Ansu Fati leaves behind a Calvary and Avista Another in the future: You will have a long-term severe osteoarthritis

In this orphan barça of references, with a coach, Ronald Koeman, screwed at the Cadalso, and a president, Joan Lapa, who is looking for him who replaces him, th

Ansu Fati leaves behind a Calvary and Avista Another in the future: You will have a long-term severe osteoarthritis

In this orphan barça of references, with a coach, Ronald Koeman, screwed at the Cadalso, and a president, Joan Lapa, who is looking for him who replaces him, there can be no greater hope that Ansu Fati.

Much of the institutional and sports illusions of the entity have been deposited in a child prodigy of just 18 years and who has been intervened four times from his left knee. He assumed with conviction the shirt with Mesi's number 10 dorsal, the social networks of Barcelona hurried to advertise with a video the return of him to a call, and even the sponsors ran to welcome the boy. This Sunday, in front of the Levante, he will return to put on some boots - "as a lot of 15 minutes", according to Koeman - after ten and a half months full of tears, pain and medical battles.

The first time that Ansu went through the operating room was on November 9, 2020. He was Dr. Ramon Cugat who would be responsible for tuturing the broken meniscus as he scarred. The striker must have recovered at four months. It was not so. The meniscus did not suture as much as he insisted on biological treatments. The knee inflamed. The knee hurt. They reopened him in January. Also in March. And, six months after suffering the injury, last May 6, fed up and to the family and his representative, Jorge Mendes, Ansu Fati was intervened by fourth and last time by the Portuguese José Carlos Noronha, a medical of the Portuguese national team and Cristiano Ronaldo. This time, yes, to remove part of the meniscus. A decision that, according to sources next to the club, should have been taken long before.

"The day I put on my boots for the first training, I asked for permission to the club so that my father and my brother were, when they saw me jump, run and touch the ball they cried. I, too. It was a very exciting day for my family "He explained the striker to the official media of Barcelona.

And now that?

"The future of Ansu Fati passes because between 30 and 40 years he develops a severe knee osteoarthritis. And, possibly, at 45 looks at a knee prosthesis, which should not be put before 60. It is what It usually happens when you remove the meniscus to a person who is going to dedicate to force that articulation. " Whoever exposes it is the reputed traumatologist Vicente de la Varga, director of the Advanced Center for Trade Medicine. He knows well what he talks about. He has seen, for example, as Míchel, former football player and now Getafe trainer, he is unable to bend the knee "more than 15 degrees". A little more or less than Bernd Schuster.

The explanation is simple. The contribution of the VARGA: "The cartilage will begin to suffer because the meniscus is missing, which would come to be a meeting. Like the one of an Express pot. It is what makes the femur lace with the tibia. Ansu has lost practically 50% From the meniscus, so the knee is more unprotected. Between 18 and 30 years should go well if the musculature of the legs is taken care of and are applying biological therapies. By not having the meniscus, the cartilage of the femur and the tibia rozan and wear out. And you must replenish it. How? With Hilauronic Acid, with platelet-rich plasma, with stem cells so that what is worn to wear can be coated. But everything has a limit. The wear will end up going faster than all The treatments you can apply. Although it will not be before 30 years. "

Remember the doctor of the Varga how in the 80s, the usual thing was to remove the meniscus. "Pedro Guillén, who is the father of Spanish arthroscopy, always had the same. When he started the footballers, they took away the complete meniscus because then it was said that they were embryonic remains that did not have a value. Until they kept them in methacrylate and had a meniscoteca but then it was shown that one of the main mechanisms to stabilize the knee are the meniscus. If an 18-year-old boy takes away a sufficiently important fragment, in less than 20 years he will have knee osteoarthritis. If you take it off A person who is already 40 years old, in less than two will suffer osteoarthritis. "

He does not want Barcelona to take any risk with Ansu Fati. Although, according to the VARGA, it will be difficult for the area to bring complications now. "When you take off a meniscus and the player starts training, there are times when having removed that pad, it causes the articular cartilage to overload and there is an inflammation called postmeniscectomy syndrome. It is the adaptation of that knee to be without meniscus and sports. That's why you have to be prudent at first. It is very damn because it hurts a lot. But if it has not done it anymore, it will not hurt it. "

Ansu Fati will not have to change gestures. This only occurs when chronic pain occur. Nor should I fear for new serious injuries in the same area, although the risk is always: "Theoretically there is danger, but it does not happen. Play without crusader always leads to breast the meniscus before or after Missing the meniscus have acute lesions, beyond the progressive wear of the cartilage that will end up at the occasion of the osteo ", insists of the VARGA, which Zanja:" Once withdrawn, it will undoubtedly affect your personal life. "

Date Of Update: 25 September 2021, 21:39

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