Anecdotes, museums, markets, dinners ... what has given the journey of the kings to Stockholm

On the night of yesterday, the kings put a brooch to his three-day state visit to Sweden, who has been marked by the majesty of acts and attentions received bot

Anecdotes, museums, markets, dinners ... what has given the journey of the kings to Stockholm

On the night of yesterday, the kings put a brooch to his three-day state visit to Sweden, who has been marked by the majesty of acts and attentions received both from Carlos Gustavo and Silvia and the rest of the Swedish royal family , that they have turned to entertain them.

In the sullen agenda of these three days we have seen a carriage ride with great pomp through the streets of Stockholm, a gala dinner with real jewelers, the reception of the highest authorities, a lunch at the City Hall, cultural events such as the Visit to the Nobel Museum, Economic Encounters of Don Felipe with Swedish Industrial, and a long etcetera.

It has also left us anecdotes and curiosities, for example, from the same Embassy of Spain where Don Felipe and Doña Letizia yesterday offered a farewell reception to correspond to their hosts. Villa Byström, known as Prince Carl's Palace, was built in the nineteenth century in neoclassical style and its secret is that it was acquired by King Alfonso XIII to help his relative Karl, uncle Grandfather of King Carlos Gustavo, who suffered great problems Economic It was not in the embassy or in any official residence where the kings stayed, but on one of the 31 suites of the spectacular Great Hotel in Stockholm, located in front of the Royal Palace, which was inaugurated in 1874 and where since 1991 the awarded with The Nobel prizes and their families.

If we go back to the beginning of the visit, the reason for Swedish monarchs officially received the Spaniards in the stables of Palace, something unprecedented, is that this enclosure of 1535 and is a museum that houses half a period of spectacular epoch With his horses and coachmen, of which 20 belong to the kings, who only use them for great occasions. This time they took them out to entertain their spanish guests, although given the low temperatures, covered carriages were used, in one of which Don Felipe was traveling with King Carlos Gustavia, and in another Queen Silvia with Doña Letizia.

The average media course of the trip was that lavish gala dinner that offered the Night of Wednesday the Swedish monarchs in the royal palace. Doña Letizia laughed at her hosts wearing a low low cost dress of Swedish firm H & M, whose price is 300 euros, which also has in her closet the Swedish heiress, Victoria, although she added Sleeves of Tulle She premiered him in her official photos for her tenth wedding anniversary with Daniel Westing.

In contrast to his model Low Cost, Doña Letizia Lucio the most valuable jewels "to pass" from his ancestor Victoria Eugenia: the Tiara Flor de Lis, Emblem of the Bourbon Dynasty, with matching brooch, the Twin Bracelets of Cartier and the Necklace of chatter Nothing less than she competed with the spectacular jeweler of the Bernadotte, the current Swedish dynasty, and its magnificent collection of tiaras from the imperial France, as Jean Baptiste Bernadotte, who climbed the throne in 1818, was Minister of War of Napoleon. Queen Silvia Lucia at dinner the tiara of the cameos, who belonged to Empress Josefina, wife of Bonaparte and Princess Victoria, the Tiara Kokoshnikde Aquamarías, valued in half a million euros.

For note it was the exquisite served menu, whose starter consisted of Arctic trout with caviar from the Osterdalervenvenven river and sour cream of chives, then a wild spanning with swedish octopus lining, leek compote and Kalix caviar. And for the last frame of smoked reindeer with juniper and deer sauce. Dessert were served autumn apples scheduled with salty candy, puff pastry and Tahiti ice cream brioche.

One of the anecdotes has been that for the first time in a long time we have seen Dona Letizia without a mask in the official acts, since in Sweden it is not mandatory indoors and is even advised to be replaced by social distance.

Nor have you missed simpatic moments, like the one that took place after the private food offered by the Swedish monarchs to the Spaniards, after which the four Kings decided to take a walk from the Royal Palace to the nearby Nobel Museum. Don Felipe and Doña Letizia did not resist the temptation to stand up in a Christmas position of the many that proliferate these days through the streets of Stockholm, although they did not come to buy anything. It must be said that the relations between the Swedish royal family and the Spanish are very close, since they are also relatives, because both Don Felipe and King Carlos Gustav are descendants of Queen Victoria de England.

Out of blood ties, Queen Letizia made good crumbs with Sofia Hellqvist, wife of Prince Carlos Felipe, with whom she saw her chatting animatedly on several occasions. After the past controversial of her as Stripper, today Sofia is fully integrated into the royal family and a few months ago she has given birth to her the third son of her.

Date Of Update: 26 November 2021, 08:55

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