Antonio Gasset dies, historical presenter of 'cinema days'

The most faithful count that he wrote by hand, never on the keyboard of a computer. And that he did it a flip. On the desk, each one of its full interventio

Antonio Gasset dies, historical presenter of 'cinema days'

The most faithful count that he wrote by hand, never on the keyboard of a computer. And that he did it a flip. On the desk, each one of its full interventions thought and without lifting the paper boli was able to give advertising entrance, destroy the last palm of gold or lamenting how little it charged accurately, grace and, above all, style . A lot of style. The cinematographic criticism (because that was) had a species of unfocucked Cioran, by sculptor of defeated axioms, where the cinema was barely an excuse for everything else. And everything else started and ends up in him. Gasset feed on himself, always so sure of each of his insecurities.

So he wrote, he breathed and lived Antonio Gasset, died on Wednesday at 75, during the twelve years (1995-2007) he directed and presented cinema days, in 1. on the intelligence of film directors, about alcoholism , about the change of schedule of your program, about life in general ... always with the serious rictus by that of respecting the maximum of twain, but ... who resisted. They say that when he gave with the just phrase it was perfectly capable of advancing the success of the occurrence. And so he let everyone know. And he was right. Before even the term trending topic existed, he was already. And there he continues to despite everything.

Gasset was the last representative of a unique class of journalists. The one that started and ended him. However, far from him, the temptation of selfishness. His thing was rather a healthy diverse vanity of herself at the same time as it devote admiring of the talent of others. The success of him, he said, was that of his team. Let's call it simply personality and gratitude, both. In fact, by the program of it, as incipient journalists passed since successful film directors such as Daniel Monzón to the most grenade of Spanish cinematographic criticism. From José Luis Guarner to Jordi Costa passing by Nando Salvá, Sergi Sánchez or Alberto Bermejo. Everyone learned (we learned) from the trial free of prejudice, of the dispassionate passion of him, of the damned ingenuity of him.

It is still curious that the two figures that public television has given that marked the way of seeing entire generation cinema shared a light or markedly fungal voice. First Alfonso Sánchez with the doctoral diatribes of him and then Gasset with his Lightning of Knitting Wisdom removed, the two made it clear that the cinema is a matter too serious to take it too seriously. The two spoke from the echo of the most inside of themselves.

The beginnings of Gasset in the cinema days are behind the cameras as director of the program presented in 1994 Aitana Sánchez Gijón. He before he had served as a reporter for everything in weekly report and took Gala to have covered the death of Paquirri. A year later, in 1995, he assumed the double work of presenting and directing a reference program that in just one week he will celebrate his 30 years in antenna. Already without the journalist and cinematographic criticism that he had left the public entity in 2007 when a record of employment regulation was welcomed and left him.

Far family of the philosopher José Ortega and Gasset, the presenter previously found television a hole in the cinema where he even participated as a very secondary actor in three films of the 70-80: one, two, three ... at Escondite English (1970), Sucking (1979) and Gary Cooper, who are in heaven (1980). He even dared with the script and the direction in the short habits of the incendiary Emma Emma Cohen as protagonist.

But if for something the figure of Gasset is remembered is because of the beginning of its programs and by its scathing phrases about any aspect of the news and social life of the Spaniards. "Takes with philosophy and patience football, sexual and political passions", "this advertising pause will be as short as the salary of the presenter," "I will pray that any of their children have been presented to the Triumph Operation Casting" ... They are just some of the pearls that the presenter was leaving during his years before the cameras.

After his death there are many colleagues who have remembered who in 2011 were recognized with the Alfonso Sánchez Communication Award in 2011 by the Academy of Cinema, an institution that has confirmed this midday its death. "Forever," the idiots will always be idiots, we project what we project. "A hug from the humble program that was his" irresponsible "director," said Gerardo Sánchez, today in the position of the program that popularized Gasset.

"We have your ingenuity and those wonderful entrances that will remain forever in our memory," they have detailed from the official account of the RTVE file, which through a video with its best program beginnings.

Updated Date: 29 September 2021, 18:46

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