Andrés de England, cornered by the allegations of abuse but with an ace in the sleeve

In difficult times, Prince Andrés has always sought the proximity and consolation of Queen Isabel II, who feels a strange weakness for his third child, the nint

Andrés de England, cornered by the allegations of abuse but with an ace in the sleeve

In difficult times, Prince Andrés has always sought the proximity and consolation of Queen Isabel II, who feels a strange weakness for his third child, the ninth in the line of succession of the throne and the last one in the preferences of the British , who has considered him for a long time as the black authenticovage of the royals.

This is why the sudden flight of Andres to Balmoral Castle, where the queen hurries the first summer after the death of Felipe de Edinburgh. The Duke of York came to heal the loneliness of his mother and everything seems to indicate that he presented himself there in the company of his former Sarah Ferguson, shortly after participating in a game of hunting next to a group of friends.

American justice follows the steps for the assumptions sexual abuse to Virginia Roberts Guiffre and for its links with the financial failed and Pedorada Jeffrey Epstein. But Prince Díscolo, photographed at the arrival of him to Balmoral in his brand new Range Rover, "is still behaving as if nothing happened," according to the real family sources to The Daily Mail.

To cover his back, the Duke of York has hired a Los Angeles lawyer specialized in taking the chestnuts from the fire to the stars. Andrew Brettler (tanned at Marty Singer's firm with names like Arnold Schwarzenegger or John Travolta) has debuted as Legal Representative of Andrés by videoconference and claiming that the complaint "has no basis, is not viable and can be potentially illegal."

From New York, lawyer Lisa Bloom, representing the victims of Epstein, believes to see a very clear strategy: "Prince Andrés is tried to hide and dodge to justice, something that does not favor his image ... is what They typically do the rich: Wreath and protect themselves after a security door, until they manage to get on the plane and flee. They can try to escape, but it will not last long. "

Since it was relieved of its obligations with the royal family (and as a special shipment of trade of the British government), nobody knows very well what Prince Andrés is dedicated, beyond his occasional reunions with Sarah Ferguson and his ghostly presence in The wedding of his daughter Beatriz.

The shadow of suspicion pursues him and more after that surreal interview in the BBC in 2019, when he said "I do not remember seeing that woman," despite the publication of the famous photo in 2011. There is the Duke of York, looking smiling at the camera, as she passes her hand by the waist to Virginia Roberts Guiffre, under the look of Ghislaine Maxwell, the Madame by Jeffrey Epstein.

In his complaint against Prince Andrés, the North American woman who has already reached 38 years and is a mother of three children, he assures that he was recruited as "slave" by Epstein and that he was "forced to have sexual relations under direct and express threats" with The Duke on three occasions and when it was even younger: in London, in New York and in a mansion of the Financial on Virgin Island.

Faithful to its dodging nature, Andrés was not in his official residence - the Royal Lodge of Windsor - when the complaint was notified. With the mediation of a British court, a judicial agent went on August 27 to the aforementioned direction and, in the absence of the interested party, delivered the official document from Scotland Yard.

According to legal experts, Prince Andrés' attorney is clinging to the "technicalities" and other types of arguing to continue dodging their American complainant, questioning the capacity of the High British Court who is collaborating in the case and truncating methods to communicate Officially the demand, before the first judicial view, scheduled for October 13 (it is in any case of a civil demand that seeks financial compensation).

Andrew Brettler has, apparently, an AS in the manga: the alleged confidential agreement that the plaintiff arrived in 2009, Virginia Roberts Giuffre, and the Jeffrey Epstein magnate, which protected the already deceased and others of additional compensation demands for abuse Sex In fact, Giuffre decided to withdraw a report on a report for sexual abuse against lawyer Alan Dershowitz, supposedly due to this confidential agreement.

Andrés may have found his salvation board in Andrew, who knows how anyone the intrices of American justice and could prevent the prince from being against the ropes and in the treasure of giving his face before a judge. The Sulebron will continue this week, looking for a "legal" way to make the allegations of his supposed victim finally come to him, which has defined him such that this is why the prince of posterity: "Andrés is not much the prince of Fairy Tales".

"Wales do not need a prince!", You can read in the antimonarchic posters that have appeared this week in Cardiff, after the scandal that has stained the reputation of Carlos from England. The three top three responsible for the Prince Foundation (Michael Fawcett, Douglas Connell and Chris Martin) have submitted his resignation after the revelations on the possible use of the charity to grant favors and titles in exchange for large donations to foreign millionaires, such as the entrepreneur Saudi Mahfouz Bin Mahfouz or Russian banker Dimitri Leus. The crown heir has assured that he was not aware of the alleged "exchange of favors" in the name of him. The Regulatory Office of Charitable Organizations of Scotland (OSCR) has decided to open an investigation in any case.

Date Of Update: 23 September 2021, 00:05

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