Ansu Fati has a gift

Ansu Fati has a gift. There is no other possible explanation. Almost 11 months of low. Four knee operations. Tears every time he saw that the joint did

Ansu Fati has a gift

Ansu Fati has a gift. There is no other possible explanation. Almost 11 months of low. Four knee operations. Tears every time he saw that the joint did not respond, with a pain that the soul broke too. And on the day of the return of him, in just ten minutes, he dragged everyone to memory and evidence. He is a special football player. Maybe a chosen one. He provoked a penalty that the referee did not point out. And already in the addition, with Miramón as a simple cast actor, he took the front and released a dry shot to reach the release of him. The goal took Nirvana. His father, Bori Fati, broke to cry next to his family. Some fans did so. And the striker, always grateful, could no longer embrace in the stand with Dr. Lluís Til. The hours of deconsore that nobody sees is the ones that mark our lives.

Who knows if another time comes. Let's look at the first classification. Real Madrid exteant to Barcelona at five points. Atlético is two above the azulgrana. Both teams have played a party more than those of Koeman, protagonists of a convincing triumph before the Levante. It is nothing more than evidence that football and all its appendices live from drama and continuous exaggeration.

Written this, should serve what happened in the sunny Sunday afternoon at the Camp Nou to land some of the many excuses that have been used in recent times. Coratadas who used Koeman to explain the paupéri-level offered by Barcelona in the Golden Gold against Bayern and the ties against Granada and the Cádiz. While it is true that the Levante de Paco López offered the same opposition as a scarecrow to the same sunset, the football explosion of children like Nico González (19 years old) and, especially, Gavi (17), reinforced suspicion. The Barça will not come out of the ruin by pulling balls to the area and denying its midfielders, but handing over the teenage and irreverent soccer of the Masia. There also fit Riqui Puig. And of course Ansu Fati. Messi dorsal 10 does not weigh or torment him. Good sign.

The light came to more parts of the field. Gavi does not seek art, live inside him. The goblin springs to the compass of inspiration. The neighborhood ways of him and fierceness in the pressure of him accompany a special ability to make his time and space. To situate where the opponent does not wait and cause chaos. Few footballers at the age of it are able to influence both the game.

To the youthful blessing contributed the best group behavior of Barcelona this season. It was precisely the day when Koeman, sanctioned, had to stay in a private block so that he was second from him, Alfred Schreuder, sausage in his tracksuit, tight as a bullfighter, directed the orchestra.

The plan disconcerted a lift that at six minutes already lost because of a criminal penalty, and also executed, by the hyperactive Memphis. Menotti liked when he said that describing tactical drawings was like reciting phone numbers without ton or they are. Football players and schemes are too volatile. It was not pure the 4-2-3-1 with which the azulgrana was deployed this time.

Nico González, neat, prioritized the responsibility in parallel to Sergio Busquets. Gavi, which in theory should be close to the right band, got together gracefully towards the center. Memphis stayed with the left band, from where he pledged all kinds of incursions. Coutinho was appropriated from the award for the freedom of the Mediapunta, although of little it served him. While Luuk de Jong, with that Salinesco deck, he had nothing more to worry about the uncheck and the auction.

Barça knew how to grow, this time, from a constant and suffocating pressure in a rival field. I was not even able to lift to chain two passes. As if that were not enough, your defensive behavior was the most deficient. Mustafi, champion of the world with Germany despite the fact that now is much closer to a cemetery of elephants, led a stored behind. Mingueza, on the right, and Sergiño Dest, on the left, opened the field with conviction and caused that the center opened authentic Solabons.

Proof of this was the second goal of Barcelona, when you had not even reached the first quarter of the game. It was the end who took the lane again and opened the takeoff track to Luuk de Jong through the same throat of the countryside. Mustafi could only keep looking at the cachazuda career of Dutch, which he appreciated not having to control the ball. His is the shot without thinking. He finally entered. He did not mark a goal Luuk de Jong for six months, achieved with the national country selection in a triumph in front of Gibraltar.

While the Levante did not intimidate Ter Stegen until the time of epitaph, Barcelona was increasing occasions. Piqué missed a meter from the goal line. Aitor, suffered visiting shield, earned him a hand in hand to Memphis after Gavi opened the seas with his ankle. Such was the football ecstasy of the Sevillian Media Department who tried to overcome the goal with a Vaseline who, if it had been successful, would have made a convulsing the stadium.

Rendered the lift with a whole act still ahead, Barcelona was able to recreate with his things. Memphis, who could not disguise his fatigue, stayed up to four times at the gates of the goal. Riqui Puig, Ovacado, felt a footballer again at half an hour from which he arranged. Although the best came with the final irruption of Ansu Fati.

What would be football without illusion and innocence. Without a child's gaze.

Date Of Update: 26 September 2021, 13:19

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