been little more or less the same (38 million) than what has disbursed the Aston Villa English by the Argentine Emiliano Buendía, former Getafe player and who came from climbing the Premier with the Norwich City.

Few have been able to give even some remarkable blow. If you have oysuna, you have invested more than ever in its history to stay with the 30-year-old Croatian attacker Budimir (eight million). Or the Villarreal, which was made with the Franco-Senegalese striker Boulaye Day (12 million) to make life easier for Gerard Moreno.

Clubs like Barcelona live tied to a refugee inheritance in its high contracts. There is more to see who make up the Capitan quartet: Sergio Busquets (33 years), Sergi Roberto (29), Gerard Piqué (34) and Jordi Alba (32). In the Club, beyond implore because Messi's departure allows Griezmann's certain emotional release (30 years), they trust that Memphis Depay's agitator spirit corrects the disaffection of their social mass. The club has not even been able to place among its partners the 30,000 entrances arranged facing their Sunday debut at the Camp Nou in front of the Royal Society. Sergio Agüero (33 years old), whose signing ceased to make sense without Messi, is injured until November.

Real Madrid, with David Alaba as a new defensive leader, continues with his wait. Maybe you have to wait a year more to have any option to hire Kylian Mbappé. Meanwhile, and beyond the absence of Ramos, the banners continue to be the same. Benzema (33 years old) as a lonely offensive flag in a template in which, yes, Bale, with Casemiro, Modric and Kroos in the essence. However, the consolidated base of the Athletic champion, reinforced with Paul, and that will further hurry the goals of Luis Suárez (34 years old), allows him to strengthen his strength position.

Deleted the stars, hope goes through youth, no matter how Sevilla sent the Promestor Bryan Gil (20 years old) to Tottenham in an operation in which he recruited Argentine Erik Lamela (29 years old). Frenkie de Jong (90 million), Marcos Llorente (80), Pedri (80) and Joao Felix (80) are now players with more market value in Spain, according to TransferMarkt. In Barcelona, in addition, they sigh because Ansu Fati returns to the level shown before him injury. There is no other left.

Date Of Update: 12 August 2021, 20:48

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