Anke Sevenich as a Director: to Die to all of us

Only a regrets Anke Sevenich a bit: "for Me, it doesn't hurt that I'm in front of the camera!" But for you, there is no role in the short feature film, deal

Anke Sevenich as a Director: to Die to all of us

Only a regrets Anke Sevenich a bit: "for Me, it doesn't hurt that I'm in front of the camera!" But for you, there is no role in the short feature film, deals with an old man at the end of life, and his young Nurse. Or: Sevenich, known from innumerable Film and theater roles, and this time it is a whole new role. It is, for the first Time, as a Director working. And in her first own short film "shiver me timbers".

by Eva-Maria Magel

culture editor in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

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The script you wrote, and at the same time she is also the producer of the company that could still grow, when it comes to your and to the exporting producers, Tonio Kellner of the Frankfurt Neopol Film. "The story of how I made it up, is much longer," said Sevenich, the concept for a six-part mini-series was finished. "Shiver me timbers" is from the "life at the end of life", as the subtitle of the project – but only. As with Miranda, the young Nurse, also brings the Dilemma of a profession, whose remuneration has caused in the Corona-crisis discussions. Miranda, played by Emma Bading, seven self, request, occupation, operated, here and there, even to get through the rounds. But at the same time it is dedicated to highly committed to their patients, especially the old Eugene (Hans-Heinrich Hardt), whose death approaches.

"A theme that is nice and bulky, and none of us will pass," said Sevenich. "We think so often about how we live – this includes asking how we want to die." That such a topic schwerhat it in the Mainstream, Sevenich clear. But their goal was "to develop materials and implement, the interest me. On a level that you don't ask whether the rate brings,“ said Sevenich of the business since the eighties, most successfully in television.

To Write is Rotated as sustainably as possible, she came five years ago: in 2016, she has written together with her Co-author, Stefan Falk, the first Time a screenplay "Sayonara Rüdesheim" prompt, the Golden Lola, the screenplay prize of the German film award, won. The Letter was then also arose the desire to develop materials, the social relevance of said Sevenich. Finally, a screenplay is not a novel: It needs to be realized as a Film. An extension of your portfolio, the new role is also. Because of the Hessen Film and media, and funded by the Foundation of the Protestant Church in Hesse and Nassau, supported short film is a production with a Budget, clearly a "cultural project" but also a beginning, in a further film career.

Actually, a guest at the Schauspiel Frankfurt would have Sevenich, regularly play, directed by Anselm Weber, now a monologue from Martin Mosebach, the premiere is now postponed into September. Been rehearsed, although since June, but due to Corona gaps in the calendar, not only had Sevenich unexpectedly: Due to the current loosening producer Tonio Kellner saw the Chance to find locations, cast and Crew had during the Corona more time than usual, and recommended, the quick pull.

The left because Sevenich as your own producer and casting Agency had to assemble the financing, and quickly, the seven cast members succeeded in winning, while a waiter has selected the Crew around the camera man, Knut Adass: a mixture of "old-timers" that have currently due to Corona, vacancies, and young professionals from the Region. Rotated as sustainably as possible, assured the waiter, also with regard to the fair remuneration of the team. With the Patterns that you've seen so far, says Sevenich, she is "very happy". In the autumn it goes into the cut, then the Film should go on a festival tour.

Updated Date: 12 July 2020, 13:19

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