Andrés Conde, director of Save The Children: "A capon, or a shout to a child are child abuse"

of The autonomous regions are provided to accommodate only 1.8% of foreign minors in Spain The Government handles a text that proposes that sex education be

Andrés Conde, director of Save The Children:

of The autonomous regions are provided to accommodate only 1.8% of foreign minors in Spain

The Government handles a text that proposes that sex education begins at six years of age

Director of Save The Children. It takes 10 years fighting for children and it is four led in Spain, an NGO that serves over 8,000 children in situation of poverty and abuse. Together with dozens of experts signed a huge draft of law against the violence that already handles the Government.

What have you seen that we cannot imagine?We think that we take care very well of children. But Spain is not the country for children; to 38,000 complaints in the past year. And is the tip of the iceberg, because most cases are washed within families. The that one of every two sex crimes the victim is a child is unacceptable. And it is invisible. What are we talking about?We talked of blows; hitting children is a pedagogical strategy that is accepted. There are adults who crush the cigar in your children, or they put the head in the bathtub. We talk about parents who denigrate the children, make them think that they are not nothing, nor is he going to be, they insult it. 4,000 cases reported in 2017: another tip of the iceberg. We speak of negligence; you would be surprised of the amount of children that come to us that are not fed, do not have hygiene or are not brought to school. We talk about harassment, which suffers one of every 10 children. In each class there are three for those who go to college is a high risk that faced with fear. And we talk about sexual abuse, assault and rape. Tell me about a case that prevented him from sleeping... A little girl of 11 years old was terrorized at school. There was a group of other girls that he assaulted them on a daily basis. Without exception. I was impressed by the sophistication of the violence. Not only were direct assaults, but that oblige the friends of the girl to paste it under the threat that if they don't, we hit them. So that they hit their girlfriends. All of the days. The response of the educational environment was pathetic: ignorance and denial. Does the violence against children is an event?It is a never-ending chain of events that causes systemic. Since this is not an event, it is structural. But we live it as an event, something rare and inevitable. It's not. There is that respond. How far the children are only ours? How far can intervene the State?Here, we understand that what happens to the children is a family responsibility, not of society. It is an anomaly of the countries of mediterranean culture. That latino familismo was the older, but the society is conjured, and the protection had to be social. And signed the Toledo Pact, that created the pension. Need a Toledo Pact for childhood, something that addresses the poverty and violence against children. In an election campaign, Rajoy went with his son to a radio. In direct, the child said something and Rajoy gave a pescozón. In another country, for a president to hit your child even slightly would be unacceptable. If he does to his wife, his political future would have finished right then and there. However, what is it about a child that makes it different to an adult to be passive subject of violence? The draft of the organizations posed to ban any physical punishment or mental. What a cheek, or a temporary isolation are abuse?They are forms of abuse. I know that is controversial. But what would change the behavior an adult by hitting him? We know that not. As a child, like. What can a child learn how and what to teach a father or a mother with a capon or with a shout?That violence is a legitimate way of resolving conflicts. And how do you check a punishment, psychological or emotional?By a psychological evaluation of experts and giving a presumption of truthfulness to the child. And observing changes in their behavior. The draft calls for sex education from the age of 6 years. Why?For protection. Teach children to know their bodies and what behaviors should not agree to reduce it to half the abuse and sexual assault. Sex education is a taboo. It is understood that it is a private matter that should educate the families, not the school. But families do not. Thus, there is an empty space of learning. And what is occupying the porn, which is already the main element of teaching sex to children. Are for adult content, and the lower normalized behaviors that are not sexual practices to the limit. And at his age that is not good for their development. We see children who assume as normal to ejaculate in the face of a woman or the pier, where a girl passes by the penetration of several guys. They think that anyone who does not practice it is not integrated into the group. Don't have educational models. How dare the Government?Yes. We'll see how far it reaches. What you said Pedro Sanchez on that huge draft?The minister of Health and he want to remove the law. Health and Justice are working well. The draft is also in other ministries. Is being heard. And with urgency. But we don't know what's going to happen. We hope that the struggles of partisan do not derail the initial spirit of consensus between all the parties. If they do it will be devastating. If you were a child raped, how would denounce them?Sexually abused children say that worse than the abuses the judicial process. Are asked from a presumption of a lie instead of the truth, which they would protect. Declared several times, that reexperimentan. Do it before your assailant. And many times they see that is free. If you could reverse the denunciation, they would do so. How many children will have suffered violence during this interview?In these two hours, it will have been eight complaints of violence against children, including sexual abuse. And most are not reported. And one out of every 10 students will have suffered the harassment of their peers.

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Date Of Update: 28 October 2018, 19:01

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