Antonio School: Three women and his war against the 'Paris Hilton' pchnadiscos

"The island would have to make a monument to the hairy and the melenudas." In the book 'Balearic. Oral history of Club Culture in Ibiza '(against), Anto

Antonio School: Three women and his war against the 'Paris Hilton' pchnadiscos

"The island would have to make a monument to the hairy and the melenudas." In the book 'Balearic. Oral history of Club Culture in Ibiza '(against), Antonio Escohotado remembered how he had been the driving of the revolution that radically transformed Ibiza. "Here everyone was hungry," he said, "and suddenly it is now the world center where more money moves ... What happened? Well, we call the attention of middle and tall people from all over Europe And everyone, who began to come and has continued to come from then. "

Plato failed to try to put into practice in Sicily the ideas of the 'Republic', but although it managed to move from the theory to practice on another island of the Mediterranean. Interested always in the idea of freedom, investigated the origins of 17th-century liberalism and then founded in La Pitiusa Amnesia disco, which over half a century has been the engine of the transformation of Ibiza at the leading global electronic music center .

Precisely that word, "freedom", appeared in the crown of flowers of the ardent chapel where friends and family fired chosicle, died last Sunday at age 80 due to a multiorgan failure.

The author of General History of Drugs, considered the great encyclopedia of the narcotics, leaves six children of three different couples: Cristina Álvarez de Lorenzana, Monica Balázar and Beatriz Salama. The latter was saying goodbye through the Twitter account of her with a photo of both and a message: "Rest in peace, my love. And flies well high".

School had another son, Román, diplomat and who died in 2010 at age 40 while he was destined in Seoul.

In addition to philosophy and drugs, chosette also cultivated the hobby for Real Madrid, which embodied in a recent book, the forging of glory (espasa).

Beyond the writer, the teacher or the thinker, if you want to know Antonio, the human being, you have to go to books like my private Ibiza (planet), where she realized the process that led to turn an old island payense house In the Summum of Modernity.

"By then," he remembered chophotphone on those pages, "we called friction and frictions -of freak, 'mutant- to the cane branch of the Hypster conglomerate, where there was always a failure between the goodness of vegan orientalists, followers of Indian gurus - Hippies - and the less edifying sector of the freaks, which preferred to feed the tribe with psychoactive substances, insumpese and libertarian practices. "

Something of that was in Ibiza at the end of the 60s and early 70s. But then there was a change. "The death of my holy mother, in 1975, gave me a money that I did not want to waste all over" I would evoke many years later. Together with Manuel Sanz de Heredia, he launched the investment: a premises for which one had to look for a name. "I moved something like a workshop of oblivion and he gave with the bright amnesia. The two were happy to live the chosen bohemia, and never doubt that a bar and a good music team, in the middle of the countryside, I would have public Surfer to staying without losses - Of course much better winning something - although with entry and cup for five hard (25 pesetas) the company either does not promise a lot. As good Social Democratic Snobs, both in voluntary leave, that promised to selectively expand the circle of our Relationships and it was all funny lights. "

In that first amnesia the pores were ralled and also the LSD. "The acids are invisible and those times were the heyday of the Window Pane", detailed SCOOTHOTO on another page of the book. "Those micropoints arrived in plates of a thousand, and we started by separating them with the tips of the fingers until they checked out on a standard journey-or something else- by simple osmosis, after which we started using operating room gloves. And so the Summer, with a small pest of benign venereal, a circle of multiplied friends and memorable days by good roll. "

In Ibiza, the circle of choculum practiced nudism, while thousands of hairy from all over Europe arrived, attracted by the legends of freedom that began to circulate. He also influenced the Mieper Movie, Pink Floyd, shot in its mountains and coves.

However, that good roll gave way to a massive industrialization of dance music as a result of the popularization of ecstasy at the end of the 80s, as far as the second summer of love is known. The Payesa house had been changed for a gigantic ship and a chosicle began to corrode the conscience.

"Taking the trivial to the reverse end," the libertine libertine reflected, "the music arising through a DJ introduced crescends and tinuends as the main novelty, in exchange for contracting a bondage with the well called Chunta-shunta. Being identical of the first Compass to the last, reassures in some way to the public - of the compatible with the combination of pastel and decibels - allowing him to move his forearm as if they were the feet and waist, which holds the last testimony of GUÍBILA in accordance with the massification " .

"Whoever looks for that last minute fragor," continues the text, "You can enjoy it with the Paris Hilton composer and either recognized analogs, paying 100 peacocks without consumption required at some Amnesia parties, where five or 6,000 people will shoot the flash From his cell phones When the end of the crescendo explodes accompanied by smoke and confetti cannons, lasers and violent fries of female and male Gogós. They support them vaults according to their crowd, and speakers capable of shaking our viscera as a twist. The event acquires dimensions Great if we add to the forearm dancers, the elites located in deprived of the mezzanine, and in the even more exclusive terraces, occupied by harenes and bodyguards of Russian, Saudi and Catari barrels, where they consume selected adds from Krug, Roederer and Dom Perignon " .

A few years before writing those lines, chosaote gave at the insistence of some friends: "I visited the announced as 'the best nightclub in the world', the director gave me the supreme luxury of smoking at discretion, flanked in a palco by two slight dancers of clothes, and someone came up with a mirror furrowed by lines with an alkaloid look. Thank you for the favor, I wondered to what extent it had helped consolidate something so infernal to me and so attractive for many more. "

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